Great Gift Ideas for Harry Potter Fans!

Fabulous Harry Potter Gift Ideas for your favorite wizard and book lover.

It’s finally here, my favorite 2 weeks of blogging in the whole year! Today I’m kicking off my annual Happy Harry Potter series. I am SOOOO excited to share with you tons of amazing Harry Potter related craft tutorials, party ideas, recipes, book reviews, giveaways, and more. This year we have over 40 fabulous bloggers and sponsors joining us. I’ve been getting teaser pictures in from the bloggers and let me tell you this year is going to be the best yet!

Every day from now until July 31st, Harry Potter’s birthday, I will be sharing a Harry Potter themed post in the morning and then in the afternoon I’ll be back with a round up of the day’s posts from all the other bloggers. We’ve got 4-7 posts a day friends eep I can’t wait. To start things off let me introduce our sponsors. Make sure to check back in later today though to see what the first round of posts were, I promise you they are all amazing.

PLEASE NOTE: the giveaway is now closed

Appraising Pages bookish box. Awesome reader subscription box. Fun gift idea for book lovers

The first sponsor is Appraising Pages. They are giving one lucky winner their September Bookish Box. The Bookish box is a mail subscription for book lovers. Every month subscribers get a shirt by Appraising Pages Shop in the size of your choice and 3-5 feminine home, beauty, and fashion items with bookish themes. I just signed up for my own subscription yesterday eeeep I can’t wait to get my first box. In addition to the fun subscription box Appraising Pages also had tons of awesome shirts, jewelry and other things great for readers and non-readers a like. I have this Harry Potter ring and I absolutely adore it.
Harry Potter I solemnly swear I am up to no good necklace from booksphere
The next sponsor, Book Sphere makes absolutely gorgeous book inspired jewelry. Special for us she designed a fun Harry Potter themed piece. Our winner will get the I Solemnly Swear That I am Up to No Good necklace. See some of my other favorite pieces above.
Super cute stacking marauder's map harry potter stacking mugs
A Bird in the Hand Crafts makes really cool hand painted mugs. You are sure to love the wit and humor that go into some of these. For the giveaway she is offering a set of her very popular Marauder’s Map Stacking Mugs. I personally have this Veronica Mars Harry Potter mug and I LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOVE it. So so fun!
This tiny the fault in our stars book necklace is SO cute. Great gift idea
When I saw Tiny Book Town‘s amazing jewelry I went gaga. They are little tiny wearable books like this super cute The Fault In Our Stars necklace. All the heart eyes. The giveaway winner will receive a 25$ shop credit for in stock items which will easily cover 2 pieces.
harry potter deathly hallows and wand necklace
Regular blog readers know my pal Polly, she’s a cohost of the Block Party and has participated in all my Harry Potter series! She’s offering a bunch of goodies today. A Deathly Hallows Necklace (seriously I want this necklace too cute), a Personalized Hogwarts Acceptance Letter (she sent Teddy one last year and I just adore it), and a Golden Snitch Ornament which can be made with any house colors. Make sure to check out her store since she’s got all kinds of Potter awesomeness.
Super cute hermione costume. Gryffindor student inspired baby outfit.
I’m giving a 40$ credit to my Rae Gun Etsy shop. You can get whatever you like but my top sellers are my baby harry potter costumes and I have a bunch of different versions. But if it were me and I was getting something for myself or my favorite HP loving grown up the House Elf Apron or the Hogwart’s House Tie Necklace are really fun! I do have non-potter stuff too which is fair game, whatever you want from my shop (except custom orders).
amazon gift card 20
And since I want to make sure you’re reading to your hearts content I’m also giving away a 20$ gift card. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite books for Harry Potter fans later in the series but I thought we needed some book money!
Owl Crate. perfect gift idea for book lovers.
And finally I am so excited to have  Owl Crate on board for the giveaway. They are giving one of their August Owl Crates. Owl Crate is another fun subscription box geared at readers. The picture above is one of their past crates. I have had a subscription for a few months now and I look forward to my adorable box arriving every month. They sell out fast so you want to buy it when they go on sale or put yourself on the wait list. The august month theme is all about Mystery. I’m so excited to see what goodies are in the box! (GIVEAWAY is now CLOSED)

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  1. Amy :o) says:

    My favorite thing about HP? Honestly, I am a HUGE Harry Potter Fanatic and I LOVE ALL things HP. I truly enjoyed the way Rowling was able to create this whole new world that people of all ages could enjoy and experience and hopefully will experience for generations to come. As for my most hated character, I would have to say Deloris Umbridge.

    Thanks for doing this whole series and the HP giveaway!

  2. I love the character of Professor Minerva McGonagall, I love it!

  3. Minerva McGonagall is my spirit animal. :-)

  4. Mandy R says:

    My favorite character is Dobby the House Elf. He was so loyal and had such good intentions.

  5. (One) of my favorite things about Harry Potter is that I grew up with the series. I got the first book when I was 11 years old and experienced everything right along with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Those books got me through a lot growing up and I know I can always count on them to make me smile and pull on my heart strings at the same time. Harry Potter forever! <3

  6. Danielle says:

    I heart all the Weasley’s!

  7. Luna Lovegood was a great character. Luna teaches the reader to not pay attention to what people are saying and to be true to herself.

  8. My most hated character? Umbridge. Easy. Peter Pettigrew is a close second.

  9. Sara Henning says:

    My favorite thing about Harry Potter is the relationship between the main characters and also Harry and Molly, I like that after years of having no motherly love he finally gets to feel what it is like to have a parent.

  10. Louise Bach Jensen says:

    Luna or Dobby ;-)

  11. Annie lincoln says:

    Harry Potter is my not so secret love. i don,t have much to show for it and this giveaway would be a great beginning to my collection

  12. My favorite thing about Harry Potter is that, like many other people, I got to grow up with it. I read the first book when I was twelve and instantly loved it. Fifteen years later I still have such a strong emotional connection to all things Harry Potter!

  13. I love Harry Potter! My favorite character is Severus Snape. He’s probably the most complicated character in the series!

  14. Nicole H says:

    Love the magical world that Harry Potter brings to life! My favorite character is Dobby and I cried so hard when he died! My most hated character was definitely Umbridge. Every time she came up, I just wanted to shake some sense into her!

  15. I love how the food just appears on the tables in the dining hall. Even though I know it’s cooked in the kitchens below, it’s still cool. :D

  16. Jesse Morris says:

    Thanks so much for the give away.

  17. I love pretty much everything about Harry Potter since it was basically my childhood like millions of other people. I’ve grown up with Harry and the gang. My favourite character is a toss up between Hermione because she’s wicked smart and a badass and Dumbledore because who doesn’t love Dumbledore! Also, thank you for this amazing giveaway!

  18. There are so many Harry Potter characters I love! At the moment, I’ve been giving a lot of my love to Neville. He’s such a beautiful character with such an amazing character development arch. I love that even at an early age he was able to stand up to his friends when it was possible that he could lose them as friends. As he became more confident in himself, he really grew into a defiant and brave man he is at the end of Deathly Hallows. Oh, he’s such a great character!

    Thanks for hosting this. I’m super excited about all your posts. :)

  19. Hi! Thank you so much for doing this huge giveaway! My favourite character is Hermione, she is a strong female character and she is so smart, kind and courageous! *.*

    I would only like to say one more thing: some of the links didn’t work :/

    All the best :)

  20. Melissa Lemle says:

    Thanks for this contest! My daughter would freak to win! I love seeing potter fans as adults and kids! You’re amazing!

  21. Fav thing? Omg honestly I can’t pick! I love the magic probably, the way Harry enters another world every time he leaves privet drive

  22. My favorite thing about Harry Potter (I basically love everything about it but because you asked) is how detailed JK Rowling made the world. She thought every little thing through and even the things that aren’t very big in the books still have a back story or a more detailed version on Pottermore. Because of that, the Harry Potter world seems even more real.

  23. Beth Jones says:

    I was 3years old when Harry Potter came out and I loved it ever since. I love the way I can escape and be in my own little world when I read any book but especially Harry Potter. My Favourite character would probably have to be Luna Lovegood. She taught me that its okay to be different. And that everything comes back to you in its own way/ time. And my most hated character has to be Umbridge, simply because she was a completely horrible person and really did she have to wear that much pink? :)

  24. Hermione is definitely my favourite character, but I also love Dobby and Sirius… I can’t get over their deaths. ;_____;

  25. My favorite thing about Harry Potter is that because I had those books, I was never alone. I had years with these fictional people and they continued to teach me to stand up for myself and others, to do my best, and to be strong. My favorite character will always be George Weasley– he was a troublemaker but he was the twin more likely to say “Are you sure?” He was the slightly more cautious one that wanted to pull off the big prank, but only if it was a good idea.

    Also, a couple of the links didn’t work. I had to google search them to find the right links and accounts.

  26. Luna Lovegood is my spirit animal!

  27. My favorite character has always been Dobby, he was so wierdly cute and sweet and just always tried to do the right thing.

  28. This is really exciting! My favorite characters were the Marauders (well okay, maybe not Peter).

  29. samantha anselmo says:

    I love that the movie is based off friendship. My favorite character would have to be hermione

  30. So many fantasy stories are a completely different world, one where we couldn’t possible exist. I love that the Harry Potter world is regular old earth. Makes you believe that magic might just really be real.

  31. Jess Hoffman says:

    It is difficult to pick ONE favorite thing about Harry Potter. I think it is the overall world that Rowling was able to create. It is a story I will always reread.

  32. What’s not to love about Harry Potter? The stories are great, the characters are amazing! I get the chance to meet Tom Felton, the Phelps twins (they play my favourite characters), and Bonnie Wright in September, and I’m so incredibly excited!!! The tough part is trying to figure out which book to take with me, as they are all amazing books!

  33. Wow. I have to say that I wasn’t a Harry Potter fan until the last 3 years. I thought it was just some series about a cool kid and that was all. How wrong I was. I remember when I first saw Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone, I cried a lot at the end and I’m pretty sure part of those tears were because I couldn’t let myself believe that I lose a lot of time without know that fantastic story. Since then I’ve started a little HP Collection, I don’t have a lot of stuff but I’m happy with what a I have. But well, let’s talk about the story; my favorite thing about it is how magical it is (just kidding) no, but really, every time I finished one of the books I was like WOW. That. Was. Amazing. And all of that was just in the imagination of only one person. Only. One. I still can’t believe how J.K. Rowling could do that AMAZING story, my favorite parts were the Quidditch games, and all the classes, I loved the adventures the trio had but c’mon, I loved to see how the classes were there, I’m pretty sure I’d be an amazing student at Hogwarts lol.
    But well, I must say that I don’t really have a favorite character, I love all of them and there are some characters that I love to hate lol. However, I think that Harry as a character was really strong and that he really evolved through all the books. And at the end I think we all love Harry because at some time of the story we became Harry, we started to see stuff from his POV and started to love or hate people because we were Harry. And I’m really proud to say I’m a Harry Potter Fan. And maybe I’m not “old enough” (I’m 17 btw) to say that this series changed my life. But they did. And I’m so happy that they did it. I will never regret the day I saw my first HP movie because it gave me hope and well, since then, all was well.

  34. Well, my favourite characters are the twins. Fred and George appeals to me in a way that it hurts. I also love Draco, but the twins are, now and forever, my favourites <3

  35. I love the world of Harry Potter. But my favorite character is Dumbledore!

  36. Snape! I love him. Something about the way JKR made a hero who isn’t a nice guy, and a very serious redemption story. Also, I mean… Alan Rickman. I think my favorite thing about the entire series is the way that the magical world isn’t perfect, not at all. I still find that refreshing.

  37. The books make me dream and I am just like Luna. I feel less alone when I’m watching the films and I love how the fandom can go from super fangirl screaming to nerd picking out the logical facts. It’s simply love.

  38. Sophia Keksmonster says:

    My favourite thing about Harry Potter? There are so many things to like! And so many favourite characters! Don’t make me choose!
    I love the world, the writing, the magic, the action, the love story, the characters, the always-noticing-something-you’ve-previously-overlooked.

  39. Bethany D. says:

    My favorite part of Harry Potter is in the last book when Harry realizes what he has to do to save everyone (sacrifice himself to Voldemort) and he is so selfless and he uses the resurrection stone to call back all his loved ones.

  40. Jessica says:

    I love doby!

  41. Long live Dobby!

  42. Oooh, Luna Lovegood is a fave. And Ron Weasley is definitely my king.

  43. Kate Seibert says:

    I was never allowed to read or watch Harry Potter (my parents are kind of really very protective) but the past few years I’ve turned into a geek and last year I decided that I was going to read them no matter what they said. It was the best decision to disobey them I’ve ever made! SO many people at school were willing to let me borrow the books to read and we had lots of class conversations about the books as I got further into the series. I fell so in love with the whole world of Harry Potter. My best friend, who was also not allowed to read them, started to and now we’re watching all of the movies together over summer vacation. I hate the fact that I couldn’t grow up with the series, but I feel like it’s been with me for so much longer than it has been. It’s such a fantastic story. I’ve cried and laughed and loved and it’s become a part of me.
    Anyways, favorite thing about it is the depth. There’s the story, but there’s so many details and it’s so intricate and perfect. I couldn’t choose a favorite character (I adore pretty much all of them), but I hate Umbridge and Rita Skeeter with a passion.
    Thank you for this awesome chance at a giveaway!!

  44. Katelin Hodges says:

    My favorite thing about Harry Potter is how I feel when I read the books. I feel like I am there and taking part in their world instead of just sitting on my couch.

  45. Erin Burdick says:

    My favorite thing about Harry Potter is how it changed my life and introduced me to amazing people. I wasn’t a reader growing up. In fact, I had the hardest time reading without assistance when I was young. In high school, after the first book came out, my mom sat down with me and read the first 4 chapters to me. I was so mesmerized by the book, that I actually picked it up and read the rest myself in about a month. After that I began to read more, reading still didn’t come easy, but with practice I was able to read at a faster pace. I wouldn’t be the person I am today, a geek loving book reader, with out good ol’ HP! I have met so many people because of Harry Potter. Some of them will bey best friends for life. I super grateful!

  46. I absolutely love Harry Potter. Luna is definitely my favorite character. The giveaway is awesome. I stumbled upon it while looking at OwlCrate’s Instagram. Definitely going to check out more of your site.

  47. I’ve been a HP fan for most of my life, and I love the whole world that Rowling was able to create. I’ve been to WWOHP twice, and I’ve been dying to go back to experience Diagonal Alley now that it’s open. Who wants Butterbeer?!

  48. My favorite thing about Harry Potter is that the characters and arcs are so many-faceted and timeless that they are truly enjoyable for people of all ages. My fiance and I went to the WWoHP in January (it’s where he proposed) and has the best time I’ve EVER had at an amusement park (and I grew up near Disney in CA). Somewhat because the park is detailed and amazing, but mostly because these are stories that move us (34 and 40 years old) and will always move us.

  49. My favorite thing about Harry Potter is that Hogwarts will always be there to welcome us home. :) My favorite character Sirius Black! And come on we all know Umbridge is the worse haha!

  50. Dumbledore is my fav !

  51. Whitney Dakin says:

    My favorite Harry Potter character is definitely Hermione. I love that she was such a strong, intelligent & take charge female character. She was definitely one of my earliest role models. She was often a leader but without losing her ability to be vulnerable or emotional. There’s so much to love about her!

  52. I am seriously so excited for this! Harry Potter is so much more than a book series, it’s a lifestyle. And I love that Owl Crate is involved! I’m probably going to re-read the series now…again.

  53. I just love Harry Potter Potter is life

  54. omg my best friend is gonna freak when i share this with her i hope she enters too she loves harry potter

  55. Cassandra Hammer says:

    I love harry potter because he’s loved by all ages and jk rowling created an entire world thats completely fascinating. I also love Hermione because she such a nerd but isn’t afraid of the world.

  56. My favourite thing about Harry Potter is the community and the feeling I get when reading or listening to a book. I grew up with the series and so it always gets me.

  57. The reason I love Harry Potter is because it has saved my life, I have gone through hard times, but Harry potter and the characters have always been there. My favorite characters have to be Fred and George.

  58. my favorite thing about Harry Potter is the love & friendship. not only did the characters go through tough times, they stuck & worked things out. there is a great deal of love in the series. it is my all time favorite series to read.

    thank you for the chance to enter! happy reading!

  59. My number one hated character is Umbridge. I can’t stand her!

  60. Lois I. says:

    My favorite character would have to be Neville. He was just so brave and loyal!

  61. Anna Budding says:

    My favourite thing about Harry Potter isn’t the actual books or story, it’s the memory of my dad reading the books out loud to the whole family after dinner on the porch and all of us laying around. Occasionally our cat would join us, but only because he felt like licking my brother’s hair. Every time I see the spines of the books lined up on the shelf I remember fondly those evenings.
    My favourite character has always been Dobby, because even under Lucius’s command, he would help Harry selflessly, and when he died selflessly for him I cried, and when Harry wrote “Here lies Dobby, a free elf” I broke down to cry, and now, years later, I keep thinking about him and try to live like him, who was free even in slavery.

  62. MY favourite character is Luna because she is so original and creative and she doesn’t care what others think or bothers to adapt to social norms. She ha the courage to be herself and that makes her so special to me.

  63. My favourite thing about Harry Potter is the imagination and magic that is incorporated between the words on the pages and the beautiful journey that lead to the creation of the story. I love the fight that JK Rowling put in to publish the story and the joy it still brings to children now. Oh and Hagrid!!

  64. I fell in love with Harry Potter after I picked up the first book. Now I’ve read the books and watched the movies more times than I can count. The Harry Potter series is what made me fall in love with reading and inspired me to want to be a writer myself one day. Picking my favorite character is way too difficult but my most hated character has to be Dolores Umbridge. Her ignorance makes my blood boil every time I read the book or watch the movie.

  65. Luna Lovegood is one of my favourite characters in the whole series!

    I love the fact that she can see a whole world outside of factual and bookish evidence. One reason why Hermione doesn’t understand Luna’s believes and ways.

    But I love Harry, Hermione & Ron just as much as the rest of the brilliant well written and rounded characters. Not matter what I couldn’t hate a single character!

  66. My favourite thing about HP is the adventures and the meaning of each step Harry does. My favourite character is Neville and the one I hate the most is Peter Pettigrew Thank You for this amazing Giveaway! ❤️

  67. Hmmm… Neville I guess. Cause he’s such a funny and sweet character. And in the beginning he’s like a third wheel, a secondary character and in the end he becomes all badass and stuff :D

  68. Mckenna says:

    My favourite thing about Harry Potter is how easy it is to talk about in normal conversations since everyone knows what it is. One can make a reference to Harry Potter as a joke or to make something clearer, and the reference would be accepted, because Harry Potter is a part of everyone’s lives.

  69. Oh my gosh, this all looks amazing! So many beautiful products to drool over!

  70. My favourite thing about Harry Potter is the world-building. Every time I reread these books I find a new parallel between this world and the Wizarding World and I LOVE that!

  71. Tough call! I think my favorite thing about Harry Potter is that it got me reading! My grandfather bought me the Goblet of Fire – totally random – and I thought “Hey, why not?” Loved reading ever since – and even went to a few HP midnight book release parties :)

  72. I started reading Harry Potter when it first came out, I was eight. I immediately fell in love with all of it, and was sorely disappointed when my eleventh birthday passed without a letter. When I was younger, my favourite character was Hermione, but now that I’m older I think I connect with Luna more. Thanks for the giveaway! This is awesome ^.^

  73. My fave Harry Potter character is Hermione because she showed my daughter that smart girls are awesome!

  74. My favorite thing about HP is that I never tire of it… Whether picking up the books or watching the films. In fact, when I’m having a hard day… It’s Harry Potter that can usually lift my spirits :)

  75. I love the Harry Potter books and after reading all of them, my favorite thing would have to be when Harry and friends saved Buckbeak and then Harry’s whole discovery that Sirus Black wasn’t such a terrible person after all.

  76. Sarahalicem says:

    As an aspiring editor, and admirer of countries and cultures, I love how flawlessly the Harry Potter series was able to translate into an incredible amount of languages and cultures. So many different places and people fell in love with these novels, and it makes me love the books even more knowing how talented of a writer J.K. Rowling is, not to mention her translators and editors, to give the world a story everyone can appreciate and love. As for a character, I’m going to go with Ron. Sure, I’m the dope who picks a main character, but he is just so lovable.

  77. Carly Swisher says:

    I lover everything about Harry Potter! My favorite character is Hermione, I think her character is such an inspiration for a smart, brave, and strong woman that I was lucky to have as an influence growing up. I also love Dobby, I in fact named my cat after him :)

  78. Michele says:

    My favorite thing about Harry Potter? It gets my nine-year-old non-reader to read! She’s not a bookworm, but Harry Potter has her excited about reading! She would LOVE this prize pack!!

  79. I love Hermione, and I think she is under-appreciated as a character.

  80. Harry Potter shaped my childhood, it got me through tough times and happy times, it bonded me to my little sister and truly solidified my love for reading. Now I am passing that love to my sons. I have to say that Snape is my favorite closely followed by Harry. Most hated, Delores Umbridge… Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to win this amazing package!

  81. Ellie Pelto says:

    I love rereading the series and finding new tidbits I never noticed before. :)

  82. Steffani Geary says:

    Why do I love Harry Potter? “We defended the Stone, We found the Chamber, We rescued the Prisoner, We were chosen by the Goblet, We joined the Order, We learned from the Prince, and We mastered the Hallows. We are the Harry Potter Generation.” I grew up with it. It started when I was 12 and I am now 28. My favorite Character is Hermione Granger of course. I was the nerdy girl who liked to read, so her and I totally relate.

  83. Mallory Williams says:

    My favorite part of Harry Potter was how I got to grow up reading them. I have read the series 8 times in my 14 years of living and I still do not get tired of them.

  84. My favorite character from Harry Potter is Neville. <3

  85. My favorite thing about Harry Potter is that every time I read the series I find something new–another clue or hint or side character. I never get tired of rereading this series.

  86. My favourite thing about Harry Potter, eight years on from the publication of Deathly Hallows, is probably the memories! It’s always going to be amazing, it’s always going to be my favourite series, it’s always going to have characters who shaped the world (Sirius will forever be my favourite, I think) and all of us who grew up with Harry, Hermione, and Ron. But most of all I can look back on some really quite difficult times in my life and see light and happiness there, because Harry Potter brightened my world. I made friends through HP, I connected with family I found it otherwise difficult to through talking about HP, and used it as an escape when I really needed to. I can’t wait for my niece to grow up so I can share it with her. For now… well, I just finished a HP film marathon, and I’ve started the audiobooks all over again.

  87. This is so great! I love everything Harry Potter and this give away is insane! I have been on the owl crate waitlist for months!

  88. If I had to choose a favorite character, I think I would choose Snape. He was so misunderstood, but so loyal to the very end.

  89. Cristina Acevedo says:

    The thing I love most about Harry Potter is the world that J.K. Rowling created. I mean its just so real and amazing and who doesn’t want to go to Hogwarts? I love the fact that its such a fantastic series that the fandom is honestly everywhere and you can always find someone who shares your love of HP. My favourite character has to be Luna, I just love her eccentric and sweet personality. My most hated character is easily Dolores Umbridge, oh I loathe her so much.

  90. I always loved Hermione! She made me be proud of my love for books from a young age!

  91. I love HP! It is so nice to feel like you enter a new world and become part of a story for a while!

  92. My favorite thing: Hogwarts! Moving staircases, winding corridors, classes (I want to take transfiguration the most probably and love Professor McGonagall), and QUIDDITCH!

  93. Kaitlyn says:

    My favorite thing about Harry Potter is everything! I love them so much they are my favorite by far! I don’t know what I would do without this series. My favorite characters is probably ginny or hermione! Hermiones always there when they needed her and I admire her for that, And Ginny’s been through to much and still doesn’t stop fighting and fighting for harry. My least favorite character is probably Umbridge

  94. Cassandra says:

    My favorite character from Harry Potter is Ron! But for the actors in the movies, I’m totally in love with Tom Felton! I hope I win, I am SUCH a potter head!!

  95. Favorite character is definitely Hermione! :)

  96. It’s hard to pick a favorite things OR a favorite character from Harry Potter. I just love how detailed and immersive the world is – JK Rowling truly thought of everything! I love the idea of magic and the battle of good versus evil. I love that I can read the books over and over again and get something different out of them each time.

  97. my favorite character is Hermione lol i remember my older brother reading harry potter to me when i was younger and freaking out when the movies came out and us playing the games on the ps2 late into the night

  98. My favourite thing about Harry Potter is probably just that reading those books feels like coming home. I grew up with Harry Potter, these books and movies literally shaped my childhood and the person I’ve become. They’re the reason I want to work with children’s and YA literature, and they have inspired my writing. I can’t imagine where I’d be without these stories!

  99. Hi ~

    I can’t pick a favourite character from Harry Potter since they all have their lovely moments ;) ~
    A character that I hate would be Dolores Umbridge >< ! ugh .. She was definitely annoying and hateful.
    Thank you for holding this lovely giveaway ;) ~

  100. I like Harry, Ron and Hermione!

  101. I literally grew up with Harry Potter. It’s simple, I’m born on July 31.

    I liked the kindness and goodness of Hagrid , the severity but justice of McGonagall, the fidelity of Dobby , the evolution of Neville, the crazy side of Luna and finally Hemione’s ability to drag her friends of out their troubles every time.

  102. My favourite character is (Loony) Luna Lovegood. She stole my heart away in both the books and movies with her adorable quirkiness.

  103. I love the world of Harry Potter! It’s too hard to pick just one favorite thing :)

  104. Nikki Black says:

    My favorite thing about Harry Potter is the nostalgia it brings me. I know it is probably the really simple answer, but it’s true. It opened me to the world of reading. And I couldn’t think of a better series that could of done that.

  105. I love how everything is plotted out so expertly and when you go back to the first books, you see the ever-so-subtle clues that J.K. Rowling placed years back!
    My favorite character is probably Fred :( Ah, Fred…

  106. My favourite thing about Harry Potter is that it brings people together. No matter what age are you, what nationality are you, what gender are you or who do you love Harry Potter fandom is always open to welcome more fans. This series taught us to tolerate everybody and it made us believe that friendship and love can do everything. And my favourite character has to be Remus Lupin. I think I do not have to say that I hate Umbridge.

  107. Doby and wesleys

  108. Neville Longbottom would definitely be my favorite character, though I won’t explain why because it’s 6:00 in the morning and I’m about to go to bed and it would take much too long a time to explain my never-ending love for him.

    Also my leas favorite are, obviously, Umbridge, Voldemort, and (slightly less obviously) Snape.

    Good luck to everyone competing in this raffle!

  109. The best part? I have grown up with it. It has the power to suck you right in! Well… this is something that I say now but when I was a kid what introgued me the most about this series is magic being associated with goodness and the fact that there was a borading school. I so wanted to attend one. Even if it was not magical!

  110. I probably hated Umbridge the most. She just tortured the kids so much and left me wanting to punch her.

  111. Emily Buchanan says:

    I love Harry Potter because it is such a well created world! The books are never boring because each book is it’s own story -beginning, middle, end- it isn’t one continuous story stretched out over seven books. Of course, there are some things you don’t find out until the end of the series, but for the most part each book is it’s own story. I don’t know that I could pick a favorite character, I love so many. I love Hermione, of course. But I also like Ron, Harry, Dobby, Fred and George, Ginny, Professor McGonagall and many many more. Most hated character for me is Umbridge. She is evil, she deserved far worse than being taken by Centaurs. Though before I finished the series I would have said Snape, because he betrayed Dumbledore and was just so mean to everyone. I had to much hate for him, that no death would have been good enough. But after finding out what really happened with Dumbledore and seeing the reasons behind his actions throughout the series I no longer hate him.

  112. When Harry Potter first came out I wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. A few years after the first movie came out I was babysitting, and the ONLY way to get the kids quiet was to watch the Sorcerer’s Stone. They fell asleep, I kept watching, and I was hooked. I picked up the first book and couldn’t put it down. I’m a YA junkie, so I don’t know what I was thinking by not reading it?! Who knows. But now I love all things Harry Potter!

  113. Weasley is our king

  114. Lindsey says:

    What a perfect collection of gifts! I especially love the deathly hallows necklace. The story of the deathly hallows is one of my favorite passages in the series.

  115. My favorite thing about Harry Potter is all the magical foods, spells, objects, and of course Fred and George’s pranks!

  116. My favorite thing about Harry Potter would have to be the way it has been a stalwart companion and a good friend through dark times. The first book was the first book I ever read and I read the last one in a day

  117. Sharon Stull says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. They are sort of addictive reads.

  119. My husband and I are huge Harry Potter fans! We are visiting Universal Studios this fall and taking our 9 month old (Lily – See huge HP fans!) to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for the very first time! I would love to get her one of the adorable Harry Potter outfits for her to wear on her first visit!

    • SO fun!!! And just a little hint, if you want more chances to win one of my outfits you’ll want to make sure you’re subscribing to my mailing list and following me on instagram wink wink

  120. Jacqueline says:

    I love how my elementary school students are JUST as excited today about Harry Potter as I was when I was young. I can’t wait until my 3 daughters are old enough to get excited too!

  121. Rebecca Moulton says:

    Asking me what my favorite thing about Harry Potter is; is like asking me what my favorite thing about breathing is…..keeps me alive!

    Hogwarts will always be there to welcome us home!

  122. I HATE Umbridge. And it takes a lot for me to say I hate something. We’re listening to OoTP on disk, and oooooo, she fires me up!

  123. Most Hated character would be malfoy. Favorite character would be doby the house elf !!

  124. Danielle says:

    My favorite thing is that I can read Harry Potter over and over again and never lose interest. There is more to love each and every time!

  125. I am a huge HP fan! I would have loved to offer one of my First Year Robes for this giveaway! ;)
    My favorite character would probably have to be….no, i can’t choose. My LEAST favorite character is Professor Umbridge. Ugh!

  126. I just love everything about Harry Potter! The magical world it takes place in, the characters, the strong themes of friendship, love and bravery. I love the mystery to it and the adventure it takes us on, and I love how much they make you feel. Every time I reread the books, I find something new or different I never noticed before which makes it so much fun, and revisiting them is like seeing an old friend. My favorite character has to be Hermione! She’s bookish, intelligent and incredibly loyal and I have always been able to relate to her and I admire her as well.

  127. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite part about Harry Potter is that it got me interested in books, they were the books that introduced me to the world of readers, and to a universe where witches and wizards exist and where I could let my imagination fly. I love how it showed me that true friendship can be achieved and I especially love that HP is a series of books that united people living all over the world.

  128. I love Harry Potter, like many people I grew up with it. It is so hard to choose which character would be my favourite because they are all fantastic and amazing! However the character I dislike with a passion is no surprise, It’s Professor Umbridge

  129. I love Harry Potter, and I especially love that I can share it with my girls. They are huge Harry Potter fans and it so great to share in all the magic ofHarry Potter with them! Thank you for such amazing HarryPotter ideas and such an awesome giveaway. I read many blogs, but yours is my favorite because I can relate to your love of reading and sewing. Thank you!

  130. Wow this is a massive giveaway! Thank you for doing this!

    My favorite thing about Harry Potter is Hogwarts. It’s just such an incredible place and I know I’m not the only one who still wishes they could go to school there. I guess that’s why I’m involved in a Harry Potter fan film now! Haha! One of our Kickstarter perks was actually a letter from Hogwarts and I had to make myself one too. :D

  131. I love all things Harry Potter! How am I supposed to pick a favorite?

  132. Marcia Monteiro says:

    My favorite character is Luna Lovegood because she’s magical, kind and doesn’t care what people think of her. She’s unique and I wish I was a bit more like her :)

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  133. My absolute favorite character from the Harry Potter world is Luna Lovegood. I love that she’s unique and doesn’t care what others think of her. She marches to the beat of her own drum and is such an inspiration to be true to yourself. As far as least favorite character… Dolores Umbridge all they way! Voldemort is bad and all, but Umbridge? Now SHE’S evil! :P

    All of the prizes in this contest look AMAZING!!! It’s a Harry Potter fan’s dream! I hope I win!!

  134. Kierra Oates says:

    My fave thing about Harry Potter is probably the characterization. All of the characters are so detailed and wonderful! I love the quirkiness of Luna Lovegood and the sass of Minerva McGonagall <3 (I also live for Lee Jordan's quidditch commentary!!!)

  135. Jen Shears says:

    My daughter (she’s 10) and I are reading the books together-i hadn’t readthem myself & I love love love how much we enjoy them together!! We are about to start the 4th book-can.not.wait!!!
    Thanks so much for the chance!! We are having a hp birthday party for my twin nieces in a few weeks- many perfect additions here!!!⚡️

  136. I really LOVED Hermione!! She was just someone that I connected with throughout the whole series!! I would LOVE to win this prize because oh man I would just love to be able to show it off to everyone that I know !! I grew up watching Harry Potter and NOW you guys are doing this giveaway with almost EVERYTHING I would LOVE to have and enjoy in person!! ♥ Thanks so much!! ♥♥

  137. My favourite thing about Harry Potter is…well, everything really. But mostly how it makes me feel, how the books make me laugh and cry and completely forget about the world around me. My favourite character is Sirius Black and least favourite would be…dolores umbridge

  138. My favourite characters are Fred and George. They were just so awesome and cool

  139. I really love Hermione and Ron, not just as a couple, but as Harry’s best friends. Without them, Harry wouldn’t have done anything he did, and wouldn’t have become who he is. I’m really proud of their friendship.

  140. My favorite thing about Harry Potter is everything! The world J.K. Rowling created is astounding and I love how it draws you in and makes you feel like a part of it. My favorite characters are Fred and George Weasley so I kinda hate J.K. just a little bit now and I hate Pansy Parkinson. She just gets on your nerves! Lol

  141. Micjaela says:

    I have a bit of a possssive love of Harry Potter. I feel like it’s all mine in a way. My dad was doing business in England when HP was first getting big over there. He brought me back The Philospher’s Stone and I was hooked. His next trip he brought me back the next two books. I had read the first three books before the craze started here in the states. I remember getting the last book while a college Intern in Washington DC. And the first time I left my first child was to see the final installment in theaters. HP has always been a piece of me.

  142. I love Neville Longbottom!

  143. My fam loves loves loves Harry Potter. And since we are heavy on girls (3 daughters), Hermione is our heroine!

  144. My favorite thing about Harry Potter is that you can read the books or watch the movies over, and over and never get bored with it. It is always there when you need an escape. My least favorite character is Umbridge, she is way worse than Voldemort. I have way to many favorite characters then I can list. :)

  145. My favorite thing about Harry Potter is how there is always something new to discover. I also love that I never get tired of rereading the series.

  146. WOW! What a generous giveaway. Thank You .

  147. I love the variety of characters. There is something for everyone!


  148. Professor McGonagall is the sass queen!

  149. Nancy Stein says:

    I love Snape and I hate Umbridge! I started reading HP to my kids at bedtime. I couldn’t put the books down so I’d read them at my bedtime and have to figure out the next night where I left off with the kids because I had read so far ahead :) Guess I could have used a few bookmarks. I love the potions and spells and the use of clever vocabulary.

    What a great giveaway…thank you!

  150. Miyairai says:

    Like a lot of people I think I use to hate Snape ! Like really haha
    I was a little afraid of him when I was a kid but now I can see how JK Rowling is a genius. She builld all her story around it and that’s what mkes me love Harry Potter even more.

    Now I’m not afraid of Snape anymore and as I re read the serie for the 10000 time, I like him more and more.

  151. tajemnicza1233 says:

    It’s a hard question. I think I like all of the characters, everyone has something unique, even Droaco
    BUT I really love profesor McGonagall and Frad an George of course.
    Except our fantastic trio ;)

  152. Nicole U says:

    I love the adventures and I really feel I could jump into that world :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  153. As a jr. high school English teacher, I have read my fair share of Y.A. literature. The world of Harry Potter is such a captivating creation, and Rowling was so thorough in creating it that even to this day, as my children and I read (or listen to, or watch) the stories, we find new things we want to learn more about. I love that we have social media and outlets like Pinterest where we can find fellow fans and together extend the stories beyond the pages and screen. Picking a favorite character feels wrong – there are so many things to love about each one. My 7 year old daughter and I feel happy to call ourselves Harry Potter nerds – it’s something we will always share, and that’s magical!

  154. Robin bongers says:

    Its very awesome that you all are doing this !
    I absolutely love harry potter and i love everything about it so choosing my favourite character was Pretty hard haha, but i think its hagrid (:
    He is always so nice, he is Just like a big teddy bear you know ;p I am still waiting for my letter to hogwarts
    Keep going on with what you are doing , you make amazing things!

  155. I personally LOVED Neville and Luna, they were the best <3

  156. Annie Lincoln says:

    Has the winner been declared yet? If not when do we find out? So excited!!

  157. Draco Malfoy is my favorite character. I like that the series took up my childhood, I hate that it ended and left me with gaping wounds and questions about what to do next with my life.

  158. My favorites characters are Luna and Sirius! And I love what Harry Potter meant to me while I was growing up

  159. This is amaziingggg! I can’t wait for the winner to be announced :D

  160. Chausiku says:

    My favorite character is Luna :) she is unique. Thanks for the giveaway :D

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