Sew Our Stash: Closet Copy

DIY stripe knit dress

This week’s Sew Our Stash is all about copying our closet favorites. You know that shirt or dress that you love and want more of. Whether they don’t make that style or we ahem already have every color and print they do make Bev and I challenged ourselves and you guys to copy at least one thing from our closets.

Awesome easy to wear DIY stripe knit dress. Flattering for many body types.

I’ve had this green dress for almost 10 years now. It’s totally stretched out and the fabric is all pilly and bally. And I bought it when I was literally 50 lbs lighter. I’m totally not exaggerating. It’s so easy to wear and even with all the different shapes my life and body have taken in the last 10 years this dress has been a work horse.

Green Knit Dress

You might think that it is just standard knit dress. And you would be right. I bought it at one of those cheap stores targeted at high schoolers. But do you notice the length. I don’t have to worry about flashing anyone when I wear this. For the last 5+ years dresses especially cheap dresses have been made SO short! So I took the pattern off of my favorite green dress and made this striped one.


And I LOVE it. The only problem is that I cut out the this dress when I was 50 lbs lighter before I had stretched out the original and the stripes while very stretchy and comfy don’t have quite the same stretch.

Fabulous DIY brown stripe copy cat dress.

So along with my nursing boobs this is a bit too boobilicious for my tastes. I think I’ve decided to add a little triangle in the clevage area AND try to loose some weight. Hopefully that and after I stop nursing it will fit better because I adore it. I can’t wait to make more. And now that I see how this fits I can easily just tweak my pattern to give me more coverage!

Stripe knit women's DIY dress

I know that I say it every month but I’m so happy to have had this Sew Our Stash commitment/due date. Because like I said this dress has been cut out for at least 6 years. Craziness I know. And it took me less than 2 hours, that is one nap, for me to sew it up.

Sew Our Stash Schedule Square-01

I love adding to my handmade wardrobe and I hope you’ll join Flamingo Toes Bev and I as we continue to Sew Our Stash! The next theme is Polka Dots. Easy right. You can make ANYTHING with polka dots and there are so many different variations of polka dots.

Fabulous polka dot sewing tutorials, patterns, and inspiration

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But to give you some inspiration here are some great sewing projects and tutorials that are polka dot happy. Also don’t forget to see what Bev ended up making this month AND see her own round up of inspiration pieces for next month!

Let’s connect! You can also find me hanging out here.



  1. What a CUTE dress! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. This dress looks fantastic on you!!!! It’s so flattering. You say you cut it out when you were 50 lbs lighter, but it really looks so great – maybe I need one too. And I totally feel you on “needing a deadline.” I’d never get anything done without one.

  3. I am seriously in love with this dress!! I love the length and the sleeves! I hate my arms so dresses with sleeves are ideal! I can’t wait to see something like this for myself.

  4. Rachael-Lynn Munson says:

    Such a cute dress!! Love it!

  5. It looks PERFECT on you! I want one!

  6. I think this dress is adorable! And perfect for nursing actually!

  7. Help! I have never had any luck making a pattern from something already made! No matter how carefully I pick the seams so I don’t lose anything! Are there secrets?? Can you do a tutorial?? Or am I just too ignorant to get it?? Dona

    • Dona, this is high on my priority list to write a tutorial on how to take the pattern off of something but my number one tip is to turn the original garment inside out. If you’re not already on my mailing list you might want to sign up that way you’ll for sure get it when I post it.But I’m shooting for next week bu you know how life and Summer go.

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