11 Must Have Harry Potter Shirts

I have a firm belief that one can never have too many Harry Potter shirts.

So many great shirts for Harry Potter fans. Adult and baby shirts great for gifts.

Whether you are the world’s biggest Harry Potter fan, have a Harry Potter lover on your gift list, or you’re ready to deck out the next generation of potterheads I have 11 must have Harry Potter shirts for you today.

Oh my gosh! So many fun cute baby Harry Potter inspired pictures. Rae Gun Ramblings

Have your little one share his or her house pride with these great Hogwart’s uniform baby sets. The ties can be ordered with any house in mind (see Slytherin here). They come with cute little coordinating bottoms. Either plain for the fellas or ruffle on the bums for the little ladies!

you're just as sane as I am Luna Lovegood quote shirt. Great for Harry Potter lovers

Do you love looney Luna Lovegood? Crazy glasses, radishes from her ears, nargles and all. This Hogwarts Student Shirts is one of my new favs.

Snape is my homeboy shirt. Super awesome Harry Potter shirt.

Snape is one of the best characters ever, complicated, hate-able, brilliant, repentant, but ultimately totally driven by love. My sister requested this awesome Snape is My Homeboy shirt for our trip to Orlando this past summer and I’ve also listed a version in baby sizes tooLove this awesome Hermione is my home girl shirt. Yay for fabulous strong girl role models. Perfect Harry POtter gift
Maybe you’re more of a Hermione gal? Books and school and all that? We got SO many compliments on my niece’s Hermione is My Homegirl shirt that I made for her to wear at the Wizarding World this Summer. I promised to add it to my shop and I finally have. Right now I just have the baby version up but if you want one in an adult size I can do a custom order just email me or contact me through the shop.
Awesome Dobby the house elf quote shirt perfect for Harry Potter fans

There is just something awesome about Dobby’s straight forward ways. Love this Dobby the House Elf quote shirt. The quote says “Dobby never meant to kill. Dobby only meant to maim, or seriously injure.” It’s perfect for all your crazy little house elves!

Too funny love this Harry Potter I'm with the muggle shirt.

This was the one shirt my mom wanted for our trip to the Wizarding World. She thought she was soooo funny. Do you have a Muggle in your life? Shout your proud with this fun I’m With the Muggle Shirt.

Harry Potter Inspired House pride skirt - Rae Gun Ramblings
This Swish and Flick top is so simple but screams a love for all things Harry Potter. I’ve got the the onesie versions available but if anyone is interested in adult ones I’m happy to do custom orders.

DIY 1 hour Quidditch jersey tutorial. Easy Harry Potter costume tutorial

You don’t have to limit your Harry Potter shirts to tees and tanks. This one size fits most Quidditch jersey is fun to throw over anything. So many family members have worn this one it’s awesome and easy to wear you have to see the back. You can make your own by following the tutorial here or buy one here.

So fun Make Love Not Horcruxes shirt and book bag. Perfect for Harry Potter fans

I loooooove this Make Love Not Horcruxes shirt. I’ve made myself many over the years but this was the very first of my Harry Potter shirt designs and still one of my very favorites.

Fabulous Hermione shirt. When in doubt go to the library. Perfect for Harry Potter fans and all around booknerds.

This Hermione Library Quote shirt is my personal favorite. I mean a we know how awesome Hermione already is and the library is so awesome too. So what’s there not to love right?

Fun Harry Potter inspired onesie. Class of '32 at Rae Gun Ramblings

Personalized Hogwarts Student Shirts. These can be made in both baby and adult sizes all you have to do is request your graduation year of preference! This would make a super fun baby shower gift or even a clever baby announcement.

hogwarts alumn skirt and ikat knit diy skirt

What more Potter posts? I have loads? Check out more than 100 Harry Potter recipes, book lists, crafts, and more here. But for now here are a couple of my favs!

So many great books for Harry Potter fans. I've read a ton of these and totally agree with this reading list.

A book for every type of Harry Potter fan. These are all great some as good as Harry Potter, I know sounds impossible right?

Hands down the best Harry Potter crafts, diys, tutorials, recipes and more

Every year I do a Harry Potter series every Summer with tons of blogger friends sharing all kinds of Harry Potter projects. This is my round up of just last year’s awesome Harry Potter projects.

over 40 pictures of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

This past Summer we went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And I shared a whole heck of a lot of photos in this post just so you could see the awesomeness from all different parts and angles and details a sort of Photo tour of Harry Potterland if you will.

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  3. The coolest ever! Thank you so much for this, I’m a HUGE HP fan, and I totally need to get some of these ASAP!

  4. And now I want them all! Thank you for showing me what I didn’t even know I wanted! lol!

  5. So much fun!

  6. When I was young, I read all parts of Harry Potter. :D At that time, I just wanted to own a shirt like this.

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