Tip: How to Make Custom Color Fabric Paint

I have a crazy love for Tulip’s soft fabric paint. I use it All.The.Time for fun fan shirts with my freezer paper stenciling. It’s really great stuff. They have many fun colors but like so many other craft supplies I couldn’t find it in gray. I have an unhealthy obsession with the color grey and unfortunately it’s pretty hard to find craft stuff in gray. I searched for YEARS for a good gray fabric and finally Riley Blake came to the rescue but I digress. You know what they say about necessity and invention and all that. Well I figured out how to make gray paint.

It seems like a no brainer but seriously I visited and called around to tons of stores in search of gray until I thought about mixing it so I figured some of you might appreciate the tip.

It is SO easy to do! And I can see this being a wonderful solution when I’m trying to match colors or use some funky non-traditional color. Just mix your own shade. Yup it’s that easy. And since I use gray so often I even started filling bottles with both shades and turning it up and down until the colors were mixed.

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  1. How does fabric paint hold up after many washings?

  2. it holds up really well!

  3. This is great. Maybe my daughter and I should do this for her artful skirt!

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  4. Great tip!!

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