Rae Gun Finds: Harry Potter Birthday

(patronus poster from 3lambsgraphics)
Harry Potter’s Birthday is July 31st. Yes I’m having a party to celebrate. Yes I’m obsessed with all things Potter. So in celebration of Harry’s birthday week I present a few of my favorite Potter inspired goodies from Etsy. Also I’m still trying to figure my menu and decorations so if you have any fun ideas for food or decor let me know.

1. Marauder’s Map tee
2. Liquid Luck necklace
3. Gryffindor hair clips
4. Hogwarts class ring ( I want this SOOO bad)
5. Harry Head earrings
6. Charm Necklace
7. Hogwarts Decal
8. Expecto Patronum charm
9. Harry Hat


  1. Let me know what I can bring to the party! I’m super excited!

    I was also eyeing that Hogwarts ring. And wouldn’t it be fun to collect some of these charms and have a whole HP charm bracelet?

  2. That poster is AWESOME.

  3. I LOVE Harry Potter!
    The shirt is awsome!!!!!!

    For food, you can try making treacle tart. Hogwarts has lots of yummy things on the menue. You can make cupcakes with HP decoration or Honeyduke’s look alike candies…

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