You Know You’re A Reader When

There’s something great about bonding with other people, even strangers over a good book. You know what else is fun? Bonding over the funny little quirks that come with being a reader.

totally true haha love all these funny book memes. Having too many books is not the problem. Not having enough shelving -that's a problem.

Enjoy these geekily hilarious book nerd memes! And for more fun be sure to follow We Heart Books for your daily dose of bookish awesomeness because we know that you can never have too many books!

9 Book Memes - yes always have a back up book haha reader problems!

In fact some of us live in fear of being caught in the school pick up line or pharmacy without a book so we bring a back up. It just make sense.

Bookish goals. These book memes are too funny

We still dream of being princesses but now our princesses can kick some major butt and save the whole all while looking awesome!

The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library. And more book memes

Like Albert Einstein and Hermione Granger we know that the only real place we need directions to is the library.

YOU know you're a book nerd when hahah. Great YA lit humor and other memes. You're the friend I'd feel worst about killing in a post apocalyptic death match for food

Sometimes our stories get hypothetical planning space in our brains. But really, you are the friend I’d feel the worst about killing if in fact the moon got off orbit and made our weather crazy or aliens started to steal our bodies as hosts.

rons emotional range too funny love book and harry potter humor

And everyday objects take on brand new meanings!

Books are so relaxing haha. Funny reading memes.

There are so many things we love about reading but mostly we love it because it relaxes us. Who cares about all the stress and anxiety those characters and their poor decision making skills may cause along the way! (aff link)

keep reading. it's one of the most marvelous adventures that anyone can have

via Good Housekeeping

Because really the marvelous adventures we find in these books are TOTALLY worth it.

When we are collecting books we are collecting happiness. Love these great reading and book memes.

via Escaped By Reading

When we collect books we are truly collecting happiness.

A day without reading is like not for me. Hahaha great book memes

And in the end we honestly cannot image spending a day of our lives without out at least a small stolen moment tucked away in a book!

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Totally agree the 9 books are fantastic and the 1 is SOOOOO awful I'm shocked it was published and marketed to teens!

These books all look awesome. creative fairytale retellings mostly young adult

Great list of books to take to the pool Perfect for Summer reading.


  1. As a confessed bookworm, I love that list. I especially like the one about reading being relaxing and then talking back to the book. (No, I do not expect the book to answer. :))

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