Show and Tell: Christmas Craft Day

This past weekend we did our Christmas Craft Day. It was loads of fun. I love having such creative ladies in my life that make delicious munchies that we can eat while we enjoy each other’s company and make beautiful things.
Linda made the most adorable broaches. They are made out of felt and she had stitched them, stuffed them, and then glued on different embellishments. They’re so tiny I was a little doubtful when she said she was going to stuff them but I think the poof totally added to their charm.

She definitely gets awesomeness award for the day I am in love with her little creations. They turned out so so cute. I think we all left thinking we each had to make some.

I made word garland things. It took me all day and I think they are adorable but I think I was on crack because I was planning on decorating my house in a nutcracker/o holy night-esque motif. You know dark blues and reds and gold -elegant. But I got so excited to do the words that I totally didn’t realizes until they were up that they didn’t fit into my theme. Ummm duh they’re cutesy, maybe a little country and totally not the right color scheme. So I’m thinking I’m changing things to more of a Babes in Toyland/ Christmas Candy sort of thing. I think that theme will be easier anyways I was having a hard time at the craft and decor stores finding stuff to go with the original idea.

My sister made a bunch of Christmas cards to send to soldiers and she Jana and the girls also made some adorable christmas puppets (or poppets as T calls them)

My mom worked on little miniature soldiers and really neat gingerbread bags (another thing I should have remembered to take pictures of).

Heidi made ornaments for her Jesse Tree which is kind of a very religious advent calendar. I wish I had taken close up pics of her ornaments because they were really really cute. I can’t wait to see it altogether when she finish.

Yeah for craft days. I definitely will be doing more. It seems like it’s the best (ahem only) way  for me to get stuff done for myself.


  1. I want a tutorial on the garland :)

  2. I have the most hideous look on my face in that picture. Don’t let me do that again.

    And it’s a Jesse Tree. Joshua trees are found in the high desert. ;)

  3. meghan I’ll try and do that soon it’s pretty easy.

    heidi I thought it sounded wrong haha. yeah your face was kinda crazy but the other pictures didnt have the ornaments in them

  4. Love it! Thanks, Marissa! And I think we both look slightly alarmed, Heidi. lol!

  5. Hi! I gave you a blog award! Hope you claim your award @

  6. BTW these are all soo adorable.. but I especially love the “House elf” apron your neice is wearing!

  7. Love the garland

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