Sew Our Stash: Single Pleat Maternity Dresses

Single Pleat Maternity Dress-002s

I hope you all had a great Christmas! We had a good time with family and yummy food. I’m excited that the nieces are off school for a bit. As I mentioned I kinda hate them being in school all day. We’re thinking of attempting our first slumber party over the break. My bet is that they won’t make it through the night ;)

But today I’m excited to share what I sewed up for myself this month for Sew Our Stash that I do with Bev from Flamingo Toes!

Sew Our Stash challenge hosted by Rae Gun Ramblings and Flamingo Toes

I love our little series that we do the last Thursday of every month. Before we started this I’d always stare at my fabric hoard and patterns and pins and think I should really sew myself but this Sew Our Stash has actually gotten me to do it. If you’ve been thinking the same thing I encourage you to add “sew for myself” to your new years resolutions. Seriously I’m SO happy that we do it! And remember that if you share pictures, process or finished products be sure to tag them with #sewourstash.

Cute maternity dress - Rae Gun Ramblings

This wood grain dress is my Christmas dress for this year. I have had an idea for a single pleat maternity dress for ages. In fact before I even got knocked up. When Susan of Freshly Picked had her Glam Lumberjack party and I couldn’t find a decent plaid sure I figured lumberjacks need wood to chop too. So I made this.

Pleat for baby bump maternity dress at Rae Gun Ramblings

I’ve been wearing it with my Tartan Infinity Scarf that I shared the tutorial for last week and I love the combo. I am hoping it will still look fine without a bump but we’ll see.

Simple pleat maternity dress at Rae Gun Ramblings

In my typical fashion I couldn’t just make one of these dresses and after I made the wood grain one I wanted to fix a few fit issues. So for the whale version the back fits a lot better (the wood one is really bunchy where the skirt meets the bodice, I should fix it but meh I don’t feel like it yet). Also I decided I wanted the even more of an A-line so the bottom of the skirt is wider and I think works a bit better. And yes you might recognize the fabric from the niece’s Easter dresses :)

single pleat dress collage  at Rae GUn Ramblings

They are super comfy and easy to wear thankfully since even my maternity jeans have been bugging me these days. Also I did the back with some elastic  so it can accommodate more stretch and I’m hoping look reasonable after Toasty arrives. I kind of showed how to do this in T’s Fancy Nancy dress tutorial.

DIY Single Pleat Maternity Dress - Rae Gun Ramblings

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. I took process pictures so if any of you are interested in a tutorial let me know. I think this would be a cute style on non-pregos too.

And be sure to visit Bev at Flamingo Toes I know she has a fun Sew Our Stash today! I hope you’ll consider joining us in sewing more for yourself in 2014 you can see our progress before each post at our instagram accounts, Bev’s and Mine and others doing the same at #sewourstash.

Let’s connect! You can also find me hanging out here.


  1. I love both dresses! I’m curious how they will fit post bump. I don’t know if it’s boobs or a short waist that mess me up, but some empire waist styles make me look pregnant. I have a couple that minimize me too. I think it depends on what’s happening at the natural waist, and every dress is different. (You are adorable pregnant btw, the bump just isn’t cute on me since my kid is 8. Lol!)

    My sewing resolutions include sewing for me and learning more sewing techniques. Specifically zip flys for jeans. The problem is I get scared off when I fail, and my last women’s dress attempt was sad. My last two zipper fly attempts both ended up with buttons.

    Have fun with the nieces!

    • I’m curious too. I’ll definitely report back. It’s a dress style/pattern from pre-bump so I’m hoping that will help but then again I DEFINITELY have gained more than just bump weight so I think it’ll be okay if they don’t fit ;) And learning more sewing techniques is on my list too. I tend to stick with stuff I am confident with and then make a bunch ahem like this post demonstrates haha. But I want to force myself to get better!

  2. You look adorable!! I love what you make.

  3. ‘Super cute! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. I’d love a tutorial for this dress! It looks like a ‘forgiving’ pattern that could possibly be made for a pregnant friend as a gift. Also curious about post baby fit- I’ve found that the shorter bodice on a lot of my maternity dresses didn’t carry over to after-bump… that and everything now has to work for easy nursing access. (hint, hint, hoping for some future pieces by you with that in mind!)

  5. SO cute!!! You are so talented!!

  6. Cute dresses! You look really great too.

  7. You’re adorable!

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