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It’s time for another Super Saturday over at The Daily Sew. If you missed the last one it basically means that a bunch of sewing blogger friends and I have gotten together for crazy giveaways every hour. You can find all the giveaways over on the facebook page The Daily Sew where we share the best of the sewing world, tips, tricks, chatter, inspiration, and more. For my giveaway I’ve got a 50$ gift card to my favorite place to buy craft stuff: J0-Ann Fabrics and Crafts.

Since I know so many of us will be making handmade gifts over the next few months I thought I’d give one lucky person 50$ to help get supplies for gifts or gift herself with whatever craft and fabric goodness she wants! To enter the giveaway scroll down and enter on on the Rafflecopter widget below.

And if you’ve been stuck in Halloween for the last little bit like I have you might need a little help to refocus so here are 25 of my favorite Handmade Gift Tutorials to help spark your creativity when thinking of gifts. Each of these ideas are super easy, quick and the supplies to make them are inexpensive. There are also a lot that can be made from scraps and other things you might already have in your stash!

  1. 10 Minute Infinity Scarf
  2. Easy Glass Tile Pendants
  3. 15 Minute Pillowcase Tutorial
  4. Smart Phone/Tablet Gloves
  5. Mason Jar Pin Cushion
  6. 5 Minute Hot Packs
  7. Upcycled Picture Frame
  8. Gathered Clutch Tutorial
  9. Button Hair Clips
  10. Fabric Rosette Necklace
  11. Kid Aprons with free pattern
  12. Personalized Cars
  13. Name Pencil Bag
  14. Mirror Necklace
  15. Purse Hanger
  16. Photo Bookmarks
  17. Double Fingerprint Pendant
  18. Simple Drawstring Tote
  19. Velvet Bow Hair Clip
  20. Super Hero Cape and Mask Tutorials
  21. Scrappy Fabric Headband
  22. iPhone Travel Case
  23. 10 Minute Cowl
  24. Gift Card Holder
  25. Coupon Case

So there are a bunch of great handmade gift ideas to get your wheels spinning. Now how about that giveaway. Enter below and don’t forget to head to The Daily Sew page to check out all the other giveaways going on all day today!

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  1. Love these tutorials! Thank you! I knitted my sister in law a beautiful scarf one year – out of hand dyed yarn! Loved it!

  2. Amber Arnold says:

    I would have to say that it is the christmas quilts I am making for my girls this year. They are just lap quilts, but I am excited to finish my first quilts ever.

  3. I once made my father=in-law a shirt which he wore so much that the cuffs frayed.

  4. Sonya Burton says:

    The best handmade thing I’ve ever made was a photo collage flower pot for my mil. She loved it

  5. The favorite thing that someone made that was a gift to me is a jewelry box.

  6. Bradlee Jennings says:

    These are awesome!!!!!!!

  7. I made my mom a crochet hooded scarf.

  8. My favorite gift I’ve made is a ladybug purse for my daughter. Months after giving it to her, she still takes it out everywhere we go and she continues to get lots of compliments on it, too.

  9. I made my daughter a flannel quilt from leftover fabric that she had used to make gifts for her friends when she was about 11-12 years old. She loved it!

  10. Gabrielle says:

    I made everyone infinity scarves last year!! My best handmade gift is a rice pack!

  11. I made my mom a photo quilt for Christmas one year. She loves it so much and burst into tears when she saw it. I have a few more family members to add but I love that she will continue to enjoy it for years to come!

  12. elizabeth says:

    I made my first nephew his first quilt

  13. Gina Carr says:

    My mother in law crocheted dish cloths with praying hands

  14. Sarah Jane says:

    I received a beautiful hand-crocheted baby blanket from my aunt.

  15. I made my husband a shadow box with pictures of his dad and our twins, an old pair of his glasses, and the handkerchief he carried every day.

  16. In junior high school, back in the 70’s, I made my friend a stuffed bear — it was made of gingham fabric, each piece was cut from a different color. I loved it!

  17. Jennifer M says:

    When my daughter was a little girl, my mother in law made an apron with her tiny handprints all over. My favorite :)

  18. Anne Marie says:

    I made quilts one year for my three grandsons.

  19. My favorite handmade gift I’ve received was for my birthday this year. My sister made me a quilt and it was such a surprise!! She is 11 years old and I wasn’t expecting her to make me a quilt. It is now proudly displayed on my bed.

  20. I love making gifts for everyone on my Christmas list!

  21. I helped my 6 year old sew presents last year, a scarf for daddy, chapstick holder for one brother and mittens for the other. She was so proud of herself!

  22. I made a zombie preparedness kit for a friend of mine – complete with crocheted zombie doll!

  23. It was a really simple gift, but I made my boyfriend a wool scarf. He became my husband and he still wears it 28 years later.

  24. Thanks for sharing the holiday gift ideas. My favorite handmade gift was given to me by my son. He didn’t have much money to spend. He made a bonsai tree from a branch, silk leaves, gravel, and a plastic flower pot water tray.

  25. I made a baby quilt which was favorite to give, but my sister always gives me and my kids the most amazing handmade gifts (she sews, crochets, and is just all around creative) so her gifts are my favorites to receive!

  26. The best handmade gift I ever received was a pair of pillowcases trimmed in beautiful hand-done tatting by my grandmother. I still have them. The tatting is incredible. I treasure having these. :)

  27. I love to give bags for gifts.

  28. Andrea S. says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I made 8 scalloped tote bags (free pattern from See Kate Sew) for the women in my family last year, and everyone loved them. They were so much fun to make.

  29. I love anything my mom sews for me and the kids, I love her quilts! I was really happy with some travel jewelry pouches I made over the summer for our family reunion.

  30. Hope I win!

  31. I made my son and myself matching Christmas outfits last year. My favorite!

  32. One of my favorite things that someone made me, was a custom tote bag.

  33. Brittany Dunlap says:

    One year I gave my sister a wallet pouch that looked like a cassette tape.

  34. Chelsea Rodriguez says:

    I once made my now husband then boyfriend a button up in a size “shmedium” – his whole family LOVED it… i had a ton of requests after that.

  35. When my nephews were born, I always sewed them their first quilt, his pillow and bed sheet matching.

  36. Wonderful ideas.

  37. I try to make as many handmade gifts for presents as I can. Although I never seem to leave myself enough time to get it done so that I’m not making gifts up till Christmas Eve! Maybe one day I’ll learn.

  38. I received some hand crocheted doilies made by my grandma, many years after she had passed away. My mother had saved them until I was old enough to appreciate them.

  39. Carinna kelly says:

    I like making clutch purses for gifts ;)

  40. Ashleigh J says:

    My favorite is probably the quilt I am working on right now for my daughter for Christmas.

  41. I make and receive so many gifts hard to choose but I think the best are always the homemade ones like the ornaments the kids make at school.

  42. Carla Hundley says:

    My husband hand carved me
    a Valentine’s Day card out of
    wood and painted it for me!
    Carla from Utah

  43. Barb Glasscoe says:

    Loving this Super Saturday!

  44. My favorite gift that I’ve ever made was my first quilt that I made last week.

  45. The best handmade gift I have received is a fabric cover for a small legal pad. It is so handy and easily fits in my purse when I am going somewhere I need to take notes. I really love it and treasure it as a gift from my quilting friend.

  46. I love making and giving quillows. Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. John Hutchens says:

    My favorite handmade gift was a quilt my aunt made me years ago.

  48. Sherry VF says:

    I made ‘forts in a bag’ for my nephews. They are constructed from bed sheets and are the tents that hang over chairs. The loops are made from T-shirt material and the bag is from the pillowcase which can be personalized. Little extras like flashlights, materials for signs, etc. can be added too. svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  49. diane beavers says:

    a quilted cover for one of my sewing machines…too beautiful and the crafter added many personal touches.

  50. Yes please!!!!

  51. My most challenging and fun handcrafted gift was a giant rat.
    #4 asked Santa for a rat as big as his little arms could stretch.
    Santa would never let him down…
    Hose were the days.

  52. Annie Dee says:

    I could use that 10-minute cowl today! Thanks to the tute, I’ll be a lot warmer about 11 mins from now!

  53. I have never won a giveaway. I would love a Joanns card.

  54. Kathy Davis says:

    My favorite handmade gift was a pair of mittens with a little lamb on the side, made from a friends own sheep’s wool.

  55. Carol Faulkner says:

    My granddaughter is a natural for crafts with my guidance. We would love to win.

  56. Kerri Kowal says:

    I love making gifts for people… mainly for the joy of making, but people have really liked the fabric notebook covers I have made, as well as custom scrapbooks using pictures I’ve stolen from their Facebook accounts – LOL.

  57. I knitted a doll and lamb for my niece. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  58. My favorite was a handmade copper and crystal necklace that matches almost every outfit I have!

  59. Nancy Lynn Hilderbrand says:

    I made crocheted toilet paper dolls as gifts

  60. My best friend has made each of my children a modern baby quilt! They are beautiful :)

  61. A dear friend knitted me a scarf one year, I love it!

  62. Brenda Davis says:

    I made an entire stash of baby items for my sister-in-law. Diapers, soakers, rag quilt, travel changing pad, wipes case, bibs, burp cloths, and taggie toy. It was so much fun!

  63. homemade gifts for men can be tricky, and i made faux leather toiletry bags for the men in my family, and they all loved them

  64. Socks I love getting hand knit socks that my DIL makes for me

  65. Sheree La Plante says:

    Glad I found you – your are a real inspiration to me

  66. Manette Gutterman says:

    I made a tshirt quilt for a friend. I was very happy with it and so was she!

  67. My Children does that count…. if not i miss all the little handmade things they bought home from elementary school.

  68. Jenniffer says:

    My nightgowns from my grandma

  69. The best thing I have received is a handmade quilt.

  70. The first quilt I made for my little nephew. That was almost 2 years ago and he still uses it :)

  71. My favorite homemade gift I gave was a quilt to my mom.

  72. When I was in kindergarten, my mom had broken her ankle and was bed-bound for several weeks. It was just before Christmas, so she ended up hand-sewing many of her gifts she gave that holiday. She made me several night gowns that I loved even more because she hand-stitched each one. She was an awesome mom and I miss her so!

  73. I’ve made some gorgeous dresses for my friend’s daughter. Love how much she loves them!

  74. I try to make as make as many christmas gifts as possible every year!

  75. I made persimmon butter to give as gifts to my family. My Mom loved it and said it reminded her of childhood!

  76. So many great ideas! I may be making the rosette necklace soon.

  77. My favorite gift I ever made were personalized stockings I made for my niece and nephew. Or maybe it was the overalls I made for my niece that were made from blue sky fabric with fluffy white clouds and a Super Grover patch right in the middle of the bib.

  78. Just finished my first bed-size quilt for my youngest son, so right now it’s my favorite!

  79. Tabitha Keener says:

    My favorite would be a Christmas ornament my son made me in kindergarten! Thanks

  80. I got some handmade aprons from my future mother in law! So sweet.

  81. Cindy Dahlgren says:

    My favorite handmade gifts I ever received were the barbie clothes my mom knit and crocheted for me.

  82. I have made every one in my family flannel rag quilts as Christmas gifts – 12 so far. Thanks!

  83. With the crazy busy Halloween you had, I’m impressed that you had the energy and fortitude for such detailed tutorials! Rock on Rae Gun!

  84. My mom crocheted me a beautiful afghan. I am making my family lap quilts.

  85. I surprised my husband with a quilt. It was out first year as parents and he couldn’t believe I had pulled off the surprise!

  86. Amy M. C. says:

    My favorite handmade gift to give is baked goodies packaged with cute gift tags that I’ve stamped.

  87. Victoria M says:

    My grandparents made me a dollhouse large enough for my Barbie and Betsy McCall dolls. That was more than 50 years ago and I still have it.

  88. Oh mine was a baby quilt I gave to my grandson that I made! He still uses it today!

  89. Love these gift ideas! I will be making some for the holidays :)

  90. I recently made a personalized wallet for a boy in my daughter’s class who was celebrating his birthday. The excitement he showed for his gift was more than enough to make it my favorite I’ve made so far!

  91. so many great ideas!

  92. Jane Thomas says:

    Thank you for a ton of great ideas.

  93. Jane Thomas says:

    My favorite gift I received that was handmade were two dresses my mom made me for Christmas. My favorite homemade gift I gave was many sets of cloth napkins for my mom as she sets all of her tables with them.

  94. My family makes awesome handmade gifts, so it’s hard to choose! The latest one was a wooden Porsche that my sister painted to look like the one I used to have, and with my family inside. :)

  95. So many beautiful quilts for my baby girl!

  96. An awesome scrapbook from my sister!

  97. I made a scarf for my mother in law.

  98. My favorite is the homemade stick horses I made for my son and nephew last Christmas.

  99. Great tutorials and gift ideas!
    Sweet give-a-way! Thanks.

  100. I made a quilt for a young friend and I love the way it turned out.

  101. Hello, I was scrolling through FaceBook and up popped your gift ideas…And I fell in love with your double fingerprint heart…oh what great idea….and I will be making lots of these, as keepsakes for my daughters upcoming wedding in August…Thank goodness I have time to make 200 of these…..

  102. Such a great round up of gift ideas! Love this!

  103. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I love the afghan my grandmother made for me

  104. I love Jo-Ann’s they have great yarn and fabric.
    I enjoy crocheting tiny gifts for my new grand baby!

  105. We received a beautiful baby outfit recently…and it was so special because it was handmade!

  106. Lisa Marie says:

    My MIL made my wedding dress! Well, she wasn’t actually my MIL when she made it.

  107. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  108. steven weber says:

    My sister made me a blanket.. I still use it during the winter months.

  109. My mom made Barbie furniture for my sisters and I for Christmas one year, it was really special and we knew she put a lot of work into it.

  110. I made a log cabin quilt for my mother in law!!

  111. barb macaskill says:

    My favorite handmade gift I have ever received was a beautiful knit baby outfit from my Italian exchange student “brother” when I was expecting my first child. I still have it and will never part with it. All of my children and grandchildren have worn it at one time or another.

  112. Michelle Muller says:

    clothes…people love my homemade clothes

  113. Blackberry jam from berries that came from the friend’s garden.

  114. Kelley Larsen says:

    The favorite gift I made was a scrapbook for a loved one

  115. I received a beautiful handknit shawl from my mother in law. Love it dearly!

  116. One of my favorite handmade gifts I ever gave to someone were tote bags I made for my mom and Aunt that I made from fabric my grandma had given me before she passed away. I found out after I gave it to them that the fabric had been from a couch cover my grandma had made when my mom and aunt were young.

  117. Karrie Smith says:

    My favorite to give away is quilts :)

  118. Debbi Crowl says:

    I wish I had more time to make gifts but I will be doing a variety of Handmade gifts this year. I hope to knit many pairs of socks in fun mixtures of color. Also pillowcases. Nothing like your one fun fabric pillowcase for sleepovers. Thanks for the giveaway!

  119. Just commented the same thing on another of your wonderful giveaways- I don’t usually receive the handmade gifts so I think the closest and best I can say is this: the excitement and smile from my husband when he saw me in the wedding dress I made. :)

  120. I made a play kitchen for my nephews that they LOVED and still play with. Still super proud of that one!

  121. Kristina Kohler says:

    Is when I made my daughter a skirt.
    Some baby Burp cloths.
    Infant Car seat cover.
    Christmas Elf Stockings

  122. Sheri Andes says:

    Definitely need to try an infinity scarf. Love the fabric used in the tutorial!

  123. I think it was the quilt I made for my niece with bead embroidery, the apron I embroidered as a teacher gift, and the mini diaper bags.

  124. Best handmade gift I was given was homemade bibs for my baby shower. Super adorable, unique and unlike anything store bought! I’m excited to make handmade gifts for the holidays this year!

  125. Heather in VA says:

    I made quilts for my daughters’ first public school teachers that had squares decorated by each student. I brought the teachers to tears and it was happiness all around.

  126. My favorite homemade gift I’ve given was an apron for my mother.

  127. For my wedding shower present my Grandmother’s best friend (my surrogate Grandmother) gave me a hand made recipe box that had been my Grandmother’s. I don’t even know how old it is but it was hand made and left for trash after my Grandma had died (I wasn’t privy to helping clean the house or such). She saw it there and was surprised none of my aunts (or mother) wanted it, so she tucked it aside for me someday. I was very close to my Grandma and her best friend and was so emotional that she never would meet the man I married so to be given such a treasure was priceless. It is a simple wooden box with a light stain and it’s best feature is my Grandmother’s name scratched into the lid with her mother and grandmother’s name before it. *yummiest part was all the great recipes in my Grandmother’s writing. <3

  128. A handmade blanket for my newborn daughter… she sleeps with it every night!

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