Fandom Subscription Boxes for Harry Potter Fans

Looking for an amazing gift for a Harry Potter fan? Fandom subscription boxes are pretty much the best thing next to Owl Mail.

CrateJoy Fandom Subscription Boxes review

CrateJoy has a wealth of of amazing boxes perfect for Potterheads, book nerds, and all kinds of geek lovers. Every month my family members and I anxiously await the arrival our subscription boxes. Yup we each have our own! Teddy and I have our own respective bookish boxes (mine’s a YA fandom one and Teddy’s is a picture book one) and the husband has one full of snacks. My sister and the nieces have their own collection of boxes delivered too. Needless to say that we are BIG fans of happy mail.

Amazing fandom subscription boxes for harry potter fans

I’ve talked about some of my favorite bookish boxes before, but to celebrate Fandom month and of course Harry Potter’s birthday I thought it would be fun to share some more. These make amazing gifts and many offer single boxes and short subscriptions for those looking for less of a commitment, but really there’s just something magical about having a happy little surprise to open up every month!

Accio! Box

Accio! Box awesome Harry Potter subscription box for adults

I have to admit I’ve thought about subscribing to Accio! Box many many times. I’m so excited to finally have one in my hands. These boxes are specially curated for adult Harry Potter fans and when you sign up you tell them your Hogwarts House along with your T-shirt size. The Gryffindor print that came in this box is dreamy, the wooden light switch is so cool, and this month there was a pillowcase instead of a shirt how cool is that. Bed pillowcase not throw pillow which I think is even cooler. I have a feeling like a new box might be in my future.

Fizzy Fairy Apothecary Box

fizzy fairy fandom box a monthly subscription box with bathbombs and a geeky theme

There are few things better to me than sitting in a cozy bath with a great book. The Fizzy Fairy Apothecary Box is an monthly apothecary box with a fandom theme. Fun right? The one pictured above is based on The Last Unicorn. Freaking amazing I know. The bath bombs are huge and gorgeous but I think my favorite part of it is that there are 6 full sized fizzers in each box! And I love that even if you are not into the particular fandom of the month you can still really enjoy the box.

Shelflove Crate

Shelflove Crate bookish subscription box

Love to read but don’t know what to read next? Shelflove Crate makes things easy for you. Every month you get a newly released YA fantasy or sci-fi selection complete with an amazing assortment of goodies that fit the book theme taking you on an amazing literary journey. That thing in the cup is a mirror with a quote from one of my favorite book series. Ahhh love it soooo much! This one is jammed packed full of goodies I can’t wait to read the book and see how they relate!

Once Upon a Book Club

Once Upon a Book Club suprise presents that match up to a book as you read

If you’re someone who loves to just dive into a story (or know someone like that) Once Upon a Book Club box is perfect for literary immersion. Aside from the cutest packaging ever, this monthly subscription box sends you a book a long with themed wrapped presents. Each gift corresponds to a page number in the box and you’re supposed to wait to open the appropriate gift for when you get to that page in the box. SO fun right!? I know what I’m reading next! I’ll be sure to share what’s in each pack on my Instagram once I get through the story. As a fun bonus you can snag this one for 10% off if you use the code “CRATEJOY”.


Bookified Monthly Harry Potter letters

I have always said I want more. More stories, more of the Wizarding world, just more. That’s exactly what you get with these monthly letters from Bookified. Each month you receive a letter that fills in the gaps of the Harry Potter stories we all love. This one from James Potter (Harry’s father) is addressed to Sirius and talks all about baby Harry right before the events of the Wizarding War. I’d be lying if I said that my heart didn’t melt just a little bit. This is such a unique idea and would make for a crazy fun gift for die-hard Harry Potter fans. Bonus points that it comes in a simple envelope too.

These five are just a taste of the fun Fandom options that CrateJoy has to offer. I’ve had subscriptions to four of their other bookish boxes that I adored and I’ve scrolled their catalogue and can’t wait to check out even more! If you’re looking for an amazing gift for a book lover or geek I’m telling you happy mail in the form of a subscription box will be a hit.
hands down the best gift for a harry potter fan or book lover

Do you subscribe to any subscription boxes or have you thought about doing so? I’d love to hear about others I should check out!

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    I had never heard of these! How fun! I’m debating between two as gifts!

  4. I had no idea there were so many kinds of awesome subscription boxes like that. I’m totally missing out and love these so much!

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