Sew Our Stash Challenge AKA I’m a Fabric Hoarder

Fabric Stash

My name is Marissa and I am a fabric hoarder. It’s true, I have a crazy amount of fabric. You know I just went on the wonderful Fabric Weekend in La with so many of my wonderful sewing blogger friends and while there Bev from Flamingo Toes and I decided we needed to get our tushes in gear and actually make stuff for ourselves with our fabric. We were hanging out with these girls all wearing things they’d made and it was awesome.

Sew Our Stash challenge hosted by Rae Gun Ramblings and Flamingo Toes

So to keep each other accountable and because we suspect that you probably have the same problem, we’re challenging ourselves to “Sew Our Stash”. At the end of each month we’ll be showing off what we sewed up. If you are a fellow fabric addict you are welcome to join along. If you post about it I’d love you to leave a link to your post in the comments of the Sew Our Stash posts so I can stop by and see your creations. And for those of you who aren’t bloggers don’t fret we’ll be hashtagging on instagram, facebook, and twitter so join in by using #sewourstash.

Fabric Stash

And in case you didn’t believe me about my fabric collecting problem I have a wee bit of photographic evidence I’d like to share. Neat freaks be warned the following images may be disturbing. Yes that is a 5X5 Ikea Expedit shelf all filled with fabric save for 2 slots that have patterns and three bolts tall stacks of fabric next too it.

Fabric Stash

This is what I pulled out of my suitcases, umm today, that I acquired at Fabric Weekend 2013. If you don’t quite get the scale that filled two full size suitcases. All my roommates took the time to nicely fold their goodies but I figured it’s all gotta be washed anyways so I just shoved it all in.

Fabric Stash

And finally I decided to walk around my house and take pictures of all the various places that my fabric resides. Now it is true that I do have a sewing business and a lot of this is for that but there’s also a bunch that I bought before my Etsy days and fabrics that I wouldn’t use for the baby clothes. Here are the spots where you can find fabric in my house: the whole back wall of my work room pretty much floor to ceiling, under my cutting table (as pictured up top), two big garbage bags in the basement, along the side of my workroom behind my 2nd sewing station, behind the dress forms, more stray bolts in the basement, yes another expedit full in the basement, on the bench right by my front door, and yeah in my trunk. Seriously this is how things are today it’s madness. Just keeping it real.

Rae Gun Ramblings
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So it is clear that I need this challenge. We’d love for you to play along if you want to feel free to grab a button and spread the word. If you share any pictures of you sewing your stash on the interweb be sure to take them with #sewourstash Come on you know you’ve got fabric that is destined for awesomeness! Be sure to check back in the last Thursday of every month for our Sew Our Stash show and tell

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  1. Wow! You really do have A LOT of fabric. My little stash pales in comparison! I do have plans to do some sewing for myself so I will certainly join in :)

  2. Alice Segura says:

    Yikes! you win, I think. I may be close, but I will give you the crown. I have fabric that I wouldn’t use as polyester(?) went out of style. I couldn’t part with it because I bought it in NY and it represented a time long past. Well, that hot, sweaty, loud, fabulously colored stuff is back. I’ll join and hope that my 4 am “can’t sleep” decision sticks. I may start slow with gifts like aprons *(cotton) and such, but once I start making a dent I hope to be seriously infected.

  3. How about I just start fabric shopping at your house? Do you take hobby lobby 40% off coupons?!

  4. Love all the fabric! I have the same problem with scrapbook paper and embellishments!

  5. Just so you know, I will now be using these photos to get myself off the hook the next time my husband starts complaining that my fabric is taking over the house! ;D

  6. Wow, you really are a fabric hoarder!!! haha, this is awesome!! I can’t wait to see what you make!! Allyson@Domestic Superhero

  7. I only have 1 other friend that could rival you. She had to go on a fabric fast and wasn’t allow to buy for a year. She recently moved to Germany for work and was tempted to rent storage. She’s just a quilter for fun. I can’t imagine if she had a business. :)

  8. omg, yours IS worse than mine..course not by much…..
    Tee hee :)

  9. Hah! This makes me feel so much less bad about my stash. Mine is a pretty big mess tho. I’m always trying to use up my stash, so this will be fun.

  10. Count me in! I really need to do this too!

  11. You really make me want to start sewing. I have like zero skills but I am thinking about pulling out my machine and practicing straight lines. Sounds stupid but I want to start somewhere. Seems like a good idea. Any suggestions?

    • you totally should! Go to the fabric store and get an “easy” pattern or one that says you can do it in an hour. Or see if your community has a sewing class you can take. If you are a good self learner there are tons of helpful tutorials and youtube videos but if it were me I’d try to take a class check the local schools or quilt shops.

  12. You just need to make one huge-ass patchwork quilt.

  13. I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I have a vintage luggage collection. It’s really just a polite way to say I have a really awesome place to store my fabric.
    But my stash has outgrown my luggage and now includes to large rubbermaid bins, three drawers in my craft hutch and a laundry basket of washed but not yet homed fabrics.

  14. I’m cleaning out my craft room to paint it. I find that I too am a fabric hoarder. Hangs head.


    I love it.

  16. Wow!! You weren’t kidding…you’ve got quite the collection!!

  17. AHH! It’s like a car wreck – I can’t look away! If I make it to sewing summit and you still haven’t used that polka dot I am going to shop your fabric.

  18. Ha! You win! I need to show these pictures to my husband and kids! They think I am turning into a hoarder. No way! I just love to collect fabric. I love your site! Thanks for making me feel like I am really sane.

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