My Tip for Easy Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I’m sad to admit that my refrigerator is where strawberries go to die. It’s not that I dislike them, it’s just that I usually eat half the pack and then forget them or I don’t feel like them until it’s too late and they are already old and yucky.

this is how I always do chocolate covered strawberries!

Also I like to think that even if you totally cover fruit in chocolate it still counts as fruit. So I may have been dipping strawberries in chocolate (ahem a lot) lately. I have this little tip that I wanted to share about how I do it . . . Crisco.

If you zap chocolate chips with a tiny bit of Crisco it melts so easily and goes on the strawberries great!

I like to do a small handful of semi-sweet chips (but you can use whatever kind you want) I’ve done milk, white, dark you name it and about half a tsp of Crisco.

Then I nuke it for 40 seconds and stir stir stir. Usually that’s enough to melt all the chocolate but if not I’ll zap it a bit more 5-10 seconds at a time.

Make sure you wash and fully dry the strawberries you don’t want any water to get into the chocolate. And I like to have the berries nice and cold from the fridge because then when they get dipped the chocolate hardens a lot faster and you don’t need to stick them in the fridge.

Oh yum I think I need to make these every week!
Hands down the best trick to making perfect chocolate covered strawberries nice and fast

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  1. I am a sucker for anything with strawberries and chocolate! These look Ah-mazing!

  2. I have the same problem with strawberries in the refrig. Now I doubt they’ll ever get to the refrig. This is a great tip. Maybe I can use it this weekend when the grandkids are here. They’d love it!!

  3. My daughter would eat the entire batch! YUM!

  4. My son loves strawberries, so we rarely have any go bad. But we do love chocolate covered strawberries too. I had a hard time getting the chocolate to melt nicely last time we made chocolate covered strawberries, so I’ll try to remember this trick.

  5. Thanks for the great tip! I usually end up “saving” {read: watching them grow mold} my strawberries for something really delicious – but if they can turn out this good with just some chocolate chips and crisco – I’m in! I’s love for you to link this tip up at my new link party:

    Thanks- Sarah

  6. That’s a great tip!! I usually do eat my strawberries right up, but I do want to try this sometime with the Crisco.

    Thanks so much for sharing at Romance on a dime!

  7. You could also use coconut oil to thin the chocolate. It works just as well and is healthier!

  8. Perfect timing on this post. Strawberry season is upon us here in MI but I have never had much licj with chocolate covered strawberries. I would love it if you would share on my linky party – Tout It Tuesday.

  9. I waste so much fruit in the fridge, so these are great tips to save it. I love chocolate covered…well anything! Thanks for dropping by Your Cozy Home Party this week Marissa!

  10. these look divine, great tip. HUGS!

  11. You can’t beat a chocolate covered strawberry! They sound delciious!

  12. These are my favorite

  13. Thanks for the great tips. I often have trouble with my chocolate getting hard and clumpy when I melt it in the microwave. I’ll have to try the crisco. Can’t wait!

  14. What a great tip! It’s our spotlight of the week and is being featured today:

    Thanks so much for sharing :)

  15. lisda thanks for the feature! and redfly I think hard and clumpy is burnt chocolate so I’d try doing it for shorter increments and the crisco does help you get it melting faster so you’re less likely to burn it.

    hope that helps,

  16. After beating the boys back from eating them all, I then throw the leftovers in the freezer for smoothies or to make syrup for lemonade. This recipe looks great and easy.

  17. I always forget about my strawberries in the fridge too and they wind up going bad. :( Love the tips… I NEVER would have guessed Crisco. You’re being featured- the post should be up this afternoon. :)

  18. Thanks for linking up on Tuesday’s Tidbits with Naptime Delights! I’m going to feature this tip later today! Don’t forget to link up tomorrow!


  19. Who would have thought! Crisco! I’d love for you to follow me at

  20. Very Good. Loved every one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Very Good!!!!!!!!!! I loved all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. This made the perfect chocolate for dipping-yummy!!!!! I didn’t want to stop eating them!

  23. I know about the shortening tip but I am wondering if anyone has any tips on how to place the dipped berries on a parchment sheet or whatever to avoid the chocolate from adhering to the paper. if you dip the berries then place them on the sheet the side the berry was laying on always looks off…am i being too picky I have the same problem with dipping rod pretzels. I tried to use a home made holder for them but that didnt work.

  24. can i use manteca i dont have crisco.

  25. I tried this tonight for a lingerie shower I’m hosting tomorrow. The chocolate was the perfect consistency to dip. However, the chocolate wasn’t hardening. It would set enough to transfer them to a tray but when I tried one, the chocolate was soft. Fingers crossed the chocolate hardens in the fridge overnight!!

    • it doesn’t Harden immediately it needs to cool for it to Harden completely but it has always hardened for me after just a few minutes in the fridge or just a little while on the counter.

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