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So I was wondering if you guys would be willing to help me with this little puzzle ;) So yes I’ve been siting on some humungous news. I’m very happy to announce that I am pregnant. Many of you know that this has been a long journey for us and you were all so so sweet when I shared our struggle with infertility I don’t even think you can understand how the comments and emails touched me. Seriously they were beyond wonderful.

You can probably guess with my history and my admitted worrier-ness that I’ve been an anxious ball of nerves. I told a few people but always with the clause of I’d love you to pray but I’m not ready to be excited or talk about it yet. I know I’m lame like that but it’s all I could handle. But I’m very happy to say I am ready to be excited now!

With every appointment a little ounce of my tension would ease. Every time they pulled out that freaking Doppler I’d get so anxious. And then when I finally had a second trimester appointment and that wee little heartbeat was still going strong. I totally started crying. The nurse was worried and then I told her “I just haven’t let myself believe it was real yet”. But even then I was nervous. We’ve had a couple of appointments since and I’ve even felt a little movement so I figure it’s about time that I accept the good news AND share it! Or course things could still happen (see told you worrier) but we’ll just have to deal with them if they do.

Cute and creative pregnancy baby announcement - Rae Gun Ramblings

We finally told the nieces yesterday and they were so so stinking cute. I had T (6 yrs) read the pregnancy announcement. And then they kinda looked at each other a little confused so we asked some leading questions until they got it. And they were so happy and excited. L looked down my shirt and I told her the baby was under my skin haha and then she wouldn’t stop kissing my tummy. We haven’t shared any of the hard stuff with them and I wanted to wait until we were “in the clear” to share this news but it was so so fun.

I assume you might have some questions, if I left any out please ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer if I can. Again I told you I’m kinda new to the whole talking about this and being excited so I don’t really know what you’d like to know so give me some questions :)

  • Due Date: March 1st which puts me at about 19 weeks
  • Morning Sickness: Just general nausea and aversion to most foods. I feel like I’ve been living on juice, string cheese, and clementines. It’s let up a little but most stuff still doesn’t sound good.
  • Will we find out the gender: Yup, I’m a planner. We’re hoping to do a little reveal in a few weeks
  • Names: No idea seriously pray for us we have completely completely different tastes in names
  • Other: I can’t really drink water. Yeah it’s REALLY annoying. In my first trimester just a little bit of water would make me feel like throwing up instantly. Now if it’s super super cold I can have a little. But if I drink a whole glass I’ll start feeling nauseous. Also BBQ sauce sounds totally disgusting to me.

So there is my happy news. Thank you for being a part of my life. For reals, I mean it. When I found out I was pregnant it was just as important for me to figure out how and when to tell you my blog family and friends as my IRL community. You really have been with me through a lot including some rough stuff so I’m glad to be sharing this happy stuff. Of course it’s bittersweet since I know so many friends who are in the same boat I was in last year. Just in the time that I’ve been pregnant I’ve had three friends with pregnancy complications, two miscarriages, and many still trying to figure out what is next in their own attempts whether that be with doctors or waiting on adoption news. I hope you can be happy with me but continue to pray for happy news and peace for those who are waiting for it too.

Fun baby pregnancy announcement idea - Rae Gun Ramblings

Now you can go back and check out my last few posts where I showed myself (like my sew our stash) and you’ll totally see my tummy. When I went to write up that post I was so annoyed since those pics that made the post were seriously the ONLY pictures where my tummy wasn’t totally popping out or my face wasn’t like a crazy person. But now I can happily sew for myself (and the baby!) and show the results and what’s hiding underneath :)

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  1. Eeeek, so glad it’s “public” now. Prayers continue but now it’s time to celebrate!!

  2. Dawn Ritchie says:

    Congratulations!!! I kept wondering if you were having any luck after your super intimate post. So glad to hear things are going well. :)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! How exciting! So, what are you going to sew first? ;-) -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. Aww :) Congratulations!!

  5. Congratulations! I am sooo happy for you!

  6. OMG – Marissa, I’m SO excited for you!! I remember reading your post on your fertility struggles and it honestly makes me tear up to hear this news :) You are going to be such an awesome mom!

  7. Hey, Girl! Long time follower, rarely comment, but was aware of your trials. Could I be any happier?? I think not! Huge congrats! Dona

  8. My bestie is getting a baby!!!! I’m so excited to share the news! You are super cute and we are of course thrilled. Love you and that little bump too!

  9. Congratulations Marissa! This is such amazing news! Made my morning! Very excited for you and your husband.

  10. I am so excited it is public now so we can celebrate! I can’t wait for this little one!

  11. This is so freaking cute! :D I’m so happy for you both! Congratulations. I hope you give the baby a cute name LOL!

    • thanks! I hope we can figure out a good name too. Seriously in all our years of knowing each other and talking about names for fun we really haven’t agreed eep

  12. This is awesome new I am so excited for you!

  13. Yay!!! I’m so so happy for you you Marisa, words can’t say!! Congrats!

  14. Oh, Marissa! I’m so thrilled for you. I love that this announcement comes on Moose’s birthday. Such a gift.

    Wishing you a happy pregnancy,

  15. Omg!!! Congratulations girl!!! I’m so excited for you :)!! It was wonderful seeing you at my work the other day! -even though I looked like a weirdo that ran to hug you… Lol

    Praying for that awesome baby inside of you :)!!!

  16. Mrs Jeannette says:

    Totally got teary-eyed reading this! God is good all the time! Stacey is about 1 month ahead of you. Can not wait to see all your creations for the bump!

  17. I had a vague inkling a couple weeks ago and had hopes for you! Many many congrats!

  18. Best post ever. :)

  19. Congrats!! Your baby will have the cutest outfits!!!

  20. YAY!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know that has been a struggle for you guys and I’m so glad that you pregnant. I would jump up and down for you if the computer wasn’t on my lap :). Seriously, so excited for you! How are you feeling?

    • Aww thanks! I’m feeling mostly good. I was SO crazy tired early but luckily that has passed. I really wouldn’t have been able to handle my Halloween rush. Thanks for asking :)

  21. How did I miss this?!?! I’m feeling quite non-observant. Congratulations!!!

  22. Congratulations Marissa and Daddy! God is good! So happy for you!
    (More) Blessings!
    Linda at The French Hens Nest

  23. Congratulations!!!

  24. Yea! Yea!!! Congrats Mama! Sounds like I am just about 2 weeks ahead of ya :) you should be finding out soon what you are having! Can’t wait to hear!

  25. aww Marissa, I am so happy for you. I am sorry you had to deal with the infertility in the first place, and pray this baby will continue to grow strong and happy and healthy. Sending love your way!

  26. Congrats!! You’ll be the best mom!

  27. Aaah happy news! Bring on the baby sewing and congratulations!

  28. Nikki Stanchfield says:

    SOOO excited for you guys, we thought so at the wedding, but didn’t want to jinx anything (I’m a worrier and planner too :) ) Can’t wait to see the baby progression!! xoxo

  29. I’m so happy for you! I also experienced pregnancy losses and just welcomed our son two weeks ago. The anxiety during pregnancy does lessen, I promise. Try to enjoy it, and I can’t wait to hear more pregnancy/baby news from you in the future.

  30. I am so excited and beyond thrilled for you!

  31. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Such super-fabulous news!

  32. Congratulations!!! Kids are so much fun. I wish you the best of luck throughout your pregnancy. :)

  33. THRILLED for you. SO many prayers coming at you! So so so so so so happy! Yay!

  34. So so very happy for you and Daniel, I know the family is excited! Keeping you in our prayers!

  35. Marrisa! I’m crying! I’M CRYING!!! I’m so happy for you. I know you’ve fought really hard for this and it makes my heart fill with joy.
    Also I’m excited for that kid! It’s going to have so many awesome books and things in its life :)

  36. Congratulations! That is wonderful news!

  37. Congrats! That is very exciting news :)

    Funny about the water. I was the same way with each of my pregnancies.

    • I know the water thing is a thing! People think I’m crazy. For how many people think I mean I just don’t like water, umm no it makes me feel like throwing up haha. Boo to you having the same annoyingness but yeah for the justification. :)

  38. I’m so happy for you!!!

  39. Oh, I’m so happy for you!!! I haven’t followed your blog long enough to realize your infertility struggles. My husband and I were married 8 1/2 years and had adopted 2 kids by the time we were finally able to get pregnant with our third (first child born to us). Then we got pregnant with #4 (#2 born to us in just a couple months.) Now when I’m running around chasing all my kiddos trying to get dinner made and homework and violin lessons, etc…it’s hard to remember those childless days that were so hard. I will say this though…now in hindsight I’m grateful for all that time my husband and I got together. So so SO happy for you!!

    • I don’t think people realize how common infertility is! thanks so much for your happy wishes :) I will definitely have to make some of your Potter-iffic wearables for this little one!

  40. Congrats Lil Mama! You look adorable! Fun times ahead!!

  41. WooHOO!! I’m so excited for you, Marissa! This week I’ve learned now about 2 families who’d been dealing with infertility who just found out that they were pregant. What a HUGE blessing.

  42. CONGRATS! I am so grilled for you. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to lots of baby posts!!

  43. Congrats!! That is wonderful news. I will keep you in my prayers as I know being concerned about the baby is there and you can never underestamate the power of prayer. Can’t wait to see all the cute things you make.

  44. Congratulations! Try flavoring your water. It is so so so important for you and the baby to stay hydrated. I like mio lemonade or orange Kool-aid drops. If you want something more natural slice up some oranges and/or lemons and let it sit in thr water in the fridge.

  45. So extremely excited for you! And so impressed with how thoughtful and mindful you are in your post of those currently going through struggles. As someone who’s gone through some hard stuff, my heart is always tender for those people. And tender towards others who finally get to have their happy news! Like you! Yay for babies! Can’t wait to see what you make for little baby!

  46. Seriously, that is the BEST news in the world!! So excited for you guys…I’ve totally been there and it is the most nerve racking thing going. So SO SOO excited for you!!!

  47. Congratulations! That’s lovely, lovely, wonderful news :)

  48. I hate to say it, but I thought so. Something is always up when you eat cookies for breakfast and I thought I saw a little bump hiding out. Congratulations! We’ll be keeping you in our prayers!

  49. Congrats Marissa!!!! I am so excited for you! Mommyhood is the best!!! You will be such a fun mom and I look forward to all the fun outfits and things you whip up for baby!!!

  50. CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is fantastic news! I’m so excited for you!

  51. I am BEYOND excited and happy for you & your hubby! Congrats!

  52. jessi james says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! :D i’m VERY happy for you all and wish you the best!! <3

  53. LTP, but I am so very happy for you!!!! I just saw your instagram pic you tweeted and you look great! :)

  54. CONGRATULATIONS!! How exciting!!

  55. Heather Nash says:

    I have been a silent follower and supporter for a long time – but I can not help but congratulate you guys! I am a firm believer in prayer and will put you on my prayer list!

  56. Congrats on your little blessing! I am praying for all things positive and happy for you and your little one.


  58. Your post brought me to tears. i am very happy for you and your husband. I want to give you the traditional blessing: Beshaah Tovah!


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