TTT: Some of My Favorite Bookish Memories

This week I’m sharing some of my favorite bookish memories and linking them up over at The Broke and the Bookish.

I keep meaning to tell you book folk that find your way over here that I have a weekly What We Wore, Read, and Made Link party that goes live every Tuesday night and I would love you to link up your TTT posts, book reviews or really any posts you’re proud of there too. I know a lot of my crafty readers really appreciate getting to know about more awesome books and book blogs. Last week’s is still open if you want to link anything up now but I’ll have a new one up this Tuesday evening.

On to the memories…

  • One of my earliest book memories is reading Little Women in the back of a Jeep in Thailand during a family vacation trying to finish as the sun was setting before I lost light. I think that was my first time I was so sucked into a book that I can remember.
  • Going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. You can see my picture and thoughts from it in my post here. But really it was SO amazing to set into this world that I had grown to love.
  • The many frantic phone calls between my sister and I to discuss books and the decisions our favorite characters were making and the conundrums there were in most notably the Mara Dyer books and The Infernal Devices books.
  • One Summer in college I did a study abroad term in Oxford and one of the highlights was popping in and out their many libraries. It was so cool. Reading and studying all day in awesome libraries it was pretty great.
  • My first book signing which happened to be with Veronica Roth. I was the most ridiculous fangirl of all time.
  • When I made myself Molly Weasley’s Clock from the Harry Potter books. I thought I was SO awesome and then I typed up the blog post, pushed publish and realized how high I had just flown my geek flag. Luckily there are plenty of book nerds to share my craziness.
  • I’ve always said that books are like vacations. When you find someone who’s read a book you loved it’s that same awesome experience as finding someone who has traveled to somewhere you love. And likewise with places you didn’t enjoy and books that didn’t impress. So I’ve got to say every time I find meet someone new or discover in an old friend a shared book love. It’s kind of the best thing ever. I’ve been totally adoring the online book club I started last month.

And  a few book memories I would love to add to my list

  • Stalking the filming of the Divergent movie in Chicago. I really am tempted to do this. Kinda crazy or kinda awesome?
  • Okay this is going to sound rediculous to some of you but I really want to have a picnic with girl friends where we dress up and regency dresses and read books in a field with baskets of treats. 
  • I desperately want to have a Midnight dinner inspired by The Night Circus. I’m pretty sure this is going to happen. 

And it’s not bookish but I’m super duper proud of my post from yesterday if you’re bored. You know those heart pendants made from your spouse and your finger print? I made my own fingerprint heart necklace and tutorial.


    1. I spent a good portion of my list admitting exactly how nerdy I am. Thankfully, it was good fun. Making Molly Weasley’s clock is pretty awesome though!

    2. WHAT that clock is amazing! I just bookmarked it for future crafting ventures. Thank you for sharing and for making a tutorial!

      Pretty Deadly Reviews

    3. An Oxford memory is an impressive one to have!

    4. I love your list! That clock is AMAZING! I must make it! :)
      My Top Ten

    5. I would say stalking the Divergent filming in Chicago is kinda awesome x) If I was able to do that… I probably would, haha.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog!
      Chelsea Maya @ Books Turn Brains

    6. omg Veronica Roth as your first signing? Amazing! Also, studying abroad in Oxford!! All your bookish memories sound fantastic, thanks so much for sharing. Love that you made Molly’s clock.

    7. What fun memories! That’s so cool that you’ve been to the WW of HP. I wanted to do that for my 15th anniversary this year, but our money gets to go elsewhere. One of these days, I will go.

      My Top Ten Tuesday Post

    8. Divergent is filming in Chicago?!!?!?! You should go stalk it. Heck, I’m tempted to visit my parents and see if I can see anything shooting. :) And, I love your Molly Weasley clock! VERY cool! I like your picnic idea too! Fun!

    9. I AM NOW DETERMINED TO MAKE THAT CLOCK. It’s AMAZING. I’m so jealous you got to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And I really hope you get to make all three of your prospective reading memories, because they all three sounding ridiculously amazing. I’ve always wanted to dress up in regency dresses just because.

      My TTT

    10. I would totally join you in an all regency picnic. Love those dresses and romances just don’t get any better than regency ones. Especially Georgette Heyer. Have you read any of hers?

    11. I just stumbled upon a teen author who writes regencies–with magic! Marissa Doyle. Have you read any of hers?

    12. I love your Little Women memory! I’m now thinking that I should have mentioned that book in my list, since it was the first book to make me cry. And I am super jealous of your mad crafting skills. That clock is amazing!

    13. Thanks for the heads up about the link party! What a great idea :)

      OOHHHHHHMYGOD!!!!!!! HOW COULD I FORGET WIZARDING WORLD!?!?!??! Omg. I need to give back my “fan” title… holy jeez… wow.. I’m so ashamed I forgot… :(

      And that’s a pretty EPIC first book signing.. with Veronica!

      Great list :D Thanks for stopping by!

      Michele | TTT

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