Fried Sand Dollar Recipe and Red White and Blue Round Up

Fried "Sand Dollars" Yummy donut like treat that's super easy to make - Rae Gun Ramblings

I’ve been craving donuts for a while and then bam national Donut hits and my Instagram feed gets flooded by images of delicious donuts. I was dying because you see after a bunch of phone calls and label reading I’ve learned that most donuts are made with dairy. Boo since I’m still off the delicious cow dairy for the sake of the baby. But since I’m not one to deny a fried food craving I decided to make a lazy girl version of a dairy-free donut. Voila enter the Friend Sand Dollar.

Easy to make at home donut like treat. Vegan - Rae Gun Ramblings

Fried Sand Dollar because it kind of looks like a sand dollar covered in sand. So smart right?

Cheater donuts. Easy to make just one or a whole batch. Recipe at Rae Gun Ramblings

Well It was SO easy and definitely hit the spot for my donut craving self.

Yummy friend dough. Perfect for satisfying donut cravings at home. Rae Gun Ramblings

To make your own simply find your self some frozen rolls dough. I used froze Rhode’s rolls (love that stuff). Just allow the dough to thaw, roll it out thin. Cut a little cross in the middle. Fry up and then douse with cinnamon sugar. Serve with yummy berries and your good to go.

Ny new favorite alternative to donuts. Recipe at Rae Gun Ramblings

Easy right? And as a perk these are vegan and you can make 1 or 1000. You don’t need to make a crazy batch if you just one one!

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I’m sharing this recipe today as a part of a giant Red, White and Blue recipe and project round up. See what my fellow bloggers are sharing today! !

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  1. This looks amazing! I want to eat it now! Pinning!

  2. Yummy and totally cute!!

  3. Great idea and the name “Fried Sand Dollar” is perfect!!!

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