What’s for Dinner: Week 74

(white chili and garlic bread)
For those of you are new  to my blog I write these weekly plans to help me spend less (I kinda of love grocery shopping, yea I know I’m weird), to save time and to try and help us eat in more often. Also I love knowing what other people eat so I thought it would be fun to share. For a while I’ll be adding my plans for what greens. I’ll be eating since one of my resolutions is to build a habit of introducing more green veggies into our diet. Maybe some day it’ll be so normal for us that I won’t have to mention them any more.

We’ve been having soup multiple times a week. I haven’t minded at all and the musicmaker hasn’t complained any. We’re both a tiny bit sick. That bug that I got right after vacation isn’t totally gone. You know that feeling like you’re getting sick where you’re throat is borderline sore and borderline just itchy, well it’s been like that ever since I’ve been “better”. Ugg. And daniel’s been sniffling too, he finally broke down and took a claritin and I’ve been popping cold-eze. And soup is just so nice when you’re not feeling 100% you know? Let me know if you have any prize soup recipes I’d love to try some new ones.

Day Main Meal Goals (Veggies, Whole Grain, Fish)
Sunday Talapia with Lemon Cream Fetticine Grains and nuts: Sandwich, granola bars, ww pasta
Veggies: spinach, salad, cabbage
Fish: Talapia
Monday Zuppa Toscana
Tuesday Curry Panko Chicken Strips and Potato Spring rolls
Wednesday Pub Quiz
Thursday St. Patti’s Day Feast  (corned beef and cabbage and shepherd’s pie)
Friday Carnitas Tacos
Saturday Eat out

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