Best Baby Swaddle Blanket Tutorial

 My absolutely favorite baby blankets. The perfect size that isn't sold in stores. Super quick and easy tutorial. - Rae Gun Ramblings

Today I’m going to share with you my favorite thing that I have made for my baby so far. If you had told me that these simple baby swaddle blankets would be my favorite baby project a month ago I would have said you were crazy.

The perfect blanket for swaddling. Idea size and easy tutorial at Rae Gun Ramblings

I had totally expected my pouch sling or moby baby carrier to be my most valuable creation. But no, today I am hear to share my baby swaddle blanket tutorial because even as ridiculously simple as these are they don’t sell them in the stores and I use them CONSTANTLY!

How to make the best baby blanket for swaddling. Stores don't sell the right size. Easy and fast tutorial at Rae Gun Ramblings

You can use these blankets for:

  • swaddling
  • warmth (you know like a regular blanket)
  • to tuck in with a car seat
  • to lay out for a clean surface
  • as a nursing cover
  • a makeshift changing pad
  • a quick spit up rag
  • and more

the best size for swaddling blankets and easy tutorial at Rae Gun Ramblings

After watching this great video on swaddling I wanted to take the nurse on the video’s advice and get some blankets that were at least 40×40 inches but there was nothing except those really expensive muslin organic kind so I decided to make my own. And even though I was gifted the pricey ones I actually prefer the ones I made myself.

 The easiest and best baby blanket tutorial for swaddling and more at Rae Gun Ramblings

Make Your Own Swaddling Blankets

  1. Cut your fabric so that it is a square 40×40 inches or larger. I used flannel from Jo-Ann Fabrics because it’s cozy, wallet friendly, and comes in lots of get prints. Most of mine were 42 inches wide so I had them cut each piece to 42 inches so it would make a square. But if it was 44 inches I had it cut to 44. Also some weren’t quite enough so I have a couple that are 42 x 40 and they still work great.
  2. Next finish the edges. I used a rolled edge on my serger but you could use any overcast stitch on your sewing machine or even a zig zag. you just want something that will prevent the edges from unraveling.
  3. Finally fray check the corners so that they stay in tact.

the best swaddling blankets for a fraction of the cost of those in stores. Easy and fast tutorial at Rae Gun Ramblings

And you’re done. Super easy but super functional. Now you won’t look at flannel the same way again.

DIY swaddling blankets easy tutorial and the best size for easy wrapping - Rae Gun Ramblings

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  1. Oh he is so cute! I loved swaddling blankets when my children will little – best thing ever!

  2. These are adorable! Also, we had a few of those muslin ones because we received them as gifts, and they were just too stretchy for my little escape artist! The flannel stayed put much better (although the muslin ones were nice for summer and later nursing when she wouldn’t stay under the cover anymore – they just didn’t keep a baby swaddled through a nap for me.)

  3. These really are a life saver for new moms! I made a ton for my kids when they were born. We are still using them: couch blankies, car seat blankies, sick blankies (flannel absorbs all sorts of bodily fluids), baby doll blankies. I plan on cutting them all up one day too and sewing the squares into a larger blanket for a twin sized bed too!

  4. mine loved being swaddled too! I perfered my fabric to have a little stretch to hold the baby better, but the only thing that matters is the baby staying asleep, so whatever works! And in another few weeks you will LOVE that Moby!

  5. one of the other bloggers I read suggest these blankets which are pretty big, but way more expensive than sewing your own. Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  6. Shannon P says:

    Swaddling was so great for my daughter I am sure we will swaddle our next baby–but she will be born in June. Is there another type of lighter-weight fabric you would use for the summer months, or do you still normally use flannel?

    • I know we always have the are conditional on in the summer so we’ll probably still use the flannel ones. It seems like some of the flannel I bought is thinner so I might make a point to use that more. But I’m going to wander the fabric store next time I’m there since I think any natural fiber fabric would be great.

      • Stephie n says:

        They actually sell the same muslin fabric ( called something else like gauze or cotton gauze ) that Aden and anais blankets are made from at Joanne’s as we’ll, so theoretically you could sew I our own lighter weight blankets, although I found I loved my Aden and anais blankets no matter what season it was with all three of my kiddos so far

        • I actually have some of that Joann’s stuff to play with it’s a little more rough than the Aden and Anais stuff I’ve been trying to think of ways to soften it up or find a supplier with softer stuff but yes you can definitely make lighter weight ones for the Summer!

    • My son lives in Houston and they used seersucker. It worked great in a hot humid climate

  7. love seeing the blankets in action on that sweet sweet baby boy! SO cute!

  8. LonnieQ says:

    I have used these ‘blankets’ for all 5 of my children and all 12 of my grandkids and I’m still making
    them for friends and yes, stocking up for great grandkids. They are totally awesome and if it’s a winter baby or you live in cold climate you can always double the flannel and have a really cozy wrapper.

    p.s. Gorgeous baby. Is this his first modeling job??? :)

  9. Thanks for the post. 2 points: 1. Reconsider the Fray Check. The baby will eventually be sucking on anything they can get in their mouth. Do you want the fray check to be in their mouth? Even if dry, yuck. Just reinforce the corners with sewing. 2. Someone asked about summer wt fabric. Our favorite was Jersey Knit, double side it and trim with binding tape or slightly round the edges and no funky points to contend with in the fraying department.

  10. Hannah T. says:

    What kind of machine is your serger? Pros, cons, preferences to look for? Love the blankets and love simplicity!

  11. I love making these oversized swaddlers a gifts. Instead of the square corners, I round them, just using a cereal bowl as a guide on the corners when I am cutting them out. No need for fray check and you can just serge the whole way around.

  12. Cute baby! I love DIY post and looks easy to make your own swaddle.

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