Sew Our Stash: Top It Off and Great Summer Sewing Inspiration

Sew Our Stash Handmade sewing challenge and inspiration

This was one of those months that if we weren’t doing Sew Our Stash I know I wouldn’t have made myself anything. Even though one of my tops was almost finished weeks ago and the other took less than half an hour to throw together. All I can say is thank goodness Sew Our Stash is back in effect!

DIY Etiquette and Espionage shirt

This month the theme was “tops” and I made myself two shirts that I actually really like! The gray one was made using Sew Caroline’s Top. I really like it but I can’t decide if it’s flattering or not.

Super cute DIY shirt inspired by Gail Carriger's finishing school books

It’s a bit boxy which I like but am not sure if that works with my body. I adore the high low hemline that’s for sure. When I make the next one I’m going to try and fiddle with the darts a bit more but I mean do we really need to “fit” nursing boobs?

DIY Sugar pop shirt

This shirt is an ode to Gail Carriger’s Finishing School books which starts with Etiquette and Espionage. The books take place at a spy training school disguised as a finishing school “MADEMOISELLE GERALDINE’S FINISHING ACADEMY FOR YOUNG LADIES OF QUALITY”. The books are all kinds of stem punk, sassy girl, adventured filled fun I HIGHLY recommend the audiobooks.


For my second top I made the Hey June Lane Raglan. I made the Union St. Tee last year (Hunger Games Style) and loved that and this pattern was no exception. Fits great and super fast and easy to sew up.

super easy DIY women's raglan shirt

The pattern is written with a band around the hem but I skipped that. I didn’t add any length to it and it still worked. Next time I make it I’ll probably make the cuff on the sleeve smaller or just lengthen the sleeve and hem it with my favorite knit hemming trick.

Awesome buffalo plaid women's raglan shirt.

So there you go we’re back at it!!!! On a month where were were crazy busy and the baby was sick and teething terribly I still succeeded in making stuff for myself that I love.

Super easy to wear and make DIY raglan for adults

Have I mentioned that I love Sew Our Stash? Don’t forget to visit Bev to see what she sewed for herself!
Sew Our Stash Schedule Square-01

We would love to have you join us and sew at least one thing for yourself next month. Our theme is “Closet Copy”. You know how there are those items you wish you had  a bunch of or that are just old but you wish you could find again? Well we hope to solve that problem. We’re taking some of our favorites from our own closets and trying to copy them. Fun right?

Great things to sew for yourself this summer. DIY womens fashion sewing tutorials

Quarter Circle Skirt | V Neck Color Block Shirt | Pleated Dress | Knit Pencil Skirt | Free Women’s Tee Pattern | Swing Dress | Pleated Pencil Skirt | Color Block Skirt | Jersey Dolman Top

And for some inspiration here are some fun and easy to wear DIY Summer Sewing Tutorials. Bev is sharing her own picks for Summer Sewing so make sure to hop over.

Let’s connect! You can also find me hanging out here.




  1. Cute tops! I have fallen off the wagon when it comes to sewing for myself. Perhaps “Sew Our Stash” will get me motivated again! Thanks! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Marissa! Your tops are both so cute! They look great on you too! I’ve been eyeing that Sew Caroline top, I’m going to have to get that one.
    I’m so glad we’ve started back up, I’m with you, if we hadn’t been doing SOS I wouldn’t have sewn any tops this month. Yay for being back!

  3. Hi, newbie here. Do you have a facebook, pinterest, or flickr group to show off what we make as we sew along with you?

  4. CindyM in Oregon says:

    Both of you ladies (Bev and Marissa) are so talented. I just can’t seem to sew clothes for myself. It’s very difficult when you are Larger than large up top. It’s hard to find ready made as well. But, I admire your abilities.

  5. Oh my Gosh!! I love that Raglan shirt. I was so afraid of the raglan sleeve but did two last month and I’m in love. Just a new follower and did my first Sew Our Stash as a part of my Me Made May. So excited for next month.

  6. Pauline says:

    Great tops – I am just starting to experiment with Knit fabric. I love wearing it but have not made anything for myself with it. I have made pjs for my grandchildren with knit because they love the feel of it.

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