DIY Pirate Dolls Tutorial with Free Pattern

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I made the cutest giant dolls this weekend for Teddy and I couldn’t resist but make pirate costumes for them. Today I’m sharing my free pattern!

23 inch DIY giant dolls for boys and girls with free pirate costumes sewing patterns

Have you guys seen the Doll Fabric that See Kate Sew has out with Riley Blake Designs? It’s freakishly adorable. It’s a panel fabric which means that all the pieces are printed onto the fabric with cutting lines and instructions. I’m super in love with the fabric. Watch the replay of my Facebook LIVE of me sewing up the boy doll below.

Go here to buy the DOLL FABRIC PANEL

Today I’m hanging out over at the Riley Blake Designs blog sharing the tutorial for how to make both the girl and boy pirate costumes as well as a little coordinating eye patch for your own little pirate (pirate costume available here).

Pirate Costume Pattern

The pattern is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD to my newsletter subscribers. You can download the pattern here along with many other free patterns and templates.

  • The password is in every newsletter so if you’re already a subscriber check your last newsletter near the bottom the go to this page to access the patterns.
  • Or if you’re not already a subscriber sign up right here and when you confirm your email it should give you a welcome page with the password for my downloads page.

Adorable pirate costumes for dolls and eye patch tutorial. Free costume sewing pattern

UPDATED with full tutorial below

Darling DIY pirate dolls for boys and girls


How to make pirate costumes. Sewing tutorial and doll pattern

What to Do

  • Cut the pattern pieces out. I used woven for the stripes but in retrospect I could have easily used the knit version and wouldn’t have to worry about fraying. But I think the fraying adds to the pirate feel.
  • Note I’m not doing any finishing work since they are doll costume but if you want to finish your seams, edge stitches the pointy edges, press and all that feel free too!
  • I used 1/4 inch seam allowances

How to make a boy pirate doll with free pirate costume sewing pattern

Boy Pirate Doll Costume

  1. With right sides together sew the straight sides of the short pieces together (this will make the center seams).
  2. Open up and sew along the curve of the inseam.
  3. Iron the top edge under 1/2 inch and sew down to form a casing making sure to leave an opening for the elastic.
  4. Insert elastic. Sew ends of elastic together and close up the hole in the casing. The shorts are now done
  5. Make the vest by sewing the front vest pieces to the back vest piece at the top edge.
  6. Then sew the side seams from the markings making sure to leave holes for the arms.
  7. Top stitch the ric rac onto the right side of the vest along the front edge and neck. Now your vest should be done.
  8. Cut a length of red ribbon for the sash.
  9. Take the eye patch band and form a circle overlapping the edges by 1/2 inch.
  10. Pin the eye patch over the overlapping edges  and sew in place forming a small box (so that you catch the all edges of the band that touch the eye patch. Now your eye patch is done.

DIY girl pirate. Free sewing pattern for pirate costume

Girl Pirate Doll Costume

  1. With right sides together sew the side seams of the dress.
  2. Fold the arm holes under 1/4 inch and sew down.
  3. Fold the top edges under 1/2 inch and sew down.
  4. Thread the black ribbon through the neck casings you have just made. I like to use a loop turner for this. You will tie a bow to close the dress on the doll. Now your dress is done.
  5. Tie a double knot of ric rac to make your dolls necklace (alternatively you can sew it into a circle).
  6. Make an eye patch using steps 9-10 of the Boy Costume instructions above.

Child Sized Eye Patch

  1. Use the same size eye patch as for the dolls.
  2. Measure your child’s head and subtract 2 inches for the band piece. Use the same width as for the dolls.
  3. Assemble the eye patch just like the doll eye patches (steps 9-10).

SO cute giant dolls for boys and girls and free sewing pattern for pirate costumes.

Teddy, my 2 year old, and I are totally smitten with these dolls. Like I’m already planning on getting more of this fabric and making other fun outfits for them smitten! They are just too cute.

DIY giant pirate dolls. Great sewing project would make a fun gift.

This tutorial originally appeared on the Riley Blake Designs blog.


Easy DIY Bunny Costume and Easter Outfits

Some of my favorite creations have been made at the very last minute. This cute bunny costume is definitely one of them.

Love this easy bunny costume tutorial. Great fast sewing project for Easter or Halloween.

Last Easter I was running behind with everything and all of a sudden the church Easter egg hunt was the next morning. Luckily my fabric hoarding self had everything I needed on hand to make a cute little bunny outfit for my little bunny err bear.

Sweetest bunny costume and only takes 1 hour to sew. Fun for Easter, Halloween or just a cute hat during colder months.

I am especially in love with the little bunny outfit because it reminds me of one of our favorite books I Am A Bunny by Ole Rison and Illustrated by Richard Scary. We discovered it around Easter last year but it has stayed a favorite! It is the sweetest tall board book. I love the story and so does Teddy.i am a bunny fabulous book for little ones for Easter (or really all year around). Plus easy DIY bunny costume

Last year Teddy was just under 1 year old when I made it and I did the smallest size of the All in One Hooded Scarf PDF pattern (so I had immediate access gotta love digital patters!). This is the same pattern I used for Teddy’s crocodile hood for our Naked and Afraid costumes last Halloween. He is still comfortably wearing the hood now at 2 years old. The sizing is pretty generous which works great for a hood but just in case you want a more fitted look you might want to compare a the pattern piece to a hood your kiddo is wearing now before picking your size.

1 hour DIY bunny costume. Easy sewing project for Easter, Halloween, or just a cute anytime hat.

Make A Simple Bunny Costume

Just cut up the pattern and sew according to the pattern. It’s very easy. And to make more of a caplet like I made just add one button and buttonhole at the top corners instead of the two down the front that is shown in the pattern directions. For the bunny tail I made a little circle pattern by tracing a circle from a glass (you could totally free hand it). Then I cut a circle of fleece and safety pinned them onto Teddy’s pants. If you want more of a poof style you could make a large pom pom out of matching yard.

I need this baby bunny hat. 1 hour sewing project good for Easter, Halloween, or any time sewing.

We get comments on this sweet little hood every time Teddy wears it. And I just think Teddy looks SO stinking cute in it so I put it on him all the time. He wears the hood down sometimes while we’re in a store and when we’re about to walk back outside I tell him to “bunny up” to keep his head and ears warm.

1 hour DIY baby bunny hat and tail. Such a cute costume for Easter, Halloween or any time with the hat.

And while I’m sharing last year’s Easter creations I thought I’d share the official Easter outfits. That I made everyone. If you’re still hoping to whip up some festive outfits these are great ones that can be made really fast at the last minute. Ask me how I know ;)

Cute handmade Easter outfits for all the kids. Sewing patterns used listed.

What I used for everyone’s outfits:

Made this bunny outfit the morning of our Easter egg hunt. Little one wears the bunny hat all the time. Easy 1 hour sewing project.

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Harry Potter Quidditch Jersey Tutorial

Did you hear? They announced the opening date of the new Wizarding World at Universal Studios Hollywood! Epp I’m so so excited. I think that requires a Harry Potter post to celebrate!

Love this. Easy DIY Harry Potter Quidditch jersey. fast sewing tutorial

But really I think it’s been way too long since I’ve had a Harry Potter post. I’ve been going through withdrawal since my trip to Universal Orlando this Summer (did you catch my HUGE Wizarding World photo tour). Today I am sharing a SUPER EASY Harry Potter quidditch jersey tutorial. See the golden snitch tutorial here.

Love this! Adorable Harry Potter couple costume (works for pregnant costume too). Golden Snitch and quidditch player costume tutorial

A few years back (when I was pregnant with Teddy) I made Daniel and I Golden Snitch and Quidditch Player costumes. As always it was SUPER last minute since I was so busy making all the orders (many of them Hogwart’s Student Costumes) for my shop. So I threw together my Snitch costume and with the hour I had left made Daniel a crazy easy jersey to be my quidditch playing and easy harry potter costume. DIY quidditch robe tutorial

Trust me you if you have basic sewing skills you can totally make this. I’d say this is an advanced beginner level project (not hard enough to count as intermediet but you need to be comfortable using the sewing machine).

Make a Harry Potter costume in 1 hour. Easy DIY quidditch robes jersey tutorial

What You Need

  • Loose fitting shirt for your pattern
  • Large paper for tracing your pattern (kid drawing paper or even tissue paper works well)
  • Knit Fabric (maroon and goldenrod unless you want to do one of the other Hogwarts Houses) make your pattern first and then you can see how much you need
  • Iron-on Vinyl and a cutting machine (like a Cricut Explore)

What To Do

Start by making your pattern:

  1. I used one of Daniel’s T-shirts (men’s Large from Old Navy) and the jersey works great for him and for me. After all it’s a loose vest thing it doesn’t have to fit perfectly. Fold it in half. Trace the basic shape of the bodice (not including the sleeves.
  2. Instead of doing a curve for the neck I just angled the line down from the shoulder.
  3. Cut out your pattern 1/2 inch outside your tracing line so that you have a 1/2 inch seam allowance.
  4. Now cut out your main color fabric (maroon).

Sew your jersey together:

  1. With a 1/2 inch seam allowance sew your shoulder seams together.
  2. Then sew down your side seams. I used a serger but you can just sew it on a sewing machine. Since you’re using a knit you don’t have to worry about finishing your seams.

Next cut out your accent fabric (goldenrod):

  1. You want 5 inch strips the width of the fabric for the front band and 2 inch strips for the armhole bands.
  2. Lay it along the front edge of your jersey you just sewed.
  3. You might need to sew two strips together to make it long enough if so do that. Cut a length the right side for the front.
  4. Next lay it around the armhole and cut to the right size. Make a tube for each armhole by sewing the short ends together. Repeat for the other side.
  5. Iron each piece in half and then sew (or serge) to the jersey.
  6. You should now have the basic jersey made. All that is left is decorating it.

Make your iron-ons:

  1. If you’ve never used heat transfer vinyl it’s one of my FAVORITE craft supplies you can learn more with my How to use Iron-on Vinyl post but for now I’ll just assume you know how to use it.
  2. I just searched for an emblem I liked and then typed out what I wanted it to say on the back, cut it out of my vinyl and then ironed it on.

1 hour Quidditch jersey tutorial. Great Harry Potter costume idea

It really was just as easy as that. And I was left with a darling jersey that has been worn for Halloween, races, and even traveled to Universal Orlando with us earlier this year. I wore it then :)

So fun to wear to the wizarding ward. great diy harry potter quidditch robes in just 1 hour. easy sewing tutorial

Awesome Harry Potter Recipes and Crafts. Great desserts, tutorials, and gift ideas

And the Harry Potter fun doesn’t end there. I’ve teamed up with a bunch of Potter loving blogger friends to share even more projects check out these scrumptious Harry Potter inspired recipes and creative DIY’s below!

harry-potter-butterbeer-cupcakes-recipe (1 of 1)

Harry Potter Butterbeer Cupcakes by Sugar & Soul


Harry Potter Party by The Love Nerds


Harry Potter’s Butterbeer Fudge by Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt


His & Hers Harry Potter Mugs by The Crafty Wife


Golden Snitch Truffles by CakeWhiz


Hogwarts House Crest Ornaments by Hey, Let’s Make Stuff


Harry Potter Butterbeer Cake by Eat It & Say Yum


Harry Potter DIY Golden Snitch Ornament by Kid’s Fun Review

DIY 1 hour Quidditch jersey tutorial. Easy Harry Potter costume tutorial

Want more HARRY POTTER? See TONS of Harry Potter projects, recipes, party ideas, book read-a-likes and more just click here!

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17 Amazing DIY Costumes and Block Party

Fabulous DIY costume tutorials

Princess Jasmine Costume | DIY Children’s Doctor Costume |  Adult Anna Costume (from Frozen) | Easy Fisherman Costume | Harry Potter Robe from a T-shirt | Stick Figure Costume | Ant Man Costume | No-Sew Ninja Turtle Costume | Needle and Thread Costume | Baby Mandrake Hat and Costume | Elliot and ET Costume | Superhero Cape | Malcolm Reynolds Costume | Batman for Girls | Humpty Dumpty Costume | Fred and Wilma Costume | DIY Candy Bar Costumes |

It’s time for another Block Party hosted by Making the World Cuter | Rae Gun Ramblings Keeping It Simple Crafts | Pieces By Polly!

Polly, here from Pieces by Polly as your host for this week.


I’ve been busy getting some new fall and Halloween decorations ready the last little while, so you might enjoy some of these recent posts:

Basic One-Piece Pillows | “B” Beanbags | Scrappy Halloween Pillow
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Family Costume Ideas + SOS Sewing Fails

DIY witch profile shirt

September means it’s time to think about Halloween Costumes and I’m excited to have gathered up a few fun family costume ideas. But before I get to that since it’s the last Thursday of the month which means Sew Our Stash day I have to share my Black and White creations. (and yes there is a tiny person lifting up the back of my shirt)

Like most months I waited until the last minute to work on my projects. Because like most months if I didn’t have this Sew Our Stash regular post looming over me I’d probably just not make anything for myself. But I do really like sewing for myself and more than that having stuff to wear that I’ve made for myself.

mustache shirt

But this month I’ve got a few flops to show you. First is this mustache shirt which looks even frumpier on me than on the dress form. I tried to do what I thought were simple tweaks to the pattern that just didn’t work out. So I tried to fix those tweaks and now what would have been a basic easy top is all bunchy and weird. I’m thinking of hacking it further still to make it into a raglan. Or just using the fabric for something for Teddy.

Cute witch DIY shirt

But then we have this shirt. Which in the pictures looks fine I guess but I never intended (nor would I intend) to make an off the shoulder top and this is really what I’m stuck with. But I like it, I think, but I don’t know. So here’s how this top came to be. You might have seen my frustrated work in progress picture on Instagram yesterday.

  1. Took a tried and true pattern tried to make a tiny adjustment with an insert of a different fabric.
  2. Cut out my shape. Went to sew the piece it TOTALLY didn’t fit. Took it apart.
  3. Cut out a bigger piece. Still didn’t fit.
  4. While taking that a part ripped my bodice.
  5. Decided I could make the back into the front.
  6. But now the neckline was WAY too high like touching my jowls. So I cut off the contrasting band I had added (why I didn’t just cut it in half I have no idea, oh that’s right I did that so it would like up with the mutilated front which was now the back).
  7. Folded the edges under and went with it.

Sewing (and crafting) humor turn that flop into a design element

And that my friends is how I turned my totally screwed up top into something new. But as much as I adore the fabric and I think it looks fine, it’s a pain to wear. For one I hate strapless bras. But I’m constantly having to adjust it because well the it’s perpetually backwards. I’m going to try and wear it with a black bra under and see if the straps bug me a ton. But I don’t know maybe I’ll do further tweaking. Do you guys have any ideas.

This sounds so fun. Monthly sewing themes for women.

So that’s my ultra pathetic Sew Our Stash report for this month. Next month’s theme is “In Disguise” and of course it’s Halloween!!!! I hope you’ll join Bev and I in sewing something for yourself in October whether it’s a full costume or just something you’ve been wanting to make.

Great creative DIY Family Halloween costumes

For inspiration I’ve rounded up some great family costume ideas because I cannot resist a good themed family costume.

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The Best Baby Halloween Costumes

Lots of fun idea of sibling Halloween costumes. Good options for twins, two, three and more kids

Want a great Halloween costume for your baby or toddler this year? Oh great you’re in luck today I’m sharing some super cute ones. Every year these win costume awards I’ve even seen the pebbles and bam bam ones on the Today Show!

Just keep in mind that the time to order is NOW. I get lots of costume orders and usually have to cut off taking orders in early October so if you want one of these please order as early as possible!

Cutest Harry Potter Baby Pictures ever! at Rae Gun Ramblings

Harry Potter Baby Outfit

Super cute pirate costume. Perfect for Halloween or pirate birthday parties.

Pirate Costume

Fun baby House Elves costumes. Mischief Managed ApronsHouse Elf and Mischief Managed Aprons
Super cute baby and toddler costumes perfect for Halloween and cosplay

20 Awesome DIY Halloween Crafts, Recipes, and Costume Tutorials

Lots of fabulous DIY crafts, food, recipes, costume tutorials and more perfect for Halloween

Halloween is once of my all time favorite Halloweens and I’m super excited to be joining in again with See Vanessa Craft‘s 30 Crafty Days of Halloween. It’s one of my favorite series of the year!


This year I’m sharing this easy and tasty recipe for personal Halloween Oreo Cheesecakes. Hop over to See Vanessa Craft to get the full recipe.

Cute and delicious mini oreo cheesecakes for Halloween recipe

And for extra fun I decided to round up some of my favorite Halloween projects I have shared over the years!

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30 Minute DIY Pirate Ship Tutorial

huggies disclosure This little pirate ship is so easy and cute made from stuff you have on hand! Great for pirate parties or just toddler play

Arr there matey! Do you know any pirate lovers? Yes? I thought so. I’m giddy about my project today, a quick and easy DIY Pirate Ship Tutorial. I know I can’t be the only one that looks at those Huggies Little Movers Diaper boxes and thinks, “That could be upcycled into something awesome!” #OneStopShopForBaby  #CollectiveBias

Such a fun idea. Turn a diaper box into an easy pirate ship. DIY tutorial.

But really those diaper boxes are so perfectly sturdy they are far too good just to be sent into the recycling bin. So I finally did it. Okay you guys know I’ll take any excuse to dress Teddy up but come on doesn’t he make the CUTEST pirate? I used one of my pirate costumes from my Etsy shop. And we all know that a good pirate NEEDS a pirate ship.

Too cute! Pirate ship made from old diaper box. 30 minute DIY tutorial

We always seem to have a box of our go to diaper, the Huggies Little Movers around for our non-stop little guy. We love that the new dry touch improvements make them work for day and night with their 12 hour leak lock protection.

How to make a pirate ship out of an old diaper box. Fun DIY 30 tutorial

They just seem to be the driest diaper we’ve tried plus the boxes are perfect for upcycling. When you see how easy it is to make a cute little pirate ship you’ll be wanting to make your own one (or 10).

Super easy and adorable DIY Toddler pirate ship. Great prop for pirate party or pictures

What You Need

  • Diaper Box
  • Scissors (ones you don’t care about since cardboard can dull them easily)
  • Packaging Tape
  • Woodgrain Contact Paper
  • 1/2 Yard Black Fabric (or paper)
  • White Iron-on Vinyl (or paper with glue or tape)
  • Dowel
  • Box Cutter or exacto knife (optional)

What to Do

  1. Depending on the size of your diapers the box sizes vary. But position your box so that you have it as wide and flat as possible. For me using the Huggies Little Movers Size 4 Box that I picked up at Babies”R”Us this had me laying it on it’s face (or back). So I cut off the back. I used the exacto knife to start it but then changed over to my junky scissors.
  2. Next tape any sides or flaps that need reinforcing.
  3. Cut a piece of contact paper the size of the inside of your box. Lay in your box. The contact paper is so nice since you can easily reposition it.
  4. Next cut your contact paper so that you can wrap it around the sides and inner sides of the box. For my Huggies box the contact paper fit perfect when folded in half lengthwise. All I had to do was wrap it around and then cut a slit on the inside when I fold it it down. But even if you have some gaps you can easily apply more contact paper. I liked folding the contact paper over the top edge since that made sure there wasn’t any potentially sharp or scratchy cut cardboard edge exposed.
  5. Now make your flag. I cut 1/2 yard of black fabric into 2 triangles but you can easily just use one layer of fabric or even paper. But my little guy needs durability haha.
  6. Next I sewed around all the sides leaving a 1 inch hole at the side bottom edge that will go on the dowel AKA the flag pole. Then I sewed straight up the perpendicular side to for a casing. This will be slid onto the dowel to display the flag.
  7. I used my Cricut cutting machine to cut a iron-on vinyl skull and cross bones. Then I ironed it onto my flag. You could also just use paper and tape it onto your flag. Read my iron-on vinyl tutorial if you’re new to using the stuff.
  8. Slide the flag onto the dowel.
  9. Now make the flag holder by folding a small piece of packaging tape onto itself. Take another piece of tape and place the folded piece in the middle and then tape that into one of the bottom corners of the box. Repeat for the top corner. Now you should be able to slide your flag pole in and out!

Adorable DIY pirate ship made from a diaper box

So fun right!? You could keep going and decorate it with cannons or nautical ropes but we thought it was fun and durable as is. It would be really neat to make a bunch of these for a pirate themed birthday party. I could see all kinds of silly races or just an awesome photo booth!

Save for fun pirate party or pretend. 30 minute pirate ship from diaper box tutorial.

I think I’m hooked on upcycling diaper boxes, I’m thinking maybe cars or planes next. How would you transform the new Huggies Little Movers boxes?

huggies little movers in store picture

And do forget while you’re grabbing your diapers and everything else you need for baby at Babies”R”Us remember to use this coupon which will be extended! Learn more about the new and improved Huggies Little Movers diapers on their Twitter and Facebook Page!

Super fun idea for making a pirate ship from an old diaper box

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Hogwarts House Elves Curry Puff Recipe

Super yummy curry puff recipe great for Harry Potter parties

I grew up eating curry puffs. To me they are comfort food and party food at their best. Everyone I’ve feed them to has loved them. And any time we have  Harry Potter party they are part of the menu along with Dumbledore’s Pensieve of course.

Dumbledore's Pensieve what a fun idea and this recipe is so easy and yummy. We've made it a few times. Harry Potter lovers unite.

There isn’t anything in the books or movies called a curry puff but I’ve always assumed that Harry and his pals much on them. I think it has to do with the similarity to the English pasties and the curry that is so common in the area.Fun baby House Elves costumes. Mischief Managed Aprons

The House Elf apron and Mischief Managed Aprons are from my shop I make them both in kiddo and adult sizes and all the baby pictures are courtesy of Debra from Joyous Moments Portrait Photography and Housewife Eclectic.

Harry Potter House Elf and Mischief Managed Aprons and Curry Puff recipe so fun

Either way they are delicious and a great treat. They can be made ahead and served room temp or hot from the oven. They are great for school lunches, after school treats or if you’re a savory breakfast girl like me a nice easy breakfast. I made a bunch of these when Teddy was a newborn since they were so easy to reheat and eat one handed.

Delicious meat and potato filled pastry curry puff recipe great for breakfast lunch dinner or parties

Curry Puff Recipe

  • 2 Sheets Puff Pastry, thawed (1 box)
  • 1/2 lbs. ground beef
  • 2 potatoes, skinned and diced
  • 2-3 green onions, chopped
  • 1-4 TBS curry powder or paste (depending on how spicy  yours is)
  • salt to taste
  • water

This curry puff recipe so good. Everyone always asks for the recipe at parties

  1. Cook the ground beef and potatoes over medium heat until the beef is cooked through.
  2. Add about 1/2 a cup of water and continue cooking until your potatoes are tender to a fork. Stirring occasionally and adding more water as needed.
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients. Start with just 1 tsp of your curry substance and add more to taste.
  4. Remove from heat and allow to cool enough to be handled.
  5. Cut each sheet of puff pastry into 9 squares.
  6. Place a heaping spoonfull of the ground beef mixture into the center of each squre.
  7. Fold over and press closed with the tins of a fork.
  8. Bake at 400 F until golden brown about 20 minutes.

Super yummy curry puff meat and potato pastry.

These can be served hot, room temp, or even cold. They freeze great and keep well.

Super yummy curry puff meat and potato pastry.

Just give your House Elves the recipe and have them whip up a batch for your next party ;) But make sure they don’t eat them all before your guest get to them!

Cute Mischief Managed House Elf Costume

Make sure to check out Debra’s post to see more fun Harry Potter baby pictures! And there is still time to enter the awesome giveaway!

Huge Harry Potter giveaway. Lots of cute shops to remember for Christmas for Harry Potter fans

The winner will receive the following awesome Harry Potter and bookish prizes!

Enter the giveaway with the rafflecopter widget below. Just reload if you don’t see it or click here.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

best appetizer and party food recipe. this gets gobbled up every time also a yummy after school snack that can be made ahead. Curry PuffsLet’s connect! You can also find me hanging out here.


What’s for Dinner and a Baby Sweet Potato

Baby Sweet Potato costume! Brilliant and so easy - Rae Gun Ramblings

How was Thanksgiving? Delicious? Did you see my little sweet potato I posted on Instagram? Well I’ll share again here just to be nice ;)

Day Meal
Saturday Eat Out From Scratch
Sunday Thanksgiving Leftovers
Monday Turkey Turnover
Tuesday Eat Out
Wednesday Creamy Salmon Cous Cous and Roasted Green Beans
Thursday Turkey Corn and Sweet Potato Chowder
Friday  Acorn Squash and Sausage

What We Actually Ate:

  • Crab Boil Mac and Cheese
  • Pork and Mash at In-Laws (forgot to take a pic)
  • Chicken Parmasen Casserole (mymom dropped this off for us, she’s a gem like that)
  • Crock Pot Creamy White Chili
  • Thanksgiving
  • Costco Pizza

Thanksgiving Sale Discount Codes

And also one last reminder that today is the last day to take advantage of my Thanksgiving Sale. Hop over to my shop to grab some cute baby clothes and Harry Potter goodies for your friends and family!

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