Dark Days: Meeting Veronica Roth and Dan Wells

The tour was put on by Harper Collins Teen to promote some of their new releases and they just happen to be some of my favorite books of the year and ahem favorite authors.

I may have gone all fangirl crazy on Veronica Roth but whatever hopefully she didn’t think I was too big of a dork. I may have worn my Tris shirt which she seemed to really like (woohoo). That’s her reaction to me showing her my shirt. If you want to see more pictures of the shirt or learn how to make your own see this post.

And I may also have made her a copy of that Insurgent necklace that I made for myself a while back. I’ve got a tutorial and more pictures of the actual necklace if you’re interested in making your own.

Veronica Roth (Divergent) – Dan Wells (Partials) – S.J. Kincaid (Insignia) – Aprilynne Pike (Wings)

The panel discussion was really interesting and fun. I think the best part was while talking about juggling romance in their stories Veronica and Aprilynne were both saying that they have fan voices telling them “it’s time for more kissing” and Dan piped in and said he hears those voices in real life and it’s always time for kissing since he has five kids. They were all really fun.

(lisa – jana – me – tanya – heidilindamark)

My friends and I had a total blast. Does it count as photo bombing if you tell everyone in the picture where to stand so you can place yourself perfectly at the last minute? ahem Mark. 

Insignia only came out the day before the tour stopped in SLC so I haven’t read that yet but I am so so excited to read it based on the synopsis and the discussion. And of course the Divergent books and Partials are some of my all time favorites and considering I am NOT a fairy fan at all I really enjoyed the Wings books (I’m still making my way through the series).

Oh and as a cool bonus I finally got to meet Emily who blogs over at Emily’s Reading Room and who has guest blogged over here in person. She was manning the video stuff and you can see a fun interview of the authors in her post here. Also for a chance to win the books from the tour check out Emily’s post here.


  1. sorry guys forgot the tutorial links, that’s fixed now :)

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I wish I could have been at that! You will LOVE Insignia. It is so good, especially if you like a little sci fi. It’s hilarious too, she does a really good job making witty banter come across the way it’s supposed to.
    You gave Veronica Roth an Insurgent necklace. Are you dying? I would be DYING.

  3. Yeah I know Sandi. The whole time before I was feeling like I was such a dork but my friends said just to embrace it and then I find out that Mark (who went through the signing line first) actually pointed back at us and told Veronica that to watch out for us because we’re crazy about her books ahhhh. And then I do all that. Yup. just call me a crazy fangirl.

  4. I love the Tris shirt and the necklace! I love when people love something so much they transfer their love onto a different medium :)

    I think I might make my own Divergent necklace after reading your tutorial :)

  5. Epic! That’s really an experience to remember. I’m sure VR was impressed, I love the T-shirt and necklace, am sure it’s the best compliment really :-)

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