Home: Writing Room

Most of you probably don’t realize this but I’m supposed to be finishing my dissertation (it’s in Philosophy). Yeah…I’ve found working on it to be pretty hard even though I have a thorough outline and much of the content worked out. I used to have a panic attack every time I thought about it and cry so I put it off. But after a combo of things I’ve decided that I am going to actually finish it. I feel good about it and not worried or scared. I’m just going to do it and then I can get on with my life.

I’ve decided to convert our guest/bedroom/junk room/front room that has never been decorated into my dissertation writing room for the next 6-12 months. For a while I thought about making this room a library/guest bed room and definitely with little Potter elements (I know I’m totally obsessed did you see my last post about Potterland?). But I’m super excited. It should be a fast makeover. The only thing that may take a second is painting the room. And then I’ll get to work.


  1. Fabulous idea! And then you’ll have a wonderfully decorated sitting room once your dissertation is done!

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