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One of the best things I ever did for myself was accept the challenge to sew at least one garment every month just for me. When Flamingo Toes Bev and I started Sew Our Stash it was supposed to be fun and just a way to get us sewing more clothing and use up all the fabric we bought. But it became more than that.

THis would be fun. Free sewing challenge that will get you sewing at least one new thing a month. sew our stash

We are SO excited to be starting Sew Our Stash back up after a few months off due to the holidays, crazy life, and the time and hard work that goes into writing a book (Bev’s book is awesome you need to check it out). But we are back and committed and we’re inviting you to join the challenge!

This looks like fun. Great way to get more sewn for myself. Sew Our Stash

It’s SUPER easy to participate. There are lots of ways for you to take on the challenge. You can do all of them or just a few.

  • Sew at least 1 new thing for yourself each month.
  • Check in on the FIRST THURSDAY of every month. That’s when we post what we made. We’d love you to comment and let us know what you made this month too!
  • If you have a blog or social media account you are welcome to join in posting what you made. It can be on the first Thursday or ANYTIME you have a picture to share. We love using #sewourstash on our pictures so everyone else can see and more people can join in on the fun. (Bev and I also LOOOOOOOVE seeing your creations and have been known feature them too!)
  • Use #sewourstash when you share your pictures of your fabric stash, what you’re sewing for yourself, or whenever you wear the awesome things you made for yourself!

You will get so much more than some new clothes.  It’s hard to explain but taking the time for ME in that way, challenging myself to sew more for me was something magical. I got clothes I loved and wear all the time. I learned more about my body and what works and why. I learned new skills and techniques (it pushed my comfort zone in sewing). And it was awesome to have the focused time every month for a little selfish sewing.

Want to see what I’ve made in the past? Here are all of my Sew Our Stash posts in one place. And be sure to take a peek at Bev’s too!

Okay, let’s meet back here on the last Thursday of this month and share what we made for ourselves and in the meantime remember to use the #sewourstash hastag!

THis would be fun. Free sewing challenge that will get you sewing at least one new thing a month. sew our stash

Let’s connect! You can also find me hanging out here.


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