50 Satisfying Snacks That Won’t Kill Your Diet

One of my big health downfalls is munching. My personality needs to snack but sometimes I go overboard in portion or the first thing I try isn’t satisfying so I end up having another snack to satisfy the original craving. So annoying I know. I made myself a list of snacks that are both appealing to me (i.e. will be enough) as well as are under 200 calories. If you’re a serious calorie counter always be sure to double check the nutritional info on the items you buy since the numbers can vary between brands. Here are some of my favorite healthy snacks (note some are only good options if you stick to the recommended serving size).

Healthy Snacks Under 100 Calories


  1. String Cheese (I recently discovered Trader Joe’s Fresh mozzarella Sticks…SO good)
  2. Baby Carrots 
  3.  Soft (or hard) Boiled Egg with salt
  4. Sugar Snap Peas (3/4 C is only 35 calories)
  5. Veggies with Yogurt dip (I use 0% greek yogurt to make yummy dips 15 carrots and 1 TBS dip is about 100 cal but other veggies like raw broccoli, cauliflower and snap peas are good too)
  6.  1/2 Cup Fat Free Cottage Cheese
  7. 14 large Cocktail Shrimp (or 8 large cocktail shrimp with 1 tbs sauce)


  1. 2-3 Clementines 
  2. 2 Chocolate Covered Strawberries small to medium
  3. 4 Hersey Kisses (I like Cherry Cordial ones)
  4. One See’s Truffle
  5. 1 Square Ghiradelli Chocolate (I love raspberry filled dark and peppermint bark)
  6. 1 Peach
  7. Nature Valley Granola Thins (love the dark chocolate PB ones)
  8. 1 half English Muffin with 1 TBS Peanut Butter
  9. 1 Cup Berries
  10. 1 Cup Grapes (fresh or frozen)
  11. Fat Free Pudding pack
  12. Sugar Free Jell-o

Healthy Snacks Between 100 to 200 Calories


  1. 1 oz Potato Chips (measure it out in a separate bag or buy single serving bags)
  2. 15 Pita Chips
  3. 25 Cheese-Its
  4. 17 pieces mixed nuts
  5. 1 slice of Cheese and 5 Slices Salami (one of my recent favs)
  6. Corn on the Cob with a pat of butter
  7. Veggie and hummus or white bean dip
  8. 1 slice of Cheese and 6 crackers
  9. 55 Goldfish
  10. 1 medium Baked Potato with 0% Greek Yogurt
  11. 1 1/2 Cup Edamame in Pods with sea salt
  12. 15 Tortilla Chips and 2 TBS salsa
  13. 3 Cups Popcorn (air popped) and 1 TBS butter
  14. 3 Beef Taquitos


  1.  1 Chocolate Cookie and cup of Milk (I keep a tub of tollhouse dough so I can cook one at a time)
  2. Apple with 1 TBS caramel dip
  3. Fruit or Green Smoothie here are my favorite green smoothie recipes
  4. 1 slice Angel Food Cake, 2 TBS fat free Cool Whip and 1/2 Cup Strawberries
  5. Apple and 1 Slice Cheese
  6. Banana (medium) and 1 slice cheese (sounds weird but it’s yummy)
  7. Apple Chips (check the portion of the brand you buy)

50 healthy and satisfying snacks that won't kill your diet

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  1. This is such a great list! I may have to print this off and put on my fridge, or keep as a grocery shopping list :)
    Thanks for putting it all together in one spot!

  2. I totally forgot about Pita Chips! Now I am dreaming about them. Yum. Great list!

  3. Excellent list!!

  4. Such a great list!!

  5. Good ideas! After four months living in Europe eating nothing but cake, I need to eat healthy again. I forgot how. I’m officially hooked on your blog now, added myself as a Google follower and, get this, I have a degree in philosophy too.

  6. thanks everyone

    tanya 4 months of eating cake in europe sounds fantastic! I’m excited to be blog friends!

  7. Love the diet snack tips! Thanks. New follower ;)

  8. This list looks awesome! I am definitely going to have to give a lot of them a try! I need good satisfying snacks!

  9. Hi I found your blog over on Hookin UP with HoH. Great post for the New Year :)

  10. What a great list. I have to say though, that I could easily eat way more than 3/4 cup of sugar snap peas, as could most of my family. At family gatherings, there is a lot of jockeying for position around the veggie tray when sugar snap peas are on it. So Delicious!

  11. I needed this this, I’m trying to lower my cholesterol and while I am eating quite a few things you’ve listed I was getting bored and now I have more options!

  12. Great list! I’m always looking for healthy snacks, especially ones I can easily take to work.

  13. Love this….very helpful!

  14. Great list. I’m going to pin it so I can go back and read it when I’m thinking of a healthy snack. I don’t know about you but I get bored with some of the healthy snacks I buy and need to change it up every once in a while.


  15. This is a great list and I need it. I am a new follower! I found your link on Flamingo Toes. I would love for you to link up to my weekly linky party Fluster Muster on Wednesday’s @ http://www.FlusterBuster.com.

  16. I’ve been snacking like crazy lately! Thanks for this list of healthier snacks!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality!

  17. Yes yes yes and yes. I need good ideas for snacks. This is awesome.

  18. A timely post Marissa. That’s my biggest problem too, picking during the day AND night. Great ideas. I’m featuring this post at tomorrow’s party. Thanks for linking up.

    Anne xx

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