Readers’ Top 5 Favorite Post of 2010

I know we’re totally in 2011 but I didn’t want to miss out in the fun of looking back on some of you’re favorite posts of 2010. Also since I know a lot of you weren’t around when some of these were originally posted I thought it would be fun to share what others liked. Any ways I am looking forward to a craftiful delicious 2011.

 1. Coupon Holder Tutorial

2. Great Harvest Cinnaburst Bread Copy Cat Recipe

3. Anthropologie Inspired Headband Tutorial

4. Harry Potter Craft Day

 5. White Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake Recipe

p.s. if you didn’t know if you’re on blogger you can see your stats in when you are writing a post (it’s the right most tab at the top) also you can sign up for google analytics for free so that it tracks all kinds of crazy information about your own blog. It’s actually really fun and interesting to see what people were most drawn to.


  1. I love checking out google stats! My favorite feature is where they show you what countries people came from, I’m only missing a few in africa and North korea (..won’t be holding my breath for a visit from north korea)

    That bread looks amazing

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