How to Make Your Own Iron-Ons

I know you guys enjoyed the shirt tutorial that Becky from Crafting Chicks‘ shared while I was on vacation. Well today I’m guest blogging over there. I’m sharing a tutorial on how to make your own Iron-On’s out of pretty much any fabric you want. And I’m giving away one of each of these new bunny baby gift sets (they are also in the shop if you want to buy one). To enter the giveaway and to check out the tutorial go here.

If you’re visiting from Crafting Chicks welcome. I hope you stay and peek around. If this is your first time here let me point you to a few of my favorite posts.

UPDATE: tutorial reposted below

What You’ll Need

  • Ultra Hold Heat Bond (you can find this in the notions section in packs or by the interfacing on the bold of your local fabric store)
  • Design or Pattern
  • Scraps of fabric
  • Something to put the iron-on onto (I’m using onesies today but totes, napkin, and other clothing would be great too the options are endless)
  • Iron

What to Do

First find or create a design to use. I like to google ideas and I use the word “shape”, “silhouette”, or “outline” since basic designs are the ones that work the best. You want something that you know what it is just from the outline. Then I trace or print the image onto thicker paper and cut it out (you can even use a cutting machine like a cricut or silhouette to do this).

Read the directions on the heat bond if you’ve never used it before. Cut out a piece of heat bond the size of your design.

Put your fabric scrap pretty side down then iron the head bond to the WRONG SIDE of your fabric. You’ll be ironing on the paper side of the heat bond. And trace your design onto the paper part of the the heat bond. Don’t do this if you’re tired, I’ve ummm ironed it on to the right side too many times late at night!
Next cut out your design. Peel off the paper and position it on your item.

Press the iron to the iron on and hold for a few sections. Lift and repeat shifting the position of the iron. It’s best not go go back and forth but rather to press lift and press.

This stuff holds really well and is washable so you can just be finished here or if you like top stitch for decoration add beads, ribbons, etc. for embellishments. These two designs are in my shop here I’d love to see what you make though so let me know if you use the tute.



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