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I am a series girl. Not that I can’t appreciate good standalone books but if I really love a book it’s hard for me not to want more. The problem is that not all sequels are created equally. I’m said to say there have just been too many times where I read the second book in a series only to think, well I’m glad I got more of those characters and that world but it just felt like a filler. Like a bit of space before the end of the story. Do you know what I mean? So when I read a sequel that stands out to be as good or even better than the 1st awesome book I remember it. Here are my Top Ten Best Sequels. Each of of these were fantastic on their own. While they build on the story that was established in the first book they give more of what I loved in book one plus added making them stand on their own in awesomeness.

  • The Crown of EmbersGirl of Fire and Thorns series by Rae Carson – When I read the second book I thought now this is what a series should be! The final book is out and they are ALL fantastic. Great fantasy, strong unique characters, romance.
  • Siege and StormThe Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo – I’ve never read books like these before. Crazy adventure, a whole new world, one of the best villains ever, and a story that goes in all kinds of great and unpredictable directions. Fantasy and adventure at it’s best.
  • Scarlet – Luna Chronicles by Marissa Meyer – When I learned that Scarlet would focus on Scarlet and not Cinder who I had grown to love I was nervous. But each book focuses on a different character and fairy tale retelling but you still get enough of what you loved in book one plus more new greatness. I love the spins on these classic tales. Great Sci-fi meets fairy tale.
  • Ender’s ShadowShadow Series by Orson Scott Card – So after Ender’s Game came the rest of the Ender’s books which aren’t my favorite but then the spin-off that also builds on Ender’s Game starts a series that I absolutely love. Ender’s Shadow follows the same timeframe as Ender’s Game but it is told through Beans perspective and it is AWWWWWESSSSSSOOOOMMMEE.
  • FireGraceling series by Kristin Cashore – These books all happen in the same world but at different time frames and they focus on different characters. They are some of my favorite books and book 2 Fire is my favorite out of all of them although all 3 are great.
  • Where She WentIf I Stay by Gale Foreman – These contemporary books deal with tough things but they are beautiful all the same.  The second book is SO different than the first book but it was just as great if not better.
  • Dark TriumphHis Fair Assassins by Robin LaFevers – This was another that made me nervous when I learned that book two was not focused on the same main character and love interest but I was pleasantly surprised. The richness of mature (read healthy not sex) romance, adventure, and awesomeness in both books blew me away. I hope this series never ends.
  • Clockwork PrinceInfernal Devices by Cassandra Clare – While I wasn’t over the moon about book one book two completely stole my heart and then book 3 (Clockwork Princess) had me speechless and overwhelmed with happiness. The character development was just fantastic. Yes I love the shadowhunter world, the fighting the paranormal fun, and romance, but the friendships and characters are really what get me about this sequel and finale.
  • It’s Not Summer Without YouSummer books by Jenny Han – Book two is my absolute favorite in this contemporary series. I loved watching the development of Belly over the years through all three books but I just adored book 2. While it’s a great beachy read there are so many levels of relationships (family, friends and romance that really pulled me in).
  • FrostbiteVampire Academy by Richelle Mead – I mentioned before how book one of the series is kinda weak but Frostbite jumps right into things and it’s why so many of us absolutely rave about about the Vampire Academy series.
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  1. I seriously almost added It’s Not Summer Without You to my list. I love that series! I love that we have a few of the same books on our list. Great minds…

    ~Sara @ Just Another Story

  2. I am seriously obsessed with the Graceling series! The only reason Fire wasn’t on my list is because I would have a hard time picking a favourite out of that group haha (and go read Crown of midnight! Go do it now!)

  3. Love Ender’s Shadow and the other books in that series. Ender’s Game is my favorite, but the Shadow series are my favorite after that…more so than the “real” sequels to Ender’s game.

  4. I have one of the Jenny Hann’s books from the Summer series on my list too.

  5. I love your montage. :) That looks really cool.

  6. I’ve been seeing It’s Not Summer Without You on A LOT of lists. I tried reading the first one and couldn’t get into it at all, but maybe I just wasn’t reading it at the right time. I usually LOVE contemporary, so it’s kind of strange that I wasn’t into this one. I might have to give it a second try.

  7. I really need to read Dark Triumph!

  8. Omg, so many good books. The Grisha Trilogy has literally been on every list. I haven’t read it yet, but after seeing it everywhere today, I’m definitely going to be moving it up on the TBR list. Scarlet and Crown of Embers made my list as well! I just finished Bitter Kingdom and cried so hard. I am so not ready to leave the characters behind. I really like Dark Triumph, but I liked Grave Mercy a smidge better so it didn’t make my list. Still really good tho! Infernal Devices and Mortal Instruments are both amazing series. Cassandra Clare is a genius. And I really want to read the Graceling series, VA, and Gayle Forman’s stuff. Oooh and I need to read Ender’s Game before the movie comes out! Okay, gotta go read now or I’ll never finish my TBR list before I die…

  9. Seige and Storm gave me aneurysms! ANEURYSMS! It took me two weeks to read it because I had to keep putting it down and breathing. I was seriously freaking out.
    That being said, I LOVED IT.

  10. I am totally agree about Frostbite and The infernal devices – books :) Love your list :)

  11. I’ve only read two of these (the rest I still need to read the first book’s for!) and…I didn’t like them too much. And it’s kind of crazy, because they seem to be favorites this year and loved by a LOT of people. And that would be…SIEGE AND STORM and SCARLET. But I’ll still read RUIN AND RISING and CRESS!

  12. I am hoping to read Frostbite this week at some point – and I am making it my mission to read Siege & STorm and Scarlet VERY soon. Although I may need to reread or find a super detailed review of Shadow & Bone prior to Siege – it’s been so long! I am reading Girl of Fire & Thorns next month for BOTM in a Goodreads group – so excited :)

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