World’s Best Spinach Artichoke Dip Recipe


You guys this spinach artichoke dip recipe is pretty much party food/appetizer perfection. Plus it’s SO easy to make! 

My new favorite party recipe. This spinach artichoke dip recipe is SO good and easy. Perfect appetizer or snack.

Chips and dip may very well be my favorite food. Seriously I love a good dip with a crunchy vehicle but I’m kinda picky. Not all dips (or chips for that matter) are created equally. But let me tell you this one right here is SO good and it can be made in the crock pot if you want.

The best spinach and artichoke dip recipe I have ever had. Only takes 15 minutes and the recipe is crock pot friendly (but does not require a slow cooker)


  • 8 oz light cream cheese (full fat is fine but I used light)
  • 16 oz light sour cream (same you can use full fat if you want)
  • 1 stick (1/2 C) butter
  • 10 oz frozen chopped spinach, thawed and squeezed to remove excess liquid
  • 14 oz Artichoke Hearts
  • 4oz diced chilies , mild drained (don’t worry this doesn’t make it spicy AT ALL pinky promise)
  • 1 1/2 C shredded Parmesan cheese
  • 1/4 C grated Romano cheese
  • 1 TBS chopped garlic

A quick word about the ingredients. This does not have a spicy flavor or kick to it. But the chilies do add a little something to the overall flavor. I would serve this to the most spice sensitive people without worrying. 20 month old Teddy gobbled this down without a blink. Also you could just use all Parmesan cheese but I do like the depth of flavor you get by using the Romano.

This is a keeper. Finally a spinach artichoke dip that is super delicious and takes only 15 minutes. Also crock pot compatible

What to Do

Easiest Method

  1. Chop artichokes.
  2. Drain off any excess liquid from spinach and chilies.
  3. Combine everything in crock pot and allow to heat through (about 40 minutes).

Fast Method

  1. Combine the cheeses, butter, and sour cream in a pot over medium heat until melted and combined.
  2. While the cheese is melting drain and chop the artichokes and drain any excess liquid off of the spinach.
  3. Stir the spinach, artichokes, chilies, and garlic into the cheese.
  4. Serve warm. This makes enough to fill a 2 quart crock pot.

If you are not in a hurry you could easily make this in a crock pot and save one dish to clean. Just put it on high until the cheese is all melted through and then stir and turn to low or warm.

We make this spinach artichoke dip recipe all the time and people love it. the best party and tailgating recipe!

I took this to my husband’s work Christmas party this week and it was devoured fast.

It's a keeper this 15 minute spinach artichoke dip recipe tastes like you slaved over it. SO SO good. it's a keeper.

We had to leave early to get Teddy down and there was about one big scoop left and I couldn’t help but just take it with instead of leave it haha. I just finished it off as a blog writing snack and seriously reheated in the microwave it was just as good.

hands down the best and easiest spinach and artichoke dip recipe I've ever had

I think I’m in trouble with this spinach artichoke dip recipe it’s just too easy to make and so so good. We might have to pull it back out for New Years Eve if I can resist not making it again for Christmas ha!

SO good. We love t his easy spinach artichoke dip recipe. so easy and yummy also crock pot friendly but not required

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  1. is there an easy way to print recipes?

  2. When do you add the jalapenos? Do you drain the jalapenos?

  3. I noticed you took a picture of your ingredients and I see a stick of butter but you don’t mention it in the recipe. Do you use any butter? Also the can of chilis says “diced green chilis” I don’t think that is the same thing as jalapenos. I have used those chilis before and they have a good flavor but I don’t think they are jalapenos (but I could be mistaken). I think they are mild green chilis.

    • Nice catch thank you! I did use the butter 1 stick I just updated the post. But I have also made it without the butter and it turns out yummy but not quite as creamy. I might experiment with half the butter next time.

  4. Can you use fresh garlic? Would you use the same amount? Looks delicious. Trying it this week for a last minute party.

  5. Are the artichoke hearts pickled or just packed in water or oil? I thought they always had a vinegar taste to them but I’ve never noticed a tartness to any spinach artichoke dip that I’ve tried but maybe all the other ingredients hide the tart flavor?

  6. My cousin Mary sent me a link to this recipe when I asked about her Facebook post “OhMyGosh good!!!! I would recommend this dip to everyone.”
    I’mma making it next weekend, thank you so much.

  7. Rebecca says:

    Do you drain the canned artichokes?

    • yes :)

      • Rebecca says:

        Thanks… I went ahead and made this in the crock pot and added about 1/2 the liquid. It was AWESOME! I put the leftovers in the frig. & It was thick after it cooled, which was not a problem. I had some Chicken thighs, so I took the bone out and put some of the dip in the middle and rolled them up. Cooked them and I now have a new Favorite dip and chicken recipe. Thanks for sharing your recipe. It’s a keeper!!

  8. Made this for a party yesterday and had a couple people say it was way too spicy, I’d definitely leave out the jalapenos next time. Otherwise it was delicious, great texture.

    • it definitely depends on the type of peppers. I’ve mostly mild many times and no one has ever noticed any spice at all (including super picky kids that whine about any spice). I wonder if the brand you used runs hotter.

      • I’ve also accidentally bought medium green chiles instead of mild green chiles. That might’ve contributed to the spiciness!

    • I don’t think the can of diced peppers you have in the pic are jalapenos, I looked them up and I believe they are a milder, diced, but very tasty pepper. Generally, most Ortega brand peppers are labeled jalapeno if they are. The others are anaheim or something along those lines.

      • Thanks for looking that up. I’m going to edit it to say chilis but I’m 99% sure I usually use the cans that explicitly say jalapeno even if the time I snapped this photo it might not have been and I’ve made this recipe a lot.

      • Pam Wurtz says:

        I believe some of the readers don’t know the dfference between “jalapenos” and “mild green chiles”.This recipe does NOT call for JALAPENO peppers. If it did, the recipe would say “jalapeno peppers” which it does not. This is for “mild green chiles” in a can. Ortega usually makes canned chiles. Look on your grocery shelf please.

        • Thanks for clarifying that. Not all peppers are created equal, for sure. And Ortega DOES label them so it shouldn’t be a problem to find a pepper that doesn’t make this dip too spicy. Mild green chilis are something most people can handle.

          I haven’t made this dip yet, but it’s the recipe I’ve been looking for because it has all the ingredients I want to include and can be made in my small slow cooker. Yippee!

  9. Michele Shapley says:

    Hi! Looks delicious….how long would you leave it in the crockpot on warm? Making it tomorrow for my daughter’s birthday. Thanks!!

  10. I plan on making this tomorrow and just want to clarify… you use the canned green chilies that are in the picture correct? I just want to make sure it taste as awesome as everyone has said!

  11. What size crock pot did you use and how much does the recipe yield?

  12. Do you heat it on high or low for 40 minutes?

  13. Wendy Peyrat says:

    What kind of crackers are used for the dip? The crackers in the picture look very tasty.

  14. Have you tried this with frozen artichoke hearts? I have some in my freezer that I want to use up.

  15. Can you make this a day or two before and then just heat when needed?

  16. I don’t have a crock pot, have you tried baking it in the oven? If so what temperature and how long?

  17. My family will be treated to this great sounding recipe tomorrow for the Super Bowl! Thank you!

  18. Stacy M rosenthal says:

    What if i do not have Romano cheese can I use Boursin cheese instead?

    • I think you’d want a cheese more similar to romano or parmesan. boursin seems to be soft and such a different flavor I don’t think it would be a good substitute but it might be a yummy twist on the original recipe.

  19. I made this recipe for the super bowl last night and it was great! Everyone loved it!
    I did tweak it a little to make it a bit healthier. I did not use any butter. I also substituted the sour cream for plain greek yogurt. I also used only one 8 oz. package of cheese, I used a shredded “Italian Blend” that I found at the grocery store. Just a couple ideas for someone looking to make it a little healthier. Thanks for the recipe!

  20. McKenzie says:

    Howmany peopleh does his feed?

    • it fills a full dip size crock pot. I’ve never really understood dip serving sizes since they usually are served with a lot of other things but hope that helps you gauge. It’s a decent amount

  21. What about adding crab or shrimp to this? Any one done that yet? Serve it with toasts or crackers instead of chips. Thoughts/

  22. Made this for a Christmas party- used the fast method and it was AMAZING! I didn’t find Romano cheese and I forgot the chilis but it was a hit- definitely a go to for all of the parties coming up! I used only a half stick of butter but will try with no butter next time to be just a bit healthier. May try the greek yogurt suggestion above too- great recipe!

  23. can freeze whats left

  24. Zoe Miller says:

    This has become my signature dish for parties. I love this recipe – thank you so much for it!! I now add diced hearts of palm to it which adds another level of flavor and texture.

  25. Can you use fresh spinach?

  26. L. Gold says:

    Just tried this recipe and I will definitely be making this again! Easy and delicious!

  27. CHELSA PARKER says:

    I’ve made this probably like 5 times! LOVE IT! Especially NOW that I am doing KETO! Awesome recipe!

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