About Me Party: I Love…SLC Eats & A Love Story

It’s time again for an About Me party. This month we are sharing things/people we love. I love a lot of things books, my naughty nieces, my cute hubby, but some thing I haven’t posted much about is my love for eating out. When you work at home all day as the musicmaker and I do it’s really nice to go out at the end of the day. Plus it means one more day that I don’t have to deal with the dishes.

So today I want to share with you some of my favorite Salt Lake City eateries. But I share these not only as recommendations I share them because they’ve been places where I’ve made some wonderful memories with Daniel and friends. It may sound cheesey but they are almost a part of us. If you find yourself here in my neck of the woods, not only should you let me know I’d totally love to meet up if I can swing it, but you should definitely check out some of these tasty places.

Red Iguana – We go a few times a week. They catered our wedding rehearsal dinner. We love it here so much. They have top quality delicious, crazy flavorful food and top notch service. They pride themselves on both and do not disappoint. Their specialty is mole (kind of like Mexican curry). The first time you go tell them you are new and ask for the mole sampler (it’s free) that way you can see what the different moles taste like. Our favorites are the enchiladas suizas, enchildas amarrillas, and puntas de filet. A few times they had fresh trout with mango mole and it was ah-mazing! The portions are generous we usually order one plate and a side of refried beans to eat as an appetizer with the complimentary chips and salsa and we are stuff (Daniel and I eat more that most people we’ve ever dined with just for a reference). Our bill is usually around 20$ including a tip. They are always busy if you go during dinner especially on a weekend plan on a wait. We usually go later after the normal rush and we get in quickly.

Bombay House – If you like East Indian food you should definitely go to the Bombay House. We have only been to their SLC location there are 2 others. Everything we’ve had has been so so good. When I lived in Thailand there was an Indian area and the food tastes just like it did in the restaurants there. This is the place that my girlfriends and I go when we hang out but Daniel has a new obsession with Indian food so I’ve happily eaten here a lot. We usually order the assorted snacks appetizer, the Malai Kofta (my all time personal favorite, it’s vegetarian and I usually MUST have meat but this is SO good) and either briyani chicken or a coconut korma but I’ve also had their saag paneer and it’s really good. Vegetarian and vegan options. We leave with leftovers. Our bill (for two of us) is usually around 40$ including a tip.

The Pie Pizzeria – I used to live walking distance from the downtown location. When Daniel and I dated we he’d come by and we’d often walk there late at night to have slices that they sell during lunch and after 10 pm. We’ve made friends with staff some who remain and some who move on and there was a time when they’d start filling a diet coke when they saw me walk in. Out of all the restaurants I feel like this one played a role in our love story (I know cooties). If you know people from the area The Pie is kinda famous. Giant pizzas, obscene amounts of cheese and toppings. So yummy if you’re up for grease. This is a destination that people who move away make a point to visit when they are in town, plus it’s fun. We usually get the cheese pull-a-parts with a side of blue cheese for dipping (it already comes with ranch and maranara) or a 12 inch pizza our favorites are the Chicken Ranch, the Buffalo Chicken Ranch, or we just get it topped with Itallian Meatbals. I also really like the Wise Guy Calzone. And I get it all with a side of blue cheese because I love their blue cheese. We get out of there for about 15$ or less. Plus they are open late.

MacCool’s Public House – Super tasty Irish food. They have half price appetizers on Tuedays and their apps are really good we really like the finn skins (kind of potato nachos), calamari, mussels, BBQ wings and lamb quesadillas. We usually get 3 and are full. Their lamb ribs are to die for but they aren’t included in the discount. If you are there during breakfast I definitely recommend the Plough man’s breakfast, huge yummy and sharable. And if you’re not their on a Tuesday my favorite is the Buffalo Shepard’s pie. So yummy. We spend about 20$ to 35$.

Little World – A great dive-y Chinese restaurant. Their Assorted Meats, Seafood, and Vegetables is a favorite and plenty to stuff two people. They have the absolute BEST wontons I’ve EVER had in my life. I like it in the wonton noodle soup (with duck if they haven’t run out). We also really like their hot and sour soup and their shrimp balls. They have the American chinese-y stuff like general Tso’s too if you have pickier companions, everything I’ve tasted has been yummy. Depending on how piggy we’re feeling we usually spend 25$ or less.

Bambara – Finally if you feel like a little splurge or something fancier we love Bambara in the hotel Monaco. The food is fresh and always delicious. If you sit in the right spot you can even watch them prepare it. It reminds me of all the yummy food I see on Hell’s Kitchen but without the drama. We usually split a main dish and an appetizer. They serve complimentary breads with this yummy hummus spread (I’m a tad obsessed with the foccacia with the hummus combo). Everything we’ve had has been great. We probably spend 50$ to 60$ .

And a bonus we’ve only been there once but we fell in love with Communal in Provo, Utah it’s got all the awesomeness of Bambara but their yummy bread isn’t served with hummus. They suggest you order a starter, a protein, and a side which we did and we paid 60$ and I think we got the most expensive things in 2 if not all 3 categories.

This post got SUPER long so I decided that I really needed to break it into two parts. I’ll be sharing some of our favorite dives in the next few weeks.

Okay now it’s your turn let’s see your Love… posts. They can be new post or anything you think fits under this topic! I know I went kinda crazy on mine but you can do something short, long, a list, just a picture, no picture, anything.
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