Easy DIY Bunny Costume and Easter Outfits

Some of my favorite creations have been made at the very last minute. This cute bunny costume is definitely one of them.

Love this easy bunny costume tutorial. Great fast sewing project for Easter or Halloween.

Last Easter I was running behind with everything and all of a sudden the church Easter egg hunt was the next morning. Luckily my fabric hoarding self had everything I needed on hand to make a cute little bunny outfit for my little bunny err bear.

Sweetest bunny costume and only takes 1 hour to sew. Fun for Easter, Halloween or just a cute hat during colder months.

I am especially in love with the little bunny outfit because it reminds me of one of our favorite books I Am A Bunny by Ole Rison and Illustrated by Richard Scary. We discovered it around Easter last year but it has stayed a favorite! It is the sweetest tall board book. I love the story and so does Teddy.i am a bunny fabulous book for little ones for Easter (or really all year around). Plus easy DIY bunny costume

Last year Teddy was just under 1 year old when I made it and I did the smallest size of the All in One Hooded Scarf PDF pattern (so I had immediate access gotta love digital patters!). This is the same pattern I used for Teddy’s crocodile hood for our Naked and Afraid costumes last Halloween. He is still comfortably wearing the hood now at 2 years old. The sizing is pretty generous which works great for a hood but just in case you want a more fitted look you might want to compare a the pattern piece to a hood your kiddo is wearing now before picking your size.

1 hour DIY bunny costume. Easy sewing project for Easter, Halloween, or just a cute anytime hat.

Make A Simple Bunny Costume

Just cut up the pattern and sew according to the pattern. It’s very easy. And to make more of a caplet like I made just add one button and buttonhole at the top corners instead of the two down the front that is shown in the pattern directions. For the bunny tail I made a little circle pattern by tracing a circle from a glass (you could totally free hand it). Then I cut a circle of fleece and safety pinned them onto Teddy’s pants. If you want more of a poof style you could make a large pom pom out of matching yard.

I need this baby bunny hat. 1 hour sewing project good for Easter, Halloween, or any time sewing.

We get comments on this sweet little hood every time Teddy wears it. And I just think Teddy looks SO stinking cute in it so I put it on him all the time. He wears the hood down sometimes while we’re in a store and when we’re about to walk back outside I tell him to “bunny up” to keep his head and ears warm.

1 hour DIY baby bunny hat and tail. Such a cute costume for Easter, Halloween or any time with the hat.

And while I’m sharing last year’s Easter creations I thought I’d share the official Easter outfits. That I made everyone. If you’re still hoping to whip up some festive outfits these are great ones that can be made really fast at the last minute. Ask me how I know ;)

Cute handmade Easter outfits for all the kids. Sewing patterns used listed.

What I used for everyone’s outfits:

Made this bunny outfit the morning of our Easter egg hunt. Little one wears the bunny hat all the time. Easy 1 hour sewing project.

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Early Bird Costume Sale! Gryffindor Student, Pirates, Pebbles and Bam Bam

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As many of you know my fall is full of all kinds of crazy kid costume making. The business in my shop quadruples from about the middle of August to October. And every year I usually have to cut off costume orders very early in October. So I’ve decided to try to encourage early costume ordering I’d have an “early bird costume sale”. I just hate having to say no to people and would love everyone who wants one of my costumes for Halloween to get one.

So until August 15, 2013 I’m offering FREE SHIPPING on any order that includes at least one costume in it. So that means you can buy one Hogwart’s Student Costume and a couple ruffle diaper covers, jumpers, whatever. And since international shipping is SO high and the cut off for Halloween ordering is much earlier this is great for those of you living over seas.

To take advantage of this just use this free shipping code in my etsy shop : COSTUMESALEFS

This year’s baby and toddler costume collection include the following:

I would love any help spreading the word. I’m hoping the more orders I can get fulfilled earlier the more people I don’t have to say no to come October. If you want to spread here are a few places you can just repost what I’ve already shared or feel free to just tell any one you know or forward this post to anyone who might be interested. Thanks so much for the help.


Work In Progress: PAX Prime Video Game Convention Bound

pax prime video game convention - Rae Gun Ramblings

Every year a group of us head out to PAX Prime a huge video game convention held in Seattle, Washington. We, Rotten Musicians, play shows along the way and then pop in to experiences and document the awesome geekiness that is PAX. I love it. While it would be totally poser-ish for me to claim to be a gamer I do enjoy watching others play video games and I absolutely love the gaming culture. But playing along side some people yelling “drop out drop out” ;) no I’d rather be a spectator and play just a little. I think part of my love of video games are the stories. Do you know there are TONS of YA book authors that started out in the video game industry (ahem Margaret Stohl and Marie Lu for example). It makes total sense if you think of the world making that goes into both games and YA lit.

pax prime preparations - Rae Gun Ramblings

I’m am getting so freaking excited for PAX but this year I want to make myself a few game inspired outfits. See this fits both my Sew My Stash goal and my holy moly every one is dressed up I want to play too goal.  So this is the stack of some of what will be going into my little outfits. I know for sure that I want to make a Ms. Pac-Man dress. I’ve got this more or less planned in my head first because my husband is crazy good at Ms. Pac-Man and I just think the imagery in the games is cool and classic. Then I really want a Mario shirt or something I haven’t sorted this out completely yet. And I’m toying around with a third. Let’s hope I can get them done.

Cosplay and Nerdcore at Pax Prime - Rae Gun Ramblings

And just since it’s so so fun here are some of my favorite shots of last year at PAX so you can get the full picture. I love all the cosplayers and seeing the families.

Video Game COnvention Pax - Rae Gun Ramblings

We always love the nerdcore sessions since we have a bunch of video game inspired geek songs. And it’s so fun meeting the designers of the games and seeing what they are working on. But I think my absolute favorite is seeing all the new indie games that are coming out. It’s a fun adventure and I can’t wait for it to be time to head up to PAX again but first I’ve got some sewing to do.


Princess Festival and The Story of a Dress

utah princess festiva - rae gun ramblings

Once upon a time there were two princesses. They got a fancy invitation to a grand Princess Festival from their friend Princess S of the land of Housewife Eclectic. The two little princesses were so excited. Little Princess L said she’d wear her sparkle gown that she got for her last birthday but poor Princess T had outgrown all her fancy dresses so they commissioned the castle tailor to make something up for the special event. Like all fancy occasions there were only a few days warning and the tailor was already booked with work.

So the day before the Princess Festival the tailor set to work on Princess T’s Sleeping Beauty dress. She fought with the fabric. She worked late into the night and when she went to fit the skirt to the top the skirt was too small. So she cut off some of the skirt only to find that she no longer had enough fabric for the fancy waist band for the skirt. Alas she decided only to put the band in the front. Tired both literally and of the task, the royal tailor threw the collar together by stabilization some fabric with heat bond and hand tacked it to the dress.

Sleeping Beauty Costume - Rae Gun Ramblings

She was so nervous about Princess T trying it on but when she did the little princess loved it and the tailor thought it turned out a lot better than she expected considering all the mistakes and late night redos. So together they traveled to the land of Thanksgiving Point to meet with their friends Princess S of Housewife Eclectic and the Princesses A and S of Utah Sweet Savings.

princess festival - Rae Gun Ramblings

There was much giggling and twirling and meeting other lovely princesses. Practically every princess imaginable was in attendance from Cinderella to the Princess and the Pea to new princesses.

Captain Hook and Peter Pan - Rae Gun Ramblings

There were also some fine gentlemen including the charming Captain Hook who won their hearts. Girls always fall for the bad boys. Not to be forgotten was the spunky Peter Pan who danced with each girl through the night, and by night I mean day, and by dance I mean swung the girls from rock to rock over and over and over again.

Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter - Rae Gun Ramblings

The princesses followed a maze to tea with the Mad Hatter, Alice and more. They made some crafts and colored.

Thanksgiving Point Princess Festival - Rae GUn Ramblings

There were quest of all sorts including dragon hunting where songs were learned and adventure was had as well as some entertaining theater.

princess festival and handmade costumes - Rae Gun Ramblings

After meeting so many fancy people the princesses indulged in fine delicacies of Snow Cones and listened to Princess Kadesia read a story.

princess festival carriage ride - Rae Gun Ramblings

Finally the princesses finished the festival with a horse drawn carriage ride looking forward to more fun next year. And the Castle tailor finally got some sleep. The End.

Circus Baby Shower Gift and Bedroom Inspriation

I use baby showers as excuses to come up with new items for the shop. I love that part of it all, the creating, the pattern and pallet mixing but with everything else that goes with running the shop and filling orders I rarely find time for it.

So the night before the shower (as is always the case with gifts and personal sewing projects) I made these. I started with the little swing top and wrap around bottoms set but I just was so in love with the fabric that I kept going. The patterns screamed for something happy like balloons so next came the onesie and I figure a girl can never have too many clothes so I made a pair of red bloomers too for good measure.

The fabrics just grabbed me and I started imagining a vintage circus or carnival and then I started thinking that I do really adore these colors (especially the turquoise and red) and I really do love the fabrics (and what do you know I have a whole bolt of the colorful print and the turquoise) and then it hit me, this is what I’ll use for my bedroom.

I have plans I tell you. The old plans I wasn’t so excited about so nothing ever happened. But this, I feel inspired. My bedroom will no longer be a old white down blanket (meant to go in a duvet) and empty white walls. I think I can do it now. Yeah I’ve said it before. I totally admit to decorators anxiety I feel like I’m the only one in all of blog land with this problem, everyone elses houses are so gorgeous and beautified, my walls are so empty really I need help! I get so so insecure about any idea and for goodness sakes is just decor I could change it any time but I still over think it insanely. But I’m hoping this one will stick because I’m excited.

Any ways I adored how these baby sets came out. They are in the shop if you like them too. And now you have a sort of sneak peak to my bedroom project. And as an extra bonus I recently learned how to balance on all fours on an exercise ball. Believe it or not but that tidbit is a hint to something that will be in the room. Wish me luck. And yes my friend did seem to like the gifts for her little girl.

Upcycled Shirt Dresses

I’ve been wanting some new clothes but just haven’t clicked with anything I’ve seen in the stores lately so I decided to go through my bag of stuff to take to the thrift store and my ridiculously huge fabric stash and make myself some more upcycled shirt dresses. My work room gets pretty toasty so it’s nice to have these light weight super comfy dresses just to throw on.

This one is my absolute favorite.  I loved this tee that I got from Target. It fit great and was super comfy and soft. But after the first wash it shrunk up a.lot. arggg I so hate that. I’ve had the red fabric for a few years back when I was in a fabric coop.

I loved this tank top, also another up-shrinker. And I’m not sure why but I bought an entire bolt of this octopus fabric. It coordinates perfectly with some mermaid fabric which I also have a bolt of uggg. I’ve made a few things for the shop but people don’t seem to like them in fact I think my mom hates the mermaid one. I kept on trying to get the girls to use the mermaid for their air plane pillows, since I had so much but my mom kept discouraging it haha. I like this dress alright by it’s my least favorite of the three and I kind of feel like I should be on the Magic School bus when I wear it.

This used to be one of my favorite tops but over time extra pounds and shrinking up it just wasn’t wearable. This was another case of oh look I bought a whole bolt of that fabric syndrome. I realized after making 4 of these that I like my skirt size to be 22 inches tall by 36 inches wide. On the bottom two I used 22 by 44 (since the direction of the print was flipped and instead of cutting it down I just used it all) but I think they’re a bit poofier than I like.

Here’s my full tutorial if you are interested in making your own.

Naughty Time: Easter Dresses

We had a great lazy Easter. The weather was pretty perfect. After church we headed to my in-laws (yup my whole family and theirs) for a fun lunch and hanging out. When I took the dresses over to the naughties on Friday night L said “I told you I like purple” but then quickly seemed happy with the pink and brown dress.

T who is far more fun to give things to immediately told me how much she liked the dress and how pretty it was and started stripping to try it on. And since the girls’ karate belt testing was the next day they started doing karate in their dresses. It reminded me of some of my fantasy books where the little princesses are skilled and deadly fighters. Okay maybe I’m the only one who thinks that’s awesome but I do.

The girls did a Easter egg hunt on Saturday with our church but sincw we thought they weren’t going to make it because of the belt testing we had already prepped a hunt for Sunday. Also the bunny apparently made an appearance at their house. After the Sunday hunt L turned to me and said “when are we going to your house”. Knowing how her little brain works I explained that the Easter bunny was done for the year and he was not going to my house since he knew we were going to be at that house for Easter. Oh dear.

And as far as the dresses go. I know I’ve been on a flutter sleeve kick but I like them and these picky girls aren’t fans of sleeves that touch their arms so it works. I’m pretty happy with how the dresses turned out and the girls seemed to like them. I’ve been wanting to do a bustle back dress in my lack of time I did a pseudo bustle thing that I think ended up being even better as far as function goes. I took a bunch of processes pictures so I hope to eventually write a tutorial of sorts for these dresses.

Show and Tell: Water Princess Dress

As I shared last week T is insanely obsessed with being a Waterbender. She also has outgrown all her princess dresses and as you probably know, no girl should be without a princess dress. So I thought it would be fun to make her a dress with water on it. I think it turned out really fun.

I sewed 1/8 inch strips of elastic into the back since I wanted the dress to last a while. Plus I hate spending the money on zippers.

For the waves I just made some iron on fabric and put it on before I sewed up the skirt. And then I top stitched it.

I really love how the sleeves turned out. I think they are my favorite part. Any ways I just wanted to share this little creation with you guys.

Show and Tell: American Girl Doll Winter Coat and Fun Outfit

I made a coat! Albeit a little coat but I finally did it. I’ve got a little friend (I’ve mentioned her before here and here) who is really into the whole American girl doll thing. Well when I was trying to figure out what she might like for Christmas I remembered the year that my mom paid a gal to make us a bunch of really cool Barbie clothes and we thought they were SO cool. Since I’m a pattern horder (not so much a user but horder none-the-less) I had a few 18 inch doll patterns on hand.

After a quick look at my scrap fabric I decided on a coat, and a little top and skirt outfit. I knew the skirt would be a breeze but I’ve only done collars once, under the supervision of my sewing teacher and that was like 4 years ago. I kinda followed the pattern. I use patterns more for inspiration and a starting point for sizing than anything else. I find that patterns are usually are miserable for sizing people but the items fit the doll great!

It took me a while since it was all new but it was pretty easy. There was one part of the coat and shirt that had to do with the collar that I totally didn’t get. Like I started at it for an hour tried some stuff for another half hour and then just gave up and did it how I thought might work and it was fine. I haven’t ever done doll clothes nor this style of a jacket and top so it was a little slower than most stuff for me (it took me probably around 4-6 hours). To me that’s a long project since I’m a pretty fast and competent seamstress. I can make a dress for myself in less time than that. But of course there’s a learning code of doing something new.

It’s not perfect but I’m happy with it and so was the little recipient. She’s in the middle of editing The Wizard of Oz script and has plans of making a movie with her dolls based on her edits. Creative cookie right? I hope to make her more outfits, maybe some for her movies, it was fun and she really like them.

p.s. sorry about the crummy pics I took them very long after dark right before we left to deliver the gift.

Best of 2011: Reader’s Top Five

Can you believe this is the last week on 2011. My oh my how the last two months (not to mention the entire year) flew by! Just for fun, and for those of you who may not have been hanging around all year I wanted to do a few best of 2011 posts. Today I’m doing the most popular posts from 2011 later this week I’ll do my personal favorites. I hope you enjoy these oldies but goodies! By far, my most popular post of this past year was my tutorial for quick envelope pillow cases.

I also made a fun lego storm trooper shirt for a little friend’s birthday. His Star Wars Birthday Party was so stinking fun and cute I had to do a right up about the whole thing. My friend made awesome costumes, a crazy cake and all kind of games for her little’s party.

In one of my many odes to my never dying love for all things Harry Potter I made this fun Hogwarts Bound Baby Outfit for a friend’s new little lady and I also added them to my shop here.

I jumped on the book page craft band wagon and mad this fun Upcycled Book Page Wreath. Cheap, quick and easy, my kind of home decor!

And last but not least I shared a super scrumptious recipe for Eclair Cake. Seriously it’s really good you should make it. It’s been a good year, thanks for letting me share it with you!