Star Wars Birthday Party

Our little friend Stryder is obsessed with Star Wars. And his mama the super crafty talented Jana of Stray Button went all out. She made the family costumes and had a bunch of kid activities. I was so impressed. The party was really fun and the games, unlike most party games, were accessible to the little guys. There were some great ideas that would be fun for any Star Wars birthday party.

First she had Jedi training. Each of the kiddos got a card and when they “passed” the training they received a sticker on their card. The first training was just like when Luke was training in the first movie. She made this awesome paper mache thingy on a string. It was fabulous.


At the next station the kids were supposed to move the objects with the force. She had this big plate and magnets underneath so it looked like they were moving it with the force. Clever eh?

For the last station the kids threw a bean bag into the death star. And she’s so smart she put a bowl in the hole so you didn’t have to go find the bean bag or move things to get behind board. She even had cute little prompts for the adults manning the stations to read.

When they completed their training they were rewarded with lightsabers. Just fun noodles cut in half with black duck tape on the ends. I think these homemade lightsabers were ingenious. The kids had a blast beating eachother  play fighting with them.

Her cake was adorable. A bunch of lightsabers, blueberries and characters. Isn’t she so cute?And I’ve never seen this kind of pinata before but it was awesome. Darth Vader of course but instead of trying to get 3 year olds to beat it open they took turns pulling on a string and one pulled the latch open. And what’s even better you can reuse it or have it in take just for fun later.

We split a gift with my sister, but I couldn’t resist and make him a Star Wars Lego Stormtrooper shirt as well. My tute on how to do freezer paper stenciling is here and here’s my new and improved tute.

(picture borrowed from Jo)

It was really fun, and the cutest part was that the dads (and the Uncles) seemed like they had their dreams come true in a Star Wars party.

Super cute Star Wars party. Great doable ideas and activities at Rae Gun Ramblings

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  1. What a great birthday party. I wish I would have had one of those as a kid! Love the tutorial for the shirt. I must try it.

  2. Awesome! So much fun!

  3. I LOVE this post as my son is currently obsessed with Star Wars. Would you share where you got your Lego storm trooper stencil? I would love to make my son a shirt.



  4. Great job on the stormtrooper shirt!! From a mom of Lego and Star Wars lovers, I vow to you. :)

  5. Lucky, lucky children. This looks like you had a ball. The outfits are vey well done -wow!

  6. Wow! I want to go to that party! How awesome!

    Thanks for sharing!


  7. Wow what a fun party! My boys are into doctor who, but I could use your ideas & just change the theme. Thanks!

  8. This is beyond awesome!

  9. What an awesome party. I know my boys would love to have a party like that. I am also TOTALLY in love with the lego Star wars tshirt you made. Could you tell me where you got that picture? I have made a few tshirts with the freezer paper and I know my boys would love to have a tshirt like that. Would you mind emailing me? My address is: Pauline at tinkertoys dot net

  10. thanks all. for those of you wondering about the stencil I just traced it from another person’s stencil but really my image is actually more clear than hers was. I just used sure cuts a lot and traced it in there so I don’t have a jpeg but if you click on my image you can either trace it on the screen or print it out. hope that helps

  11. AMAZING details! You all look AWESOME!!

    I would love it if you added this to our “Strut Your Stuff Sunday” link party!! And of course any other projects you’d like to share!! :) We appreciate it! Thanks for sharing!


  12. Wow, I so like the laser sword !

  13. Looks like you all had a great time! I love that youball dressed up!

  14. This looks awesome!

  15. Wow! Your friends really did go all out! I love the Princess Leia costume and the Death Star game! Off to check out your tute for the shirt!

    Visiting by way of the linky party at Someday Crafts!

    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  16. Great party and SUCH A cute shirt!

  17. You are the coolest mom ever!!! I love the fact that the adults dressed up too and the shirts are too, too cute.

  18. Um…coolest mom ever award goes to YOU!!! Love that you all dressed up! I love the games! But that t-shirt you made for your little guy…totally rocks!

    I would love for you to stop by and link the tshirt up to my new diy fashion linky party called DIY Diva Thursdays! We party until Monday, so you have plenty of time to stop by. Hope to see you!


  19. This is a dream party. For me. Haha, I hope my kids like Star Wars as much as me so I can do this! The lego tee looks smashing!

  20. Great job!
    I had a SW party for my son earlier this year too. Could have used some of those ideas! So great!
    I especially love the t-shirt. MUST make one!

  21. Wow just stumbled onto your blog … Fab idea! Loved the ideas for party games too!!

  22. Love your party ideas! My boys would go crazy if I had a party like this for them. Thanks for linking up at DIY Thrifty Thursday! Your ideas were featured this week, stop by and grab an “I was featured” button! :) Hope to see you again this week.

  23. This is really fabulous. I would love for you to stop by My Dream Canvas as I am hosting a giveaway!

  24. I Love the shirt! Where did you get the actual stencil I know you used freezer paper but I’ve got to make one and I’m not an artist.

  25. I made the stencil from this image. I saved the pictures from another site, shoot I’m on a different computer so I don’t have the booki mark and then traced it in sure cuts a lot for my cricut but you could just as easily print it and then use an exacto knife. But actually my image is a little more clear than hers was.

  26. Hello, Could you tell me if you made the brown Jedi boots or just bought them? Trying to make a costume for my little guy for his Star Wars party! Any help would be great! Thanks!

  27. Denise your account is sent so I can’t reply :( but in case you check back I think my friend made them

  28. This is such a cute and genius idea! My brothers would absolutely love to do this. Thank you for sharing!
    -Bella from

  29. Hi I’m loving this party as I’m planning my daughters 3rd bday party a Star Wars one. Where did you find that kind of piñata!

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