Best YA Reads of 2013 So Far

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I can’t believe that the year is half over. It’s just crazy. Today I’m going to share what I think are the Best YA reads of 2013 so far. I’d love to hear what your favorites are too. These are all books I’ve read in 2013 that have also been released this year. All of these books are special. I’ve read a lot of good books that were entertaining but all of these have something extra special with them. If you haven’t read them yet I can’t recommend them enough.  I’m also including a few bonus reads that weren’t released this year but I read and loved them this year! Linking up with the Broke and Bookish.

  1. Parallel – This was my favorite book this year the idea just blew me away. Think fun contemporary but time traveling sci-fi bits. It’s like a reverse Ground’s Hog Day idea where every day the main character wakes up and her yesterdays have changed which obviously impact what she’s doing today. In addition to awesome ideas it’s got a great story and it’s a nice stand alone.
  2. Dark Triumph – I never know what to think of a sequel told from another character’s perceptive but this was an absolutely fabulous book in the His Fair Assassins series. Life in a castle, political intrigue, teen assassin nuns, with plenty of romance. And might I say refreshing realistic honorable romance not the instalove/shallow stuff that most YA books tout.
  3. Pretty Girl -13 – one of the only books I’ve read in a day and it was great. Super super intense kind of rough content but it never lost hope. A super fascinating story reminiscent of Elizabeth Smart’s story.
  4. Dualed – everyone is born a twin and some time before you be come an adult  your time comes up and you have 30 days to kill your Alternate or be killed. Only one of you can survive. This book is full of action and keep me interested the whole time.
  5. Transparent – My new favorite super hero story. If you like stories about kids with powers and great friendships check this one out.
  6. The Ward – Think speed racer on the water with a dystopian set up, rampant disease, and a little bit of American folklore. I adored this one.
  7. Indigo Spell – Oh  how I love Adrian. The third book in the Bloodlines series, the spin off of Vampire academy kept me laughing and interested the whole time. I love seeing Sydney develop new abilities and Adrian well you can’t ever get enough of Adrian.
  8. Clockwork Princess – What a fabulous ending to the Infernal Devices series. Really I absolutely loved it I was smiling and crying and over joyed with happiness at the end. Yes it sounds ridiculous but it was so so good.
  9. The Program – There is a teen suicide epidemic and to keep it under control you are sent to The Program if  you show the smallest hint of depression. Each day in school you answer questions about your mental state and you watch as friends and siblings get taken away or kill themselves. It’s intense but even with the heavy content not depressing. It’s a story of survival and love and it’s awesome.
  10. Siege and Storm – Part pirate adventure, love story, kingdom in crisis and more. This book is exactly what a sequel should be. Siege and Storm builds on Shadow and Bone not just filling the space before the end of the story but giving us more (characters, plot lines, twists) I absolutely loved it!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I loved Clockwork Princess, too and cried at the end also! It was the perfect ending. Loved that series!

  2. I really enjoyed Parallel, and I want to read The Ward! :) My TTT list:

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

  3. Siege and Storm is on my list, too! I can’t get over how amazing it was. I also really enjoyed The Program, the ending of the book especially. Happy reading and wonderful choices!

  4. Dualed, Transparent, Parallel, The Ward!! I want to read them all!!!! Great list.

  5. I haven’t read many books that came out this year, but The Program is definitely on my list. I’ll have to look into the others; great list.

  6. The Program was so good! The description on the back doesn’t do it justice. It is about so much more than a dystopian world. Love it. It’s on my list too as is Parallel. If you haven’t read Pivot Point and loved Parallel I would highly recommend it.

    Great list.

  7. Pretty Girl 13 is on my list as well TBR. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Em really needs to get on reading THE INDIGO SPELL! Glad you enjoyed it!

  9. I really liked Pretty Girl-13 but I felt like I couldn’t put that and If You Find Me on my list and I liked If You Find Me more. And I really need to read Parallel, I must remember that!

    My TTT

  10. JaneEllen says:

    I found Marley and me at the thrift store.I laughed so hard til the end. I knew what happened but it still made me cry too. I found it to be a very entertaining book, the things that Marley did were just a riot. Not to live with I’m sure but to read sure was.
    We had to have a precious dog put to sleep 4 yrs ago so I knew how hard it was.

  11. Ooh I want to read Transparent so bad! I’m excited to meet her in July at Provo Library (are you going?). And heck yes to Clockwork Princess. I picked that one too. :) I haven’t read Siege and Storm and everyone has it on their list. I’ve been waiting for a year to read it! I’m so reading it next. Great list :)

  12. Dark Triumph topped my list! I wasn’t really excited about the concept by The Program but after seeing it on so many lists I might give it a try!

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