Show and Tell:Christmas Craft Day 2011 #2

There was a time when I first moved to Utah that I didn’t have any crafty friends, it wasn’t until I made some through a community sewing class that I realized how much I had missed that part of myself. My how things have changed. My crafty mom, sister and friend from college move out here and I keep making new crafty friends. Life is definitely better with crafty people in it :) Above are the felt ornaments my friend Linda made. You can see a tutorial for them here.
Here’s some of what the we made this week.  They never cease to impress me. It’s fun how there are so many projects out there that even though we are all on pinterest when we get together I feel like everyone’s got a new cool idea I haven’t seen yet. These are Leah’s awesome Joy stars . Here’s the tutorial she based things off of but she taped the cones and sprayed the whole thing with sparkles.

I made the nieces bustle skirts. I’m hoping to take some better pictures when I finish T’s and write up a tutorial for you guys. I think it turned out kinda of cute and the best part is that the top layer is separate so they can wear it just as red and white or I can make another topper for Valentine’s Day and Fourth of July!

Jacquie used this tutorial for making salt dough ornaments to document this cutie pie’s first Christmas with some footprints ornaments.

My mom made a cute muffin tin advent calendar. Here’s a tutorial similar to what she did.

Courtney made a easy car seat cover. All she did was sew two pieces of fabric together after rounding the corners. Inside out it. Top stitch and then after marking where the straps would attach to the car seat she sewed on ribbon for straps.

I also made a few of these quick and cheap Christmas centerpieces for our church Christmas party. I’m having so much fun with our weekly craft days and excited to keep up the the tradition in a monthly fashion in the new year. I love getting things done and getting to spend some quality time with some quality girls.


  1. Wow! What a bunch of crafty ladies all in one place!

  2. Hey I didn’t make the cut?! LOL. Just wait my pillow beds are AWESOME!

  3. I went to add them when I made the post but I didn’t have any pictures of your pillow beds finished :(

  4. I love the idea of the small scaled stars. I also like how the ends seemed to have been painted or burned. Not sure which, but I like the effect. Nice job!

  5. I love the book page ornaments. How fun to have crafty friends. There aren’t many in my area.

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