5 Minute Hot Pack Tutorial

    5 Minute Hot Pack Tutorial - Rae Gun Ramblings

If you had asked me to name a few of the things I would be sure to use after becoming a mom I’d probably have said my DIY Moby Carrier or my Swaddle Blankets or even my Zipper Car Seat Cover. And it’s true I do use those things a lot. But do you know what homemade baby gear I get the most use out of? What I use multiple times a day? My hot packs. Yup it’s true.

Hot pack tutorial perfect for soothing back aches, prego pains, nursing issues (i.e. plugged ducts) and baby gas problems - Rae GUn Ramblings

The funny thing is that these hot packs are probably the easier thing I’ll post on my blog. They take less than 5 minutes to make, require pretty much no tools and I can’t live without them. I used large hot pack while I was pregnant to soothe my back aches, and now I use the medium and large ones to help with my ahem plugged ducts. It’s sad but true sometimes nursing is a pain in the butt, or ahem the boob. I use these to help when there is a problem to unplug the duct but also to help prevent them by warming milk up so it flows more easily. TMI? Sorry I know it’s such a weird world but I figure it might help some one in the future.

Warm pack tutorial. Great for infant gas problems - Rae Gun Ramblings

And last but not least I use the small size as a warm (not hot) pack for my baby. Teddy has had gas issues and putting the warm pack on his tummy or back while I do leg exercises tends to help him feel better and get that gas moving.

Easy and fast DIY hot pack tutorial at Rae Gun Ramblings

So even though I’m allowed a whole whopping 15 minutes for my Craft Lightening post, I’ve got a 5 Minute Hot Pack Tutorial for you today! All you need to do is fill a sock about half way full of white rice. Tie the end in a knot or sew across the end and you’re good to go. SO easy right?

Great tutorial for making your own hot packs at Rae Gun Ramblings

You can use old socks or pick up some cute ones. If you find the sock you want to use is a bit porous like the pink one I picked up just double it up with a boring old sock that has lost it’s mate in the dryer. To use the hot packs for adults I like to zap them between 4o to 60 seconds on high. For the baby I do about 20 seconds. But always make sure to handle these with care as they can get really hot and be sure to test the heat before applying to your body or your baby’s body.

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Make your own hot packs in less than 5 minutes. Great for pregnancy aches, nursing issues, and gassy babes - Rae Gun Ramblings

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  1. Debra Kay Neiman says:

    These are so cute with the funny socks too.

  2. So adorable. And I like the hot packs too! ;) Thanks for participating!

  3. The small ones also work magic when your little ones have an ear ache! Mine had so many ear infections and having their “warmie” always seemed to ease them!

  4. Very cute,,,BUT please watch out for the types of fabric used……100% cotton OK<,,,but if rayon or polyestor can get very hootttt…. The baby is so cute, and not TMI lots of moms would like this idea….great for cold packs too, leave in fridge in basket for those bumps and toothaches……

  5. Karin from Birmingham says:

    I recently needed a hot compress for a cyst on my eyelid, and used dried beans that I had on hand. They worked great, and held the heat/warmth for a loooonnnnggggg time. Just another option.

  6. Are these reusable??

  7. I just wanted to sincerely thank-you for this idea. I’m currently stuck at home in a lot of pain having put my back out. Unable to get out of the house, I wanted a quick heat pack that didn’t require material/sewing etc. It took let than 5 mins – and currently sat with my hot pack easing my back pain like nothing else has! I’ve put it inside a money belt (the ones you take on holiday) round my waist so it stays in place when I move about – just thought I’d share that idea. Thank-you so much!

  8. Just wondering, how long do these stay warm? My son has hit the “growing pains” stage and his legs have been giving him lots of pain.

  9. ashleigh says:

    Thanks for the tips. I ran a couple of drops of lavender oil through the rice before putting it in the sock. Very relaxing.

  10. There’s really not much more to say but ahhhh! This is so amazing. I’ve been sleeping on the sofa a lot lately and my back Constantly has pain some where on it especially under my left shoulder blade and right on my tailbone and this heat pack is a life saver!!!! Thank you for this it’s quite wonderful! I’m a regular flyer on buzzfeed and that were I found you! Just Didn’t know if you knew you were buzzfeed or not! Thank so much again!

  11. Sounds like a brilliant idea, and will definitely try it when I get my tummy aches and leg cramps!
    One lil doubt though – what do I use to heat it up? I’m not sure if microwave can be used, and I do not have one either way.

    • Yes I use the microwave to zap the hot pack.

    • Cindy Blair says:

      If a 100% cotton sock is used, the microwave is one option. I have seen blogs using salt in socks for earaches. These can be warmed on a dry skillet on the stove top or placed in a pie plate and heated in an oven. I don’t know how long or at what temp. I would just start low and experiment until you find the right technique. I’m going to check the dollar store for some 100% cotton socks since I don’t know the fabric content of socks on hand.

  12. Came across this DIY on buzz feed this morning, and as i was keeled over in pain this evening from cramps and my roommate was running around looking for the hot pack we once had i remembered seeing this. put it together in 1 minute, another minute to heat and voila, i am getting some relief. i added a cinnamon stick to give it a nice scent. Thank you so much for this idea!

  13. I found this post on Facebook. …I just returned from physio and was told to apply heat to my jaw and my heat pads and heat packs are far too big and awkward. …so I tried this with an oddball sock that had its partner eaten in the laundry. …and let me say it is perfect…..Thank you so much I will be making a few 94 these :)

  14. Omg. What a lifesaver. I needed a heating pad desperately at home and was able to get relief in 2 minutes. THANK YOU!!!!!

  15. I have heard that the rice needs to be long grain rice. Is that true?

  16. I have made these using Flaxseed, Barley and Lentils. I have used a crew sock then added a ankle sock as an outer sock that when it gets dirty, can be removed and washed.

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