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I’m here as Reboot’s official Dark Days blogger to share more Reboot goodness. After reading and really liking the advanced copy of Reboot I received I was SO excited to have the opportunity to interview debut author, Amy Tintera! In case you were wondering, Reboot is one those books full of action and fighting (you know how I like fighting), great characters in a curious science-y environment, and just enough romance to satisfy my gushiness.

See what Amy has to say and enter to win a copy of her forthcoming book Reboot below.

Q: What has been your favorite moment as an author so far?
I think my favorite moment was at the ALA Midwinter conference in Seattle. I didn’t have any official signings, but several people sought me out to have me sign their ARCs of REBOOT. It was my first time toever sign a book, and it was such a wonderful feeling to have people so excited about it.
Q: How would you describe Reboot in 10 words or less.
Action-packed adventure about what it means to be human.
Q: If you had to pick a couple fictional characters from another YA book or series to have a play date with Wren and Callum who would you pick and why?

I would pick June and Day from LEGEND. Partly because LEGEND is one of my all-time favorite books, and partly because I think they wouldreally get along with Wren and Callum. Well, Wren and June might just stare at each other, but Callum and Day would get along.
Q: You seem like you’re a big fan of Thin Mints do you have any snacks or foods you like to eat while writing? (see evidence here)

Ha! I am a big fan of Thin Mints (are there people out there who aren’t?!?!). If I’m trying to be healthy, I eat fruit and drink a lot of tea while writing. But sometimes I have Diet Dr. Pepper and Whole Foods sugar cookies instead. And occasionally some Cheetos.
Q: Do you have any news about the Reboot movie that you can share?
A screenwriter is working on the script now. I’m so excited they already have someone writing it, and I can’t wait to read it!
Q: What’s the last YA book you’ve read that you’ve really enjoyed?

I have to list two, because I just read two books that I absolutely loved. GATED by Amy Christine Parker (August 2013), which is a contemporary thriller about a girl who lives in an isolated cult-like community. It was romantic and creepy and so compelling.

And BELLE EPOQUE by Elizabeth Ross (June 2013). I don’t usually read YA historical novels, but this one was AMAZING. It’s about a girl who is hired as an ugly companion to make other girls look prettier, and it was such a beautiful, intriguing book.
Q: What is one of your favorite non-spoiler-y lines from Reboot?
One of the very first lines that came to me when I started REBOOT has been in the novel from first draft to finished book. It’s at the beginning, when Wren is describing Reboots, and I’ve always loved it:

“It was like pretty with a hint of deranged.”
Q: What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
I like to read (of course!). My favorites are young adult and romance novels. I also love good TV, like SCANDAL, DEXTER, DOCTOR WHO, and GAME OF THRONES (among others). And I go to book events often! Los Angeles has a wonderful community of writers, and going to events to hang out with everyone is a blast.
Q: What are you most looking forward to with the Dark Days tour?
I’m looking forward to hearing directly from readers. I spend a lot of time on Twitter, Tumblr, etc, but it’s so much more rewarding to talk to people in person. Book people are my people, so I love talking to them.

And I’m also looking forward to meeting Kiera, Aprilynne, and Liz. I really enjoy talking to other authors, especially those with more experience than me, because they usually have excellent advice and insight.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like people to know about you or Reboot?

I always want people to know that REBOOT blends a lot of action with a healthy dose of romance. So if you like some kissing with your chase scenes, REBOOT might be for you!

Thanks so much Amy! Reboot comes out May 7th or pre-order it now. Enter to win a copy in the rafflecopter widget below (if you don’t see it try refreshing the page).

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